Dream Dictionary C (3): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with C

Dream Analysis of C words: Page 3 – Cantaloupe to Car Show

Dream Dictionary of C words - Page 3

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with C

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Cantaloupe can be representative of female breasts in a sexual way.

Cantaloupe can be representative of your personality. You may act tough on the outside but are really actually sweet or have a “soft” personality on the inside.


Using or seeing a canteen in your dream suggests that you want to hide your emotions or bottle them up. You want to save showing your emotions until you have to.

See Water* for further dream symbolism.


A canvas in your dream represents an endless list of possibilities. You can make whatever you want to on a blank canvas, and this dream suggests that you can do whatever you want on the blank canvas of your life.



A canyon, and basically any other deep pit, represents the depth of your mind. If the canyon is shallow, then this could suggest that you need to open up your mind to new influences and ideas. If the canyon is large, then this means that you are an open-minded person and that you are a deep thinker.

If there is water running at the bottom of the canyon, then this suggests that a part of your emotional depth is attached to other people. This may suggest that you are dependant on other people for your happiness. This could also represent how all relationships change in one way or another over time.

Looking up whatever was in the canyon can provide additional dream symbolism. Also, see Water* if it applies to your dream.

Cap and Gown

Wearing a cap and gown in your dreams is symbolic of a transition you are making in your life. This can show that you are getting to a higher or more advanced stage in your life. You are feeling proud of yourself.

Seeing someone else wearing a cap and gown symbolizes the accomplishments you have made based on that person’s characteristics. This dream obviously means more if you know the person wearing the cap and gown in your dreams. If you do know this person, look up the relationship that you have with them.

Also, looking up the cap and gown color can also provide your dream with additional symbolic value.


Dreaming that you are wearing a cape suggests that you are trying to protect yourself from emotional damage. This could alternatively suggest that there is some part of yourself, physically or a personality trait, that you are uncomfortable with and do not wish to show to others because of a fear of rejection or something else.


If you already live in a capital, then this dream has no significant dream meanings.

Political Capitals

If you are in a foreign capital, like London or Washington D.C., this term represents your need to be higher up in your social ladder. You have large ambitions, and you will do whatever you have to get higher up in your career, hobby, or social circle.

Religious Capitals

If you are in Jerusalem, Mecca, or another city with high importance to your religion, this dream suggests that you should go back to your religious roots. You may want to look at how you can change your life to be more in tune with your religious beliefs.


The sign of Capricorn directly relates to the symbols it is associated with within the waking world. The symbol for Capricorn is the goat. It revolves around the winter solstice in late December. Seeing this sign might imply that you are in a dark or “cold” spot in your life, but that it will get better, or that you need to work at it to get in a warmer, “spring-like” place in your life.


The captain in your dream may represent your father or another male authority figure you respect. This could imply that you want to have some of the traits of this person.

Seeing a captain could also suggest that you have authoritative traits. You can make informed decisions with ease. You are likely someone who other people look up to. If this description does not fit your personality, this dream may suggest that you gain these traits more well-respected instead.


This dream symbolizes generalized anxiety and fear. Worries about being left behind, getting into trouble, failing, or not having control of your own life are all summed up in the dream symbol of the captive.

You are a Captive

If you are a captive in a dream, this represents your feelings of being trapped in a situation. You have either gotten yourself into trouble or another awkward situation, and you need to figure out how to work your way through it. There may be people around you who want you to fail, so it is best to watch out for people who might get you in trouble. This is not a good dream sign.

Keeping Someone Captive

If you are keeping someone captive or capturing someone, this dream sign suggests that you are willing to do anything to reach your goals, even if your means to get there are questionable or unethical.


Seeing a car, in general, represents moving quickly. This could have to do with your career, family, other relationships, or life in general. Things are changing quickly as time goes on, and this dream predicts that you will either need to speed up yourself to keep up with all of the changes or slow down the rest of your life so that you can catch up. In general, the car can also symbolize how a person’s emotions or opinions change as time passes by.

Driving Alone

Driving on your own represents the feeling of independence. You are doing things on your own. This may come with feelings of nervousness or pride.

Being in the Passenger Seat

If someone else is driving the car, then this shows that you may have problems making your own choices. This can suggest that you are unsure of yourself or depend on other people to make the proper decisions. If you know the person driving the car, this can be related to your relationship with them. Your feelings will direct the meaning of this term more than anything else. If you are related to this person or have a special relationship with them, look up the relationship term and further dream symbolism.

Having Passengers

Having passengers in your car is a representation of the various relationships in your life. This dream symbol is extra important if you know the people in your dream. Look up their relationship to you for further dream symbolism. Alternatively, this dream symbol could also be trying to say that others easily influence you.

Sports Car

The way that the car in your dream looks is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. A sports car says that you feel independent and powerful. You feel free to do whatever you want. This could suggest that you also like being single or in open relationships.

Old Car

Having an old car in your dream represents your fear of old age and everything it could bring. You may be anxious about aging or have a fear of death. This is not a prediction of death.


To drive backward in your dream suggests that you feel like you are not getting anywhere when it comes to your goals. This may also suggest that you feel like you are going backward rather than forwards. This dream is telling you to change your ways if you want to advance or improve yourself.


Parking in your dream can mean two different things depending on the mood of the dream. If you are happy while parking, then this shows that you are in a good spot in your life. You are comfortable with your personality and actions and feel like it is acceptable to stay the way you are. If the dream mood is negative, this dream suggests that you feel stuck, like you are in a rut. It would help if you changed some aspect of your life, but you may not know what to change or how to change. There may be hints of what you need to change in other aspects of your dream.

