Taurus Sexuality: All About Taurus Sex Drive and Sexual Compatibility

What does Taurus mean sexually?

Taurus Sexuality and Sexual Compatibility

Taurus Sexual Compatibility: Sex with a Taurus

The Taurus sexuality traits show that Taurus people may seem tame on the outside, but on the inside, they are still filled with their own unique sexual desires, just like all of the other signs are. Whether a Taurus person is a man or woman, gay or straight, or in a committed relationship or having a fling, this article will cover what kinds of sexual things a Taurus person likes to do and what they like to stay away from.

Taurus Sex Traits: Romantic

Based on the Taurus sexuality traits, Taurus people like to take things slowly, especially when they are in romantic or sexual relationships. They see themselves as a leader at work, but they may be more of a follower in other areas of their lives.

This sign is not highly open to doing new things, but they love doing the things they are good at (both in the bedroom and in other areas of their lives). All of these Taurus traits affect their personality and their sex life. Sex with a Taurus person will be sensual, to say the least.

Taurus and Sex: Foreplay for Taurus During Sex

When it comes to foreplay, it depends on the Taurus person in question, and more importantly the mood they are in, to determine whether they like foreplay or not. It is safe to say that most Taurus people will want to use foreplay as a way of warming up to have sex, no matter what their gender is.

As per the Taurus sexuality predictions, while kissing and doing whatever other physical things a Taurus person will do for foreplay, they will likely be thinking about what they want to do during sex. They may tell their partner these dirty thoughts, or they may just keep them to themselves; this depends on how comfortable they are with their partner.

Either way, thinking about what they want to do during sex will help to turn themselves on even more. According to the Taurus sexuality traits, once a Taurus person is turned on, they will focus more on pleasing their partner. These people are sensual and will want to let their partners know this even before having sex.

Taurus Sex Drive: Sex in General

Taurus people may sometimes have sex on a first date, but they are much more likely to wait until they are in love, or at least until they can trust their partner, to have sex with them. The Taurus sexuality astrology reveals that Taurus people care partly about pleasing himself and pleasing their partner.

Taurus men will often try to please their partner first, while Taurus women will often try to please themselves first. As per the Taurus love compatibility, sex with a Taurus person is slow and steady, just like a relationship with them would be. Taurus people know what they want in the bedroom, and they aren’t afraid to be stubborn until they get their way.

They like to be in charge some of the time, but they aren’t afraid to let their partner be in charge, either. Taurus people may experiment with different sex positions or kinks when they are first starting to have sex or when they enter into a new sexual relationship. As time goes on, they will likely find something that they are good at and stick with it. They do what they know works. It is as simple as that.

Taurus in Bed: Kinks

Out of all twelve of the zodiac signs, Taurus people tend not to be as kinky when compared to most of the signs, excluding other Earth signs (Virgo and Capricorn), which they are about equal to. As stated above, Taurus people may experiment at the beginning of their sexual relationships, but that is about it.

Some Taurus people may discover that they like the sensuality that bondage or low amounts of pain provide, but they aren’t likely to do anything more serious or creative than that. For the most part, Taurus people just like plain old vanilla sex, and there is nothing wrong with that. They know how to make it work whether they are being dominant or submissive, which makes things great for whoever they have sex with.

Taurus Sexuality: Taurus Compatibility with the 12 Zodiac Signs

Based on the Taurus sexuality forecast, Taurus people like to have sex, but it is not the only thing that they think about. They will need to be with someone who can cater to their emotional needs, as well as their physical needs. Below is a list of all twelve zodiac signs and their sexual compatibility (not romantic compatibility) to Taurus.

Taurus and Aries sexually compatible

Aries people are wild in bed, and they are far too energetic for a Taurus person’s taste. This does not make for a good Taurus sexuality match (or romantic match) at all. These signs work best as friends.

Taurus and Taurus sexually compatible

The Taurus sexuality compatibility shows that two Taurus people having sex is one of the best matches for this sign! These people will know how to listen to each other’s needs, and they are sure to cater to each of their fantasies.

Taurus and Gemini sexually compatible

Gemini and Taurus people make an okay match together. These people tend to want to try more new things than a Taurus person will want to. With a little compromise, this sexual relationship can work.

Taurus and Cancer sexually compatible

Based on the Taurus sexuality facts, these two signs make a great match! Cancer knows the value of taking things slow, with a Taurus person loves. Together, these signs are sure to have passionate sex, whether they do anything crazy or not.

Taurus and Leo sexually compatible

Leo people are creative and love to be in charge, Taurus people are not so creative, but they don’t mind not being in charge. If a Taurus person can speed up or a Leo person can slow down, then this relationship just might work.

Taurus and Virgo sexually compatible

Virgo people love to take things just as slow, if not slower, than the Taurus person. They don’t need to do anything wild to be happy. Based on the Taurus sexuality forecast, they love the simple, but passionate sex, that a Taurus person can offer them.

Taurus and Libra sexually compatible

Libra people don’t mind if they are in charge or not, but they are creative and do love to try new things. If a Libra person can learn to stick with what a Taurus person is good at, then this relationship could work out.

Taurus and Scorpio sexually compatible

Scorpio people are sensitive in every meaning of the word. They are sure to love the sensual pleasure that a Taurus person is sure to bring. They even may be able to bring out the Taurus person’s creative side!

Taurus and Sagittarius sexually compatible

Sagittarius people like things to be wild and crazy in bed! Much too wild and crazy for a Taurus person’s liking. This may work out for a fling or two, but Sagittarius is just not compatible with a long-term sexual relationship with a Taurus person.

Taurus and Capricorn sexually compatible

Capricorn people also value sensuality over creativity or trying new things. They also love to do what they are best at without risking learning that they are bad at something. Based on the Taurus sexuality compatibility, these two make a nearly perfect match!

Taurus and Aquarius sexually compatible

“Creativity” may as well be an Aquarius person’s middle name. “Energetic, Wild, and Not-a-Match-for-Taurus” would also fit well. These two have too many differences to make this work.

Taurus and Pisces sexually compatible

Pisces people are romantics more than anything else. They don’t mind that Taurus people like to take things slow. They do like to try new things, though. With some time and compromise, this sexual relationship can work.

Summary: Taurus Sex

The Taurus sexuality astrology shows that Taurus people know what they want, and they aren’t about to change themselves for someone else. Anyone who sleeps with a Taurus person is sure to see the Taurus person’s true nature, and they are likely to have a good time as well!

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