Dream Dictionary C (4): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with C

Dream Analysis of C words: Page 4 – Cart to Cave

Dream Dictionary of C words - Page 4

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with C

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Seeing a cart in a dream usually means that you have heard or will soon hear bad news from a family member or close friend.

Dreaming of riding in a cart may reflect concerns over supplies and luck and mean working too hard.

Alternatively, driving the cart may mean that your hard work is paying off, and you will soon be rewarded.

While riding alone in a cart is an omen of ill fortune, riding with a lover in a cart is usually a sign that your relationship will last.


Dreaming that your dream is in the animation shows that you are not taking things seriously. You may be trying to tell jokes when you are feeling down or doing other things to make your life seem more comical. This dream shows that doing these things are distracting, but that they are not right for you.

Watching cartoons means the same thing as being in a cartoon.

See Animation* for further dream symbolism. See Anime* if it applies to your dream.



Dreaming of cartridges often relates to arguments or disagreements between yourself and others.

However, if you dream of an empty cartridge, it may mean that you are reading too much into things and maybe unduly offended.


Doing a cartwheel successfully in your dream suggests that you are doing a decent job balancing all of your life’s different elements. You are dealing with your tasks in a good way, even if it may seem stressful in your waking life.

Dreaming that you are failing to cartwheel suggests that you are trouble handling the different tasks in your life. You need to find a way to become more organized if you want to get things done. This dream may also suggest that you need to ask for help to get things done, even if it may seem embarrassing.

Carving (Meat)

To dream of carving a bird, like chicken or turkey,, usually means that you may be about to fall into some bad luck in terms of business or finances.

Similarly, carving meat from an animal like a cow or a pig may mean that you have just made a bad investment.

Looking up the animal, you were carving in your dream can provide you with additional dream symbolism.

Carving (Wood)

Dreaming that you are carving wood suggests that you have some pent up creative energy. Luckily, this dream also suggests that you have the means to get this energy out of your system in a healthy way. Go out and create something beautiful to relieve stress and feel at ease.


Dreaming that you are at a carwash, or washing the cars, suggests that there is something imperfect about your physical image. It’s time for a makeover, losing or gaining weight, and generally doing whatever you see fit to make yourself healthier or more attractive.


Dreaming that you have lent out all of your money may mean that your business practices are respected, but associates and partners think you are callous and unfeeling.

Dreaming of spending money that you borrowed from someone else may mean that your friends are suspicious of you.

See Money* for supplemental dream symbolism.

Cash Box

A cash box full of money often means that a good opportunity has recently or will soon come your way.

An empty cash box often means that hard times are ahead.

See Cash* for further dream symbolism.


A cashier in a dream may signify stress over your debts coming due.

See Cash* for further dream symbolism.


Wearing or feeling cashmere can mean two different things,, depending on what is going on in your waking life. On one end, this can mean that you lack comfort and love in your romantic relationships, which is something that you strive for. If this does not sound like you, this dream may suggest that you aim for the finer things in life and begin working harder or finding better job opportunities to reach your goals.


Going to a casino in your dream suggests that you have been feeling like taking risks lately in your waking life. Your life has been seeming dull lately or too patterned, and you want something to change. If this does not sound like you, then alternatively, this dream suggests that you have been too impulsive lately and that you need to begin to think before you act to make better life choices.


Body in the Casket

Dreaming of seeing a body in a casket can show that something doesn’t feel right in your waking life. You may feel constricted or like someone else is controlling the wide choices in your life. You may feel like you have no way to express what you are really feeling or thinking. You feel trapped.

Empty Casket

If the casket in your dream is empty, this can symbolize the womb, the blank slate, and a moldable mind. This shows that you are free to think what you want, even though you may not have what you need to do whatever you want. There are things in your life that you should bury, but other things that you shouldn’t put to rest just yet.


Making or eating a casserole in your dream shows that you are having new ideas about an important issue or changing your mind about something important shortly. This will likely bring about a large change in your life.

Looking up the foods that made up the casserole in your dreams may be able to provide hints as to what you can expect to change shortly in your waking life.

