Dream Dictionary C (16): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with C

Dream Analysis of C words: Page 16 – Crow to Cyst

Dream Dictionary of C words - Page 16

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with C

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The crow can be symbolic of change over time. This has more to do with change based on wisdom or spirituality than anything else.

If the feeling of the dream is bad, then this could be a sign of bad luck. If you are not careful, then you will fall in with the wrong group of people. These people are sure to take advantage of you in some way.

The crow can represent feelings of generalized fear, anxiety, stress, illness, and death.

See Bird* And Black under Colors* for further dream symbolism.


Seeing or using a crowbar in your dream can suggest that you are trying to break into memories or other parts of your subconscious instead of waiting for your thoughts to come to you naturally.

A crowbar can symbolize injury and death, even though it doesn’t predict it.



To be in a crowd in your dream may be a sign that your mind feels too busy lately. You may be hearing many differing opinions about a subject just from your own mind! Your thoughts may seem like they have no focus. It is best to sift through your thoughts carefully before you make a decision.

Being in a crowd can also symbolize feelings of just “going along with the crowd” instead of developing your own ideas. You may be feeling like you will be swept up in the mainstream if you do not break away from the crowd. Make sure that you are taking the time to develop your own ideas.

A dream with a crowd is generally a good sign, so long as the crowd is not doing anything violent. This can show that your relationships with your friends are going well at the moment. If you keep up your current actions, then you are sure to keep your bonds tight.

Crowds can also deal with feelings of unification. This may suggest that you feel like you belong to a group, or you are trying to belong to a group. It is not advised to change yourself just to fit in with a group. You will be much happier if you find a group that accepts you for who you are.

See Group* for further dream symbolism.


The crown can be a symbol of success. This dream may reflect on a recent accomplishment, an anticipated reward, or a prediction of doing something successful shortly.

This dream may also predict that you are about to change your life to become more successful. You may come into a new circle of friends or a new way of doing things. Either way, your life is sure to change dramatically.


To see a crucifix in your dream could be a warning. This dream predicts that you will come into some distress in your near future. This may not be as severe as Jesus’ death on the cross, but it won’t be a picnic to deal with either. Prepare yourself for the future. Other terms in your dream may be able to tell you what will cause them distress.


To dream of crucifixion can directly relate to your feelings about religion. If you feel nice about your religion, then this can symbolize the sacrifice that Christians believe Jesus Christ made when he died on the cross to cleanse the world of its sins. If you have a bad relationship with your religion, then this can symbolize negative feelings about change. It would help if you changed something to become a better person in your life, but you may not be ready to make that change.

This dream symbol can also represent lost opportunities. You may feel like you need to redeem yourself in some way, but you may not know-how. This is bound to bring stress and frustration into your life.

See Cross (Religious Symbol)* for further dream symbolism.


Cruelty in a dream, whether given or received, is a bad sign. If someone is cruel to you, then this could represent current disappointments in your waking life. If you are cruel to others, this can suggest that other people’s failures will cause you stress and discomfort.


To be on a cruise symbolizes that you will make an emotional journey shortly. This may show that you are letting your emotions slip by for now, but they are sure to affect you shortly.

See Boat or Ship, along with Water* for additional dream symbolism.


To dream of hating the crust on bread can symbolize that you are low on self-confidence. You may feel like you aren’t “good enough” to accomplish the tasks that have been set for you.


Using crutches in a dream can represent your dependence on someone or something. You may rely on someone/something so much that you do not know how to act on your own. You may feel like you are capable of doing something that you need to do.

Having a crutch in your dream could also represent a crutch that you have on something or someone, like addition or bad relationship. This dream may be a sign that now is the right time to stop being dependent on these crutches.

This dream may also show that others are dependent on you.


This dream can be a representation of mourning or sorrow that you are facing in your waking life. This dream may be trying to suggest that it is time to release your emotions in some way. If you are bottling up your sorrow, now is the time to vent to someone or show your emotion in some other way.

To dream that you are crying can predict sorrow in your near future. This prediction involves a series of joyous events, followed by gloom and despair.


This dream can represent your feelings about eternal things. This is often a spiritual dream, even if you are not a religious person. This dream may suggest that you take on reflective meditation to clear through your thoughts.

If you see items made of crystal, then this can be a sign that you want the finer things in life, even if you need to go through dirty means of obtaining them.

This can be a pun on the phrase “crystal clear,” suggesting that everything is what it seems. This dream can show that now is a good time to follow your intuition.

The color of the crystal, or if you know what kind of crystal it is, can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


A crypt can relate to your feelings of the unknown and how you deal with those sorts of things. For some people, the unknown is full of excitement, and to these people, this dream can encourage them to explore. If you are a person who fears the unknown, then this dream can be representative of your feelings of death or despair.


The cube, as a geometric shape, can symbolize the steady and unchanging. Stability, strength, and simplicity are all representative of the cube.

