Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility: Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

Are Taurus and Scorpio soulmates?

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility Love

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility: Introduction

A love relationship between you and a Scorpio would be intense. Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility match are opposite signs of the zodiac symbol, and as a result of that, both of you possess a special and complex connection with each other. You both combine to form a whole. This is because the strength of a partner is the weakness of the other and vice-versa.

The combination of Taurus Scorpio soulmates will be a balance of strengths and weaknesses. You both would be sexually attracted to each other. You both will have a lot of things in common with each other. Your relationship will be a potent one because both you and your lover are so powerful. This relationship could swing from being passionately filled with love to being filled with passionate disagreements.


Taurus and Scorpio: Love and Emotional Compatibility

Taurus Scorpio in love, has a very intense emotion with each other. Your emotional connection is something that is usually prayed for by other couples in the zodiac. It is the case that you both understand each other and have a way of solving any issue that might come up easily.

Similarly, Taurus & Scorpio’s rating represents the ideal emotion needed in a relationship. This is because you have Venus, on the one hand, as a ruler while you have the intense passion of water on the other side. The combination of these two will make you become a symbol of eternal love. Your relationship could be easily deified as the relationship of deep emotional connection. It should also be noted that you both have the most profound emotional connection in the zodiac.

Taurus and Scorpio: Life Compatibility

The relationship between Taurus and a native of Scorpio is a relationship with great desires. You always desire possessions while your lover desires powers. Both of you are always concern about success and wealth. In fact, you are so passionate about the two of these that you work hard to get it.

The fact remains that in your Taurus Scorpio relationship, you both often try your best to create a better future for your lover and children. In addition to this, both of you are intellectually sound and have a high tendency to give birth to brilliant children. You seem to be very much self-focused with the way you deal with things. On the other hand, your lover is always concerned with the immediate family and lover. You both need a very secure and great relationship but the extent to which you need it is quite different.

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

For your lover to be secure in this Taurus Scorpio marriage relationship, you need to reassure him/her of the existence of a strong emotional connection. In addition to this, you also need this kind of reassurance, which is always provided readily by your lover.

Trust Compatibility between Taurus and Scorpio

Your lover will find it very hard to trust anyone unconditionally. Most of the time, in this relationship, s/he will need to be very sure that the relationship is secure. It is not justified to say that your lover is insecure as a result of this. It is just the case that s/he has a lot of questions about people’s motives. When you choose to be quiet and unreachable in a relationship, your lover tends to be very suspicious as to your intention.

In addition to this, your obsessive interrogations could lead to damage in the Taurus Scorpio trust you share. However, if you choose to open up to your lover things you think s/he needs to hear, the relationship will be filled with trust. As you get to know each other, you will find it very easy to share your secrets with him/her. S/he will also find it very easy to believe that you will not break his/her trust.

Taurus with Scorpio Communication Compatibility

The fact remains that Taurus Scorpio’s friendship has completely different interests. Often time, you have little or nothing in common to discuss on. However, you both compliment when it comes to discussing with each other. This is because you often find your relationship with your lover to be exciting and perfect. Often, you find it very hard to discuss and try to convince him/her to believe what you believe.

Thus, communication with a Scorpio will not only be challenging but thrilling, especially when both of you are very confident. In most cases, when you talk, your lover often goes in-depth with a lot of things that are not counted by you. You often find it very surprising to find your lover giving you facts about the subject matter that is brought up by you. Additionally, you are often kept lively by your lover’s intelligence and deep understanding of everything. You will show your lover the essence of living and be stable. On the other hand, your lover will show you the essence of living and the value of life.

Sexual Compatibility: Taurus and Scorpio

Finding Taurus Scorpio’s sexual satisfaction is not a difficult thing in this relationship. Like it is usually said, opposite poles attract. In a relationship, all opposing signs are usually madly attracted to each other. Your sign and that of your lover are not exceptions. The fact that both of you opposite to each other in the zodiac is the reason why you both are sexual and good with each other in bed.

Intimacy Compatibility between Taurus and Scorpio

Your Taurus Scorpio relationship is endowed with the deepest connection of sexuality and emotion that could not be achieved in other couples in the zodiac. Your lover could sleep and die in your arms naked due to the loves/he has for you. On the other hand, you always want to be loved and cared for. Often, you sound romantic and always want to enjoy the beauty of romanticism.

You both find it very fine to engage in Taurus Scorpio sex creatively. In fact, you have a special way of practicing different sex styles. You both always concerned about the satisfaction of the other. You both often take sex as a means to connect with each other when emotion comes in. It seems impossible for you to do separation from your lover. This is because your lover could fight back at any time.

Planetary Rulers: Taurus and Scorpio

Your Taurus Scorpio compatibility relationship is ruled by the combination of Mars and Pluto and Venus. You are ruled by Venus, which is known as the ruler of money and lover. On the other hand, your lover is ruled by the planet of passion, Mars, and the planet of powers, Pluto. The combination of both of you will make you an excellent balance of each other.

The influence of Pluto is the reason for the intense combination that exists in the Taurus Scorpio zodiac match. Apart from this, the combination of both of you in this relationship is the combination of love and passion. You will always chase power and would want to dominate over your lover in this relationship. On the other hand, your lover will find it very hard to dominate from you. Your relationship will be very romantic with Scorpio. This is because your lover is very passionate about romance while you cherish the beauty of romance.

Relationship Elements for Taurus and Scorpio

The elements for this Taurus and Scorpio relationship is the combination of earth and water. This is because you are an earth sign while your lover is a typical water sign. Your lover is intense emotionally and could cause a lot of rigor when annoyed. Additionally, you tend to be very aggressive. And lethal whenever you feel crossed by your lover. Your lover is capable of stinging you without any warning when you hurt him/her. As a result of this, you need to always watch out for your lover’s tail. You tend to find it very difficult to cope with your lover’s secretiveness due to your openness to him/her.

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility: Overall Rating

Although Taurus and Scorpio zodiac soulmates have an intense emotional connection, the Compatibility rating is almost 90%. You both tend to have some issues when it comes to communicating with each other. You hate to dominate with your lover. But your lover always wants you to keep to his/her words. In addition to this, you do not like that anyone can control you whatsoever. The overall take on this rating is that you could venture into this relationship, but you need to understand your lover well.

Taurus and Scorpio Love Compatibility Rating 89%

Summary: Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

The fact remains that the Taurus Scorpio compatibility pair share a profound connection with each other. It is also the case that you are both excellent when it comes to having sex with each other. Your relationship cannot break easily. Due to the lack of consummation of marriage because you find sex as a means of connecting with each other.

You will be successful in life as both crave for the luxuries of life. It is also the case that you often try your best to develop a great future for your family. However, there is a high tendency that you will be highly possessive with your relationship. This will often bring no positive Taurus and Scorpio vibe. In fact, you usually feel challenge with your lover’s character. Both of you could be the perfect partners for sex. But either of you could go for someone else.

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