Dream Dictionary C (8): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with C

Dream Analysis of C words: Page 8 – Chrome to Clergyman

Dream Dictionary of C words - Page 8

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with C

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Seeing chrome in your dream is a good sign. This dream term predicts that you will get a boost in energy shortly. This is a great opportunity to try something new or to share your next great idea.


The color of the chrysanthemums in your dream has a big impact on what they mean. A white chrysanthemum predicts bad luck to come, but colored flowers predict good luck and good things to come shortly.

Look up the number of flowers that you have, if possible. It can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.

See Flower* for further dream symbolism.


In the simplest form of symbolism, a church represents the way that you feel about religion. If you do go to church, then you may feel at ease in your dreams. This could be a good sign. If you do not go to church but are used to, this could signify that you should begin going to church again. The state of the church can also represent your spiritual feelings.


In many instances, seeing or going inside of a church is a bad sign. If you see a church from far away, this can predict that you have been looking forward to disappointing you.

If you enter the church and feel uneasy, then this is also a bad sign. This shows that bad luck will come your way shortly, and bad temperaments will follow.


The weather in the churchyard will define the term more than the actual churchyard itself. If the weather is pleasant, then this dream suggests that you will be lucky in love for a while. You will also be likely to make strides in your social circle.

If it snows in the churchyard, then this predicts “stormy” times to come in your social life. You will struggle in your social life and other matters in your life as a result. It is best to prepare yourself for this as well as you can.


To dream that you are churning butter in your dream suggests that you will have a difficult task set ahead of you. However, this dream also shows that you have all of the tools you need to make it through the task. It will likely be difficult but not unmanageable. You will be a better person for completing the task.


Seeing or eating a churro in your dream is a sign that you need to sit back and relax for a little while. You should reward yourself with something “sweet” or something that you enjoy doing.

A churro can also represent a penis because of its phallic shape.


To see or make cider in your dreams is a good sign. This shows that you can have a good time without needing to rely on material items. To see people drinking the cider is a bad sign. This shows that people around you may be using you for your material items. It is best to watch out for these kinds of people.


A cigar can be a symbol for masculinity, and all of the traits usually associated with the male persona. A cigar can also be a representation of a penis.

A cigarette can be a symbol of anxiety. Many people smoke when they need to relax, so that a cigarette can be associated with this. This can also suggest that you depend on someone else to help you through hard times, as many people depend on a cigarette to get them through anxiety.

Both a cigar and cigarette can represent a fear of getting cancer, whether from smoking or something else.


Cinema is an interesting dream symbol. In a way, the cinema displays different dream meanings to every person that sees it. The cinema is different for everyone because the screen can display a different movie for everyone. In a way, it is like you are watching a movie about your thoughts and feelings. The plot is determined by how you feel, while the characters may share some of your own personality traits. Looking up what the movie was about will be able to provide you with much more symbolism.


Seeing, eating, or smelling cinnamon in your dream is a sign that you need to add a little “spice” to your life–you need to do something different to make your life more enjoyable. This dream suggests that doing something spiritual or religious may be able to help.


To dream that you are reading a cipher suggests that you are becoming increasingly interested in the past. You want to learn as much as you can about how the world used to be, especially in ancient years gone by. This dream is urging you to delve deeper into your studies. If you do this, you will end up feeling much more accomplished than you would if you didn’t.


In a way, a circle can represent you and all of the different aspects of your personality. The circle is one continuous line, which can suggest that everything in your life is connected in one way or another. A lot of the meaning of the circle in your dream can come from the dream’s mood. If you feel good in the dream, then this symbol could suggest that you feel complete. If you feel uneasy, this dream may suggest that you are “going in circles” and not getting anywhere in life.

A circle may be a prediction that something that you invested in, either with actual money or just in a non-literal sense, will not pay off as much as you would have expected.

A circle can also represent female sex organs, the circle of life, feeling whole, and the spiritual aspect of a person.

Circuit Board

Seeing or using a circuit board in your dream represents your desire to complete a goal. This can symbolize something that you are trying to accomplish in your waking life. This is generally a neutral sign. This suggests that your hard work keeps everything in line; your life is stable because of your hard work.

Circuit Breaker

To pay special attention to or trigger a circuit breaker in your dream is a bad sign. This dream suggests that you are over-stressed. It would help if you took a break from whatever is causing you stress for a while. Even though this may not keep your life as stable as you would like it to be, you will end up feeling calmer because of it.


If you are circumcised in a dream, then this is a sign that you are losing something important to you in your waking life. This could be a material object, a feeling, or a relationship. On the other hand, this could show that you are “cutting” yourself off from something important to you. This could also be emotional, physical, or social.


A circus can represent a person’s field of awareness. This shows the “free” side of a person. This can represent how you would act if you felt like people wouldn’t care about what you did. The other things going on at the circus in your dream can also add further symbolic value to this dream.


