Dream Dictionary C (10): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with C

Dream Analysis of C words: Page 10 – Cobra to Coloring Book

Dream Dictionary of C words - Page 10

Dream Meanings: Words beginning with C

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Seeing the cobra in dreams can be a sign of both creation and destruction. Many spiritual groups have a snake figure in their belief system. On the other hand, most people fear snakes, which can represent frightfulness and worry.

For further dream symbolism, see Animal and Snake*.


Cobwebs are veil-like objects that can cloud areas. We may not think of a cobweb as anything special, but it is still an intricate creation by a small creature. Because of this, a cobweb can symbolize hard work, creativity, and secrets.

See Spider* for further dream symbolism.


To dream of cocaine suggests that you are hanging out with the wrong sort of people. It would help if you stayed vigilant so that these people do not take advantage of you.

This may also suggest that you have come into some bad habits, even if it is not drug-related. It is best to try to end your bad habit before it gets the better of you.



See Chicken* for cock/rooster symbolism.


Dreaming that you are watching or otherwise involved with a cockfight suggests that you do not feel “manly” enough. You may feel like someone else is trying to undermine your masculinity. You likely feel like you need to defend yourself for this reason. This dream is much more common in men than in women.

See Chicken* for further dream symbolism.


If you dream that you are in the cockpit of an airplane, this could predict that you need to take on the role of being a leader shortly. You will need to become more responsible and organized. Others will depend on you.

See Airplane* for further dream symbolism.


To dream of cockroaches can be symbolized in two ways, depending on the dream’s mood. If the mood is negative, this can suggest that you are unclean or do something inappropriate in your waking life. This could be a sign that you need to change your ways before they can permanently impact your personality.

If the dream mood is positive, this could signify that you or someone you know will live a long and healthy life. Cockroaches are notorious for being difficult to kill or otherwise get rid of. This may suggest that you are a hard worker with a lot more ahead of you.

Looking up what the cockroaches were doing can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


Drinking a cocktail in a dream is a sign that you are deceiving others as to the nature of your true personality. You may be pretending to be someone who you are not. This dream symbol is the most common for people who claim to be loyal or of good moral standing but who are really sleeping around or lying to their friends.

See Alcohol* for further dream symbolism.


To drink cocoa, suggest that you are out to make your own life a little bit “sweeter.” However, you may ignore your friends or take advantage of them to better yourself. They will not look kindly upon your actions, and it is likely to affect your relationships.  

See Chocolate* for further dream symbolism.


Often in cartoons, an unsuspecting character will be hit on the head by a dropping coconut. To see a coconut in your dream suggest that someone or something is out to get you. They are the most likely to strike when you least expect it. This is a sign of bad luck to come in your near future.


To see a cocoon in your dream can suggest that there is some part of yourself that you are trying to protect.

Another meaning of this dream term is that there is something that you are trying to change about yourself. You are going through a sort of transformation in your life; whether it is something you are doing on purpose or something that is naturally happening does not matter. This dream shows that you will make it through the change and likely be better for it.

See Butterfly and Caterpillar* for further dream symbolism.


Dreaming of drinking coffee suggests that you are feeling bitter about something in your waking life. This most likely has to do with a relationship (romantic, friendly, or family) that is not going the way you would like it to. You may feel that you are socially obligated to do something that you don’t want to do.

Making Coffee

If you are making coffee in a dream, this suggests that you will be struggling shortly. This is more likely to be an emotional struggle more than anything else. It is best to watch out for unloyal friends.

Selling Coffee

Selling coffee in your dream suggests that you are worried about not succeeding in business. This could represent a fear of working in the service industry if you fail at your current career. If you do not change your ways at work, then you very well may be facing this reality sooner than later.

See Coffee House* if it applies to your dream.

Coffee House

To be in a coffee house predicts that you will come into the favor of bad people. These people are not likely to hang around with you because they like your personality, but instead because they think they will gain something from you. It is best to watch out for these people so that you do not fall into their clutches.

See Coffee* for further dream symbolism.

Coffee Machine

Seeing a coffee machine in your dream can suggest that something feels “off” in your waking life. This can show that you are hyper-alert during the day but have problems falling asleep at night. You might be feeling a little weird because of this when you first wake up.

See Coffee* for further dream symbolism.


Seeing a coffin in your dreams is almost always a representation of your own fear of mortality. Even though death is all around us, many people still fear dying. Seeing a coffin isn’t a sign of death or despair but represents everything that death brings with it.

Some cultures see the coffin as a sign of bad luck, but not of death. This could be a sign that you will become ill, have bad business, or have bad luck in general.


Coins in your dream can represent something that is of value to you in your waking life. If there is anything on the coin, or if you can tell what the coin is made of, this may also provide additional dream symbolism.

Since coins are also called “change,” this can suggest that you need to make a change in your life, or this could be a prediction that something is about to change in your life.


Using a colander in your dreams can imply that you have a hard time holding in your thoughts and feelings. Since people usually use colanders to strain the water out of their food, and water is symbolic for emotions, this dream symbol likely means that you are not a person who bottles up their emotions. This is neither a good nor a bad thing. This dream may be telling you to try to train yourself to be emotional when it is appropriate but to keep your emotions to yourself when you are supposed to be objective.