Cassette Tapes

Seeing a cassette tape in your dream may suggest that you are stuck in a loop, like running in circles and getting nowhere fast. This dream term suggests that you need to change your, switch to a different track, to find success and happiness in your life.

This dream may also show that you value trust highly and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to find out the truth about an issue.


Wearing a cast in a dream can show that you feel limited in some way in your waking life. It may feel like someone is holding you back or that something is in the way of your path to happiness. This shows that you need to find out how to deal with these things if you are to advance in any way.

Looking up the part of the body that you have a cast on can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


Playing or hearing a castanets represents little things that annoy you throughout your day. This dream shows that you need help to get rid of the annoyances.

If you are good at playing the castanets, then these problems probably don’t have to do with your sex life. If you are bad at playing the castanets, then it probably does.

See Instrument and Music* for further dream symbolism.


The castle, in a dream, often signifies power, especially spiritual power.

Dreaming of living in a castle may mean that you are on the right track to achieve stability and prosperity.

Dreaming of leaving a castle often means that something immaterial will soon be lost, such as a family member, close friend, or loved one.

To see a castle in ruin or abandoned often means that you are turning to a romantic frame of mind. While there is nothing wrong with this, you should take care not to let your work suffer for it.

Castor Oil

Dreaming of castor oil relates to competition among friends or in the workplace.


Castration in a dream can, depending on context and your current situation, be taken literally to reflect a fear of responsibility or rejection in a relationship, or less literally to reflect a feeling of powerlessness resulting from a changing life circumstance.


Many people believe cats symbolize some sort of deep secret or mystery, but what kind of cat is in the dream can make all the difference.

Black Cats

Black cats in dreams often symbolize bad luck. What happens between the cat and yourself then shows your relation to bad luck. If you chase the cat away or hurt the cat, it may mean that you are strong enough not to let a bad situation affect you. Alternatively, if the cat attacks you, it may mean that ill fate will soon get the best of you.

White Cats

Dreaming of a white cat may mean that a relationship you have recently formed, or will soon form, could be detrimental to your finances.

Other Colored Cats

A cat that is neither black nor white can symbolize a deep desire for affection.

To hear a cat without seeing it often means that you are suspicious of someone trying to get the better of you. Looking up the cat’s color can also provide you with additional symbolism if it is an odd colored cat, like blue or purple.


Similarly, dreaming of a kitten may mean that someone is trying to bribe you or trick you into doing something you are against.

Dreaming of a cat and a snake who are friends may mean that someone is trying to get close to you, only to do you harm.

See Animal* or Pet (Animal)* for additional dream symbolism.


If taken literally, catacombs in a dream can symbolize something to do with death. If taken more figuratively, catacombs can represent connectedness between people and the energy of the body.

See Bones* for additional symbolism if it applies to your dream. See Underground* for additional dream symbolism in all cases.


Seeing a catapult in a dream is a good sign. This shows that you aren’t afraid to think outside of the box. There seems to be no limit as to what you can do. This dream could be a prediction of success shortly.


Dreaming that you have a cataract or anything that is impairing your vision in a dream shows that you do not see something clearly in your waking life. You need to take a moment to stop and look at the small details. You may need to remove any bias that you might have to see a new light situation.


While dreams of natural disasters may be warning for similar events soon to happen in the physical world, they are more likely to be the subconscious trying to bring something to your attention by exaggerating it. For example, if there is a flood in your dream, it may be a flood, or it may be “water,” and your subconscious does not feel that dreaming about a faucet is drastic enough.

Looking up the natural disaster can also provide you with additional dream symbolism if you know exactly what it was if you know exactly what it was.


Catching something in your dream shows that you are missing something in your life. You are trying to “catch” whatever it is and add it into your life. Look up whatever you were trying to catch in your dream; this can provide clues as to what you lack in your life.


Dreaming that you are a baseball catcher shows that you are ready to take whatever people may throw at you. You are ready for any challenge that may come your way. Alternatively, this dream may also suggest that you are anything but prepared and that you need to begin doing whatever you can to stay alert and prepared.