Being Towed/Towing

If you are being towed in your dream, then this shows that you feel like you are dependent on someone or something else. You need help to get by. If you are towing someone else, then this suggests that someone else is dependent on you or that you feel like one part of your personality is more demanding and commands more attention than the rest of your personality. This is likely a part of your personality that you are not comfortable with and would like to change.

Having Troubled Seeing

If the windshield is cloudy or there is something else going on that is stopping you from seeing the road clearly, then this dream suggests that there is something “right in front of you” in your waking life that you are having trouble seeing. Look at small things to get the big picture. Don’t let bias get in your way of seeing the world clearly.

Not in Control of the Car

If you are not in control of your car, if it is driving you, or if someone else is causing you to lose control, then this represents your feeling that you are not totally in control of your life in general. You may feel that someone else is in control of your life or that external forces complicate your life.

Bad Driving/Drunk Driving

Bad driving and drunk driving in a dream basically mean the same thing. These terms suggest that you feel like you are not in control of your own life. Unlike not being in control of your car, these terms suggest that you are past caring about your dependence and that you have accepted it, even though you may wish that your situation could change sometimes.

Driving without a License

To drive and know that you don’t have a license in your dream (it doesn’t matter if you have one in your waking life or not) shows that you feel uncomfortable with some aspect of your personality. You want to hide part of your personality until you can learn to be okay with it.

Crashing the Car/Hitting another Car

Being in a car accident of any kind could be a fear of getting in one in real life. This dream could also show that you conflict with your waking life; this is the case for crashing into something rather than a car or hitting another car. This likely has to do with a conflict within a relationship, romantic or otherwise. If you crash into something that is not a car, then this shows that you feel like you are destined for failure. This is a sign of low self-confidence more than anything else.

Car on Fire

If the car in your dream is on fire, then this suggests that you are highly stressed out. This suggests that you feel “burnt-out” and need to take a break from whatever is stressing you so that you can “cool” off.

This dream term is for the generalized car and things that can happen with one. If you are looking for a specific car part, then look up that term separately.


Getting a card in a dream can be served as a reminder to stay in touch with friends and family. This symbolizes your need for communication and good greetings.

Car Dealership

Going to a car dealership in your dream suggests looking for your next path in life. You have lost your sense of direction, and you are trying to find it again. You may need help to decide what you should do next with your life. Do not be afraid to ask for this kind of help.

See Car* for further dream symbolism.

Cardinal (Bird)

The cardinal is a cute little bird, but it also has the strength to survive harsh winters. The word “cardinal” means “first,” so this can suggest that you need to begin to put yourself first if you want to become a stronger or somehow advanced person.

See Bird* for further dream symbolism.

Cardinal (Religious Figure)

Seeing a Cardinal in a dream is a bad sign, especially if he is wearing his robes. This dream suggests that you are coming into temptation, being led into some sin. This shows that you need to repent to become pure again. Obviously, this dream has a stronger connotation if you are religious.


Playing cards in a dream is generally an unlucky sign, no matter how lucky you are in your dreams. This dream suggests that you may be gambling with your wealth in your waking life, even if you are not literally gambling it away. This dream is meant to work as a sort of realization. It would help if you learned how to budget yourself better.


The heart card represents your luck in love and other relationships. To get an ace predicts that your romantic relationships will get better.


Diamonds represent your luck in wealth and intelligence. To get an ace, predicts that more money will come your way shortly.


The spade card represents how the body moves–hard work, sex, and general movement. Getting an ace predicts that you will feel great pride in an upcoming accomplishment.


Clubs represent all of the parts of ourselves that seem more like instinct than anything else; intuition could also be counted here. To get an ace predicts that general luck will come your way.


This dream suggests that pleasure will enter your life as long as you have a good time at the carnival you are attending. If you feel uneasy at the carnival, then this suggests that someone is out to get you. They are most likely to affect your career more than anything else.


To see a carpenter at work suggests that you have been hard at work recently as well. Your endeavors are soon to pay off.

Alternatively, the carpenter in our dreams can represent the dreamer’s creative side. This shows that your self-expression will pay off if you use it constructively.


A carpet in your dream can represent your feelings about your career. If the carpet is fancy and soft, then this shows that you feel prosperous. If the carpet is ragged, then this shows that you feel like you are being “walked on” and underappreciated at work.


Dreaming that you are riding in a carriage suggests that you feel powerful and wealthy at the moment. You feel like you could take the time to travel or try something new with your recent income of money or time.

Instead of engines, animals drive carriages, which can also relate to a person’s most primal drives. Riding in a carriage suggests that you are trying to deal with these drives. Looking up the animal that was pulling the carriage can add more symbolic dream value to this dream.



If you are being carried in a dream, then this suggests that you are dependant on someone. This may also suggest that you want to have more responsibilities not need to be dependant anymore.


If you are carrying something in your dreams, then this shows your general ability to do work. This implies that you are keeping up with your duties for the most part. This may also suggest that others are dependent on you. Looking up with what you are carrying in your dream can also provide additional dream symbolism.


A carrot in a dream can sometimes represent a penis and the sexual needs/desires of one.

A carrot can also symbolize hard work. This shows that you are pulling yourself through the day to get all of your tasks completed. Eating a carrot shows that your hard work is bound to pay off.

Car Seat (Infants)

To have a car seat for infants in your dream shows that you are taking care of someone else now, whether it is an actual infant or not. This shows that someone else is dependent on you now, whether or not you want them to be. This dream can also show that you have started on a new life path, whether it has anything to do with a baby or not.

Car Show

Being at a car show in your dream suggests that you are a flashy person. This could alternatively mean that you are comfortable enough with either your personality or lifestyle to show it off. If you are showing off your car at the show, this suggests that you are proud of your achievements. You are generally happy with yourself.

See Car* for further dream symbolism.

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