Feeling cold in a dream can represent your feelings in your waking life. This can represent that you are holding back emotions in your waking life. This can also symbolize “cold” emotions like fear, hate, and isolation.

This dream can also be seen as a sign of bad things to come. This most likely has to do with your social circle. It is best to watch out for people who might try to do you harm during this time.

If the room in which you are sleeping in the cold, this is probably what caused the dream, not symbolic meaning.

Cold Sore

Dreaming that you have a cold sore can suggest that something is hurting you, emotionally, in your waking life. You may have an emotional wound that cannot heal for some reason. If this is true of your situation, then now is a good time to face the issue to try to resolve it.


To dream that you are in an ancient Roman coliseum suggests that you want to show yourself off in your waking life. You want to be entertained, but you also want to be seen as an entertaining person. You may be going out of your way to entertain others around you so that you can receive your praise. On the other end of things, this dream may show that you want to act this way but that you are restraining yourself from doing so for some reason.


If you collapse in a dream, then this can show that you are close to exhaustion in your waking life. You may be pushing yourself too hard in your endeavors; it is time to give yourself a break. However, you may be unsure of how much work is “too much” work. Don’t try to test your limits; relax for a little while.

Collar (Dog Collar)

To see a dog collar in a dream can suggest that you feel restrained in your waking life. You are likely in a stressful situation that you are having a hard time finding your way out of. You may feel like you are not in control of your own life, but this could be because you are unsure whether you can actually trust yourself.

See Dog* for further symbolism if it applies to your dream.

Collar (Shirt Collar)

To dream that you are wearing a shirt with a collar is a good sign. This shows that you will get more responsibilities, likely at work. If you can complete the tasks ahead of you, you will be greeted with admiration at every turn. However, this praise may not be sincere. It is best to wait to be friends with these people until you know their true motives.


To see a collection in your dream suggests that you need help to simplify your life. You are likely too proud to ask for it, though.


To dream that you are going to college suggests that you are trying to better yourself in some way, likely through education or other hard work. To dream that you are back at your old college predicts that you will receive praise for something you did a long time ago.


To be in a collision in your dream suggests that you will come into some struggle in your waking life. This is most likely to do with business or romance, depending on the situations going on in your waking life.

This dream may also be trying to tell you that you live your life carelessly at the moment. If you do not change your ways, you will likely struggle in your waking life and cause further problems for yourself and others.

See Car* for further dream symbolism.


To dream that you are a colonel suggests that you see yourself as being above the people around you. This could be a sign that you have risen to a social circle that meets your needs.

To dream that a colonel is commanding you suggests that you are in a lower social circle than you will like to be. You will only get out of this circle with hard work and determination.

See Army* for further dream symbolism.


Many people dream in black and white, but a few people can dream in color. If this is the case for you, you can know that sometimes color has a symbolic meaning in your dreams, especially if it seems out of place. Like any other dream term, the color’s meaning will be affected by the dream’s general feeling.


The color red can mean many different things depending on that the culture the meaning comes from. The most basic meaning of the color red is fear and hatred. The color red can also symbolize sexuality and romantic desires. Since red can also be seen as an earthy color, it can also symbolize that you are “down to earth” or something similar.


The color orange can suggest that you can handle your emotional and intellectual life easily. You are blending your two halves to make one wonderful whole. This color can sometimes also relate to spiritual or religious feelings.


Yellow is usually seen as a “god luck” color. The color yellow in dreams usually comes with good feelings for the dreamer. This dream symbol has the same meaning as orange, but with the added sign, your mood should improve shortly.


The shade of green matters for this color. If you see light green in your dream, then this is a sign that you can grow, develop, and generally make yourself a better person. If you see dark green in your dreams, then this suggests that you are feeling jealous, envious, or greedy in your waking life.


The shade of blue will affect its meaning. Light blue can represent our intuition and our spiritual side. There is something peaceful within us. Dark blue can represent power but also fear. You may be afraid of someone who has more power than you. Masculine emotions and traits can be represented by dark blue as well.


Purple can represent feelings about your religion or spiritual beliefs.


Pink represents love in a romantic or friendly sense. Pink can also represent feminine traits and emotions.


Brown can represent the mundane in life. You may be bored with your waking life or find something about it to be dull.


Grey can represent unhappiness, depression, and general bad feelings. This color is nearly black, where it gets many of its traits from.


The color black can represent the unknown, fear, and evil. Black is usually seen as a bad sign as far as colors go. This can symbolize that you do not understand something that is going on in your waking life. This may show that you are angry or fearful about something. On the other hand, this dream could show that you are growing somehow, but in some way, you do not understand. The color black can also be seen as a warning sign. Something or someone may be out to get you.


White represents purity, peace, and clarity. White is nearly the opposite of black in meaning. It can imply that you have come into a new awareness of some kind. Many people see this as a good sign.

Coloring Book

Using a coloring book in your dream can represent your child-like are carefree nature. You are generally at ease with the world around you. If this does not describe you, this dream could suggest that you wish to be more child-like. You may not want to act immature, but you likely would want less responsibility to burden your life. What colors you use and what picture you are coloring can also provide your dream with additional symbolism.

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