See Shape* for Further dream symbolism.


The cuckoo bird can be a symbol of time and fate or destiny. This can show that timing is everything and fate is interacting with your life.

If the mood of the dream is foul, then this is a bad sign. This could show that abrupt strike of fate interfering with your life. Someone close to you may fall ill or die.

See Bird* for further dream symbolism.


Dreaming of a cucumber can be seen as a good sign. This can predict health and happiness to enter your life. If you are sick, then this predicts a nice recovery. If you are not ill, then this suggests that your health will stay in good shape.


The shape of the cul-de-sac directly relates to its meaning. This can symbolize a feeling of getting nowhere in your life, like you are going in circles.

The shape of the cul-de-sac can also make it represent a woman’s private parts.


To be in a cult can show that you are not acting on your own accord. You are letting outside forces influence you more than letting your own feelings and desires influence you. This is not a good sign.

This dream could also suggest that you are on a path to self-destruction. If you do not change your ways soon, then you are sure to regret it later.


A cup can be seen as a way of offering yourself up for hard work. You are ready to volunteer your time for a good cause.

The cup can symbolize your body, while what is inside it can symbolize your soul or personality. Looking up what is inside the cup can provide further dream symbolism.

The shape of the cup can relate to a woman’s private parts.


Having a cupboard in a dream is a sign of luxury and a generally pleasant life. What is inside of the cupboard may be able to provide you with additional dream symbolism.


Seeing Cupid in your dreams can represent your romantic life in your waking life. If you are single, this dream could be a sign that now is a good time to look for a romantic relationship.


To dream of walking on a curb with ease suggests that you will be prosperous in many areas of your life, including relationships and business. To dream that you fall off of the curb suggests the opposite.


To dream that you discover a cure for some major disease can predict that your life will change for the better shortly. Be hopeful for what comes next!


To dream that you have a curfew can represent that you feel like you are restricted. You may feel like you do not have direct control over your own life. It would help if you found a way to express yourself and your feelings.

This could alternatively be related to stress due to a time-sensitive matter going on in your waking life.


No matter what it is off, a curl can represent loose bondage to something, like a relationship or other commitment.

Curse (Spell)

To have a curse put on you in a dream can represent the fears that bother you in your waking life. You may feel like someone is out to get you or like the universe is against you. This can symbolize general stress and anxiety. This is not a prophetic dream.


A curtain can symbolize separation or mystery. This can show that we don’t always know what forces are acting on our lives. It is up to you whether or not you want to investigate these mysteries.

This could also deal with the mysteries that we make ourselves. This could represent secrets that we hide from others to keep people out or to protect ourselves.

This dream could also be a prediction that unwelcomed guests will enter your home.


To dream of relaxing on cushions can suggest that you are at ease with your life. This may show that you strive for greater things in life and that you are well on your way to obtaining them.


To dream of eating or making custard in a dream is generally a good sign. If the custard is sweet, then this can suggest that your social life will bloom. If the custard is bad, then this dream predicts the opposite.


To dream of seeing customers can suggest that you are surrounded by people who think like you. This is a sign that you are not alone in the world. Get out and find the people who agree with you, and your social life is sure to flourish.

Cut (Injury)

This dream may predict an illness or actual injury to the pain you.

This may predict a symbolic cut, like cutting old friends or family who have hurt you in the past.

A cutting (Action)

This dream suggests that it is time to cut off ties with people you no longer enjoy being around.

This dream could also symbolize that you are ready to cut off ties that make you dependent on people. You are ready to fend for yourself and be independent.

If the dream mood is bad, then this can symbolize that you worry about being hurt, physically or emotionally.

Looking up what you are cutting in your dream can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


This dream may be implying that you feel like you are stuck in a rut. It may feel like you are getting nowhere in life. Changing up your routine can make all the difference.

This dream may suggest that you have noticed the many cycles that make up life. Live the death, work and relaxation, and sickness and health.


If you are a cyborg in your dream, then this can suggest that you are thinking too logically. You need to base your decisions on both logic and emotion, not just one or the other.


This dream can have two meanings, depending on the mood of the dream. If your mood in the dream is okay, this can symbolize that you are focused on one goal and ready to act on it. If you are frightened of the cyclops, this may suggest that you are a narrow-minded person and need to look at more things to understand how the world works better.


To hear a cymbal in your dream is a bad symbol. This predicts the death of a very older adult that you know. You will be in mourning for some time.


The cypress tree can be seen as a symbol of death, but not a prediction of it. This dream represents your feelings of death and your beliefs about what comes after it, if anything at all.

See Tree* for further dream symbolism.


A cyst can represent negative memories that you are not allowing to heal. Trying to forget these painful thoughts, or trying to recover from them, can heal your mind.

Looking up the part of the body where you have the cyst and Skin* can provide you with further dream symbolism.

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