See Ball, Baseball*, and anything else that may be able to provide you with additional dream symbolism.


Dreaming of a caterpillar often reflects feelings of under-appreciation, that you feel the reward is too small for the work. Some suggest that a caterpillar is a phallic object representing power, and seeing the caterpillar does not mean that the reward is too small but only represents the work itself.

What stage the caterpillar is in during your dream may also be significant: If the caterpillar is making a chrysalis, it may mean that you are, or should be, looking for a new place to live to accommodate the next stage of your life better. If the Caterpillar is in the Chrysalis already, it may take on the less literal meaning that a great change is going on within you.

See Bug* for additional dream symbolism. See Butterfly* also if it applies to your dream.


Seeing a catfish in your dream shows that someone around you may not show you their true intentions. They may be using you for money, attention, or anything else. It is best to watch out for people like this, but this doesn’t mean that you should be suspicious of everyone you meet.


A Cathedral generally has to do with feelings about religion, especially if your church thinks highly of Cathedrals. If you think highly of religion, then this dream can be seen as a good sign. If you think down on Christianity or religion in general, this is more likely to be a bad sign. If you have no real opinion on religion, then this dream may be a sign that it is time for you to become a more spiritual person.

Looking up at a cathedral from the outside may mean that your hopes or aspirations are too high and may not be realistically attainable. Entering a cathedral, however, may mean that you are about to achieve your goals.


Cattle in a dream often symbolize work and prosperity. Therefore, the state of the cattle and what they are doing in the dream can greatly impact what the dream means.

Fat or grazing cattle could be a reassurance that your hard work is paying off, and things will soon get easier. Alternatively, underfed or under-watered cattle in a dream can symbolize that your energy is being applied toward the wrong ends, and your work is being wasted. Seeing young cattle could represent social success and recognition in the community.

Just as cattle symbolize work, milk symbolizes profits. Milking a cow in a dream could mean that hard work is paying off,, while finding a cow with no milk may mean that a project is a dead-end or that someone has deliberately or otherwise robbed you of the benefits of your hard work.

Stampeding cattle could signify that you are at the beginning or near the end of a project and that great amounts of energy will be required to see it through.

See Animal* for further dream symbolism.


Being on a catwalk shows that you are feeling confident with your mind and body recently. This is a good dream sign. You are ready for the spotlight, or to just generally have more attention brought towards you. You are ready for people to know about your talents. You are ready to show yourself off.


If you are caught doing something that you shouldn’t be doing in a dream, then this may suggest that you have a guilty conscience about something else. To end these dreams, confess,, and you will feel better.

This dream can also mean that there is some part about your personality that you are embarrassed about, or may feel vulnerable because you have a certain trait. You may be worried that you will be judged harshly for who you really are.

Looking up what you were caught doing can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.

Cauldron / Caldron

Seeing a cauldron in your dream symbolizes that a large change is going on in your life. This may suggest that the change in your life will be of a spiritual nature.

A cauldron can also represent the womb and feelings about having a child.


Cauliflower in a dream usually represents work. Eating a cauliflower means that you have not been working hard enough and will soon pay the price. Growing a cauliflower could mean that your work will pay off but after a period of hardships.


Cavalry in a dream can symbolize ambition and movement toward a goal, along with distinction and personal advancement.

See Army, Battle, Battlefield, Horse, Weapon* or anything else that can apply to your dream for additional symbolism.


Caves can be seen, literally, as being entryways. They are often also seen as representing the subconscious, death, birth, or rebirth. Caves can also symbolize darkness and doubt.

Caves, in a dream, may also suggest that you are trying to hide from other people. This may show that you are hiding your thoughts or feelings in the dark. You may be embarrassed by some part of your physical self, or you may dislike a part of your personality.

A cave can also represent secrets between yourself and someone else or even just things you keep. This also shows that you are trying to keep people in the dark about who you really are or the secret you are trying to hide.

Looking up what is inside or directly outside of the cave can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.

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