Rashi and Rashifal: Understanding the Significance in Our Life

What is My Rashi?

Rashi and Rashifal Significance

The Importance of Rashi and Rashifal

Rashi and Rashifal are the most important terms used in the Hindu or Vedic Astrology. The 360 Degree elliptical area around the earth is known as the Zodiac. It consists of constellations and stars. The Zodiac is divided into twelve equal parts known as Rashis or Signs.

There are twelve Rashis. They are Mesh, Vrishabh, Mithun, Kark, Simha, Kanya, Tula, Vrischik, Dhanu, Makar, Kumbha, and Meen.

The Rashi (Rasi) or the Moon sign is the sign-in in which the Moon was present at the time of birth. The Hindu Astrology is based on the sidereal zodiac. In this system, the motion of the planets is measured against a fixed background of stars. On the other hand, in Western Astrology, the tropical zodiac is used. In this system, the movement of the planets is measured against the position of the Sun on the spring equinox.

There are nine planets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. The last two are not physically existing and known as shadow planets. Twenty-seven-star constellations are existing in 12 Rashis. The Hindu or Vedic astrology is based on nine planets and twenty-seven stars.


Rashifal refers to the predictions based on the assumption that the positions and movements of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars at the time of a person’s birth have a significant impact on his future.

Rashis and Their Characteristics

Mesh Rashi

The Ruling planet is Mars. Mesh or Mesha people can think independently and have excellent logical capabilities. The presence of the Moon in Aries makes the individual hasty, determined, and creative. It also makes him unpredictable.

Vrishabh Rashi

Venus is the ruling planet of Vrishabh. Moon in Vrishabh will get all the necessary things to achieve its objectives. The Vrishabh individual will accomplish great things in life with his power to dominate others. He is resourceful, eccentric, and impatient. Moon in Vrishabh also keeps him contented as he ages and will make him broadminded.

Mithun Rashi

Mercury is the lord of Mithun Rashi. Moon in Mithun Rashi makes the individual inventive and expressive. He will have a weak spot for women and tends to study scriptures. The planet is considered to be neither male nor female.

Kark Rashi

The Moon governs the Kark people, and the Rashi is considered to be the most promising. People born in Kirk Rashi are conservative, thrifty, wise, and responsive. He will have a tendency to travel, which may be beneficial or unsuccessful. He will be charismatic, prosperous, and women can easily manipulate him.

Simha Rashi

The Sun is the lord of Simha Rashi. It is a fixed and male sign. The color is peach, and it is gleaming. Simha’s person will appear brave and will be blond. His cheeks will be prominent, and his face will be broad. Simha’s individual will be refined, arrogant, ruthless, big-hearted, and gloomy.

Kanya Rashi

The ruling planet of Kanya is Mercury. Persons born in Kanya Rashi will have beautiful skin tone, flexible body, charming speech, and depressed shoulders. He is adept at dancing and music. The individual will be interested in sciences like astrology. He will be talkative, proud, indifferent, and upright.

Tula Rashi

Venus is the lord of the Rashi, which is masculine. Nature is changeable. Tula persons are scholarly and saintly. They are slim, tall, intelligent, affluent, friendly, hopeful, and interested in arts.

Vrischik Rasi

Vrischik is a feminine Rashi, and Mars rules the sign. These persons are frank, stubborn, impulsive, rich, miserable, and liberal. They will have large eyes, round thighs, and a broad chest. The sign is watery and fixed in character.

Dhanu Rasi

Dhanu is masculine, and the ruling planet is Jupiter. It is a fiery and double-natured sign. Persons born under this Rashi will be creative, eloquent, have a good legacy, thoughtful nature, and love arts and literature. Their interest in rituals. Physically they have big teeth, broad face, flawed arms and nails, and unclear shoulders.

Makar Rasi

Makar is feminine, and Saturn governs the sign. The sign is earthy and movable. Makar Rashi people are honest, intelligent, energetic, planned, sensitive, and contradictory.

Kumbh Rasi

Kumbh or Kumbha is a fixed, masculine Rashi, and the lord is Saturn. A person born in this sign will look youthful, with big teeth, a short stomach, and a well-shaped body. He will be mysterious, lonesome, conscious, creative, sensual, and good looking.

Meen Rasi

Jupiter governs Meen or Meena, which is a watery Rashi. It has a dual nature and is female. People born under this sign will have a long nose and bright body. They are good looking, cultured, daring, but submissive to the opposite sex. In their advanced age, they will take resort to spirituality.

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