To see a cistern in your dreams is not a good sign. To merely see one suggests that you are getting in the way of your friend’s happiness. You are likely crossing some line with your friends. To see an empty cistern is also a bad sign. This predicts that you will soon go from being happy to being upset.


To get a citation in a dream suggests that you are doing something that is generally seen as unacceptable in your waking life. You must change how you act if you want to be respected by the people around you.


If you have citizenship in your dream, this can represent your feelings of belonging to something bigger than yourself and perhaps have feelings of national pride or patriotism. If you dream that you do not have citizenship, then this represents your feelings of being an outsider–not belonging to the whole. You may feel lonely or unaccepted.


To see a citrine gem in your dream can represent your feelings of confidence, strength, and power. These can either be physical or mental traits. This dream shows that you have the mental tools that you need to accomplish your goals. If you have been waiting to start on a project, then now is a good time to put your plan into action.


A new city can be either a good or bad dream term, depending on what is going on in the city and which city you are in. If you are in a bustling city, then this can symbolize your desire to have more opportunities. If the town is deserted, then you are likely to be feeling lonely.

If you are in a strange city in your dream, then this is a bad sign. This shows that you are uncomfortable in your current situation. You need to change your way of living if you want to become a happier person.

If you are in a particular city in real life, then the dream term can be defined by how you think of the city. Any pre-existing ideas or stereotypes about this city will make the basic dream symbolism for this term. For this reason, the same city can mean different things to different people.

City Council

To see someone from the city council or be on it yourself suggests that your opinions differ from the general public opinion. This can cause conflicts in your social life if you don’t know when and where it is appropriate to speak your mind.

City Hall

Seeing a city hall could imply that you feel threatened or restrained by the laws in your country. However, if you don’t learn how to adapt to these laws, then you will find suffering in your life.


To dream that you have the gift of clairvoyance suggests that you will need to change something about your life if you want to be happy in the future. Other symbols in your dream may be able to tell you what you need to change to be happier.

If you will see someone who is clairvoyant in your dream, then this predicts that you will need to change something about your social situation. This may predict that you will meet new people that will bring you now to your life, or you will need to get rid of friends that only cause you trouble now.


Clams can be either a good or bad sign. If you only see clams but don’t eat them, this predicts that you will need to deal with an irritating person, but you will grow to tolerate or even like them as time goes on. If you eat the clams in your dream, then this is a good sign. This predicts that you will have prosperous relationships with people that you meet shortly.


If you clamp something in your dream, then this shows that you are holding onto something or someone tightly in your waking life. The mood of the dream has a lot to say about the dream’s meaning. If you are happy in your dream, this shows that you are comfortable with your control over the people and things around you. If you feel uneasy in your dream, this might suggest that it’s time to loosen your grip.


To clap in your dreams suggests that you are trying to grab someone else’s attention and put it on yourself. You want people to pay attention to you. However, if you hear a clap in your dream, this implies something bigger than yourself that you need to pay attention to in your waking life.

See Applause* for further dream symbolism if it applies to your dream.


If you dream of playing the clarinet, then this can predict that you will find pleasure in something that you once thought was beneath you. This is likely to have something to do with your social life or your sex life.


How you act in class makes more dream symbolism than the class itself. If you act foolishly in class, then this suggests that you need to get more “class” and act more responsible. If you miss class, then this suggests that you are anxious about something or that you have a fear of failing. If you are feeling uneasy in class, then this suggests that you have low self-confidence levels. If you feel alright in class, then this suggests that you are ready to take on more duties in your; you are confident in your ability to succeed.

See Classmates, Classroom, and School* for more dream symbolism if they apply to your dream.


To see your old classmates in your dream suggests that you should try to repair old bonds. It doesn’t really matter if you actually reconnect with your old classmates or other old friends.

If you see classmates in your dream that you did not know in real life, this represents what you have learned in school or how you might have acted while you were in school. Try to remember the classmate’s personality traits. They may have something to say about your own.


To dream that you are in a classroom suggests that you are about to learn a powerful life lesson. What you learn may change your life for the better. Whatever it is that you end up learning, it will help you grow as a person.

If the classroom in your dream is outdoors, then this indicates that you need to learn to relax and be more carefree. It’s time to open up and let your stress out.

If you are looking for a classroom in your dream, this suggests that your mind is wondering. It would do you well if you were to fill it with knowledge. Learning new things is great for your mind.

See Class, Classmates, and School* for further dream symbolism if it applies to your dream.


If you have claustrophobia in real life, this dream term doesn’t have much significance. If you only have claustrophobia in your dreams, then this can represent your fear of being trapped and not advancing your life. You may feel like you are not in control of your life. This can also be a representation of guilt.


Seeing claws in your dream can represent your fear that someone or something is out to get you. You may be especially worried about injury or emotional pain. You might be feeling extra defensive lately for this reason. It is best to watch what you say and do after having a dream like this.

Looking up the animal that had the claw, or whatever else had claws can add further dream symbolism to this term.


To dig in clay, or even to see it, in a dream can suggest that you are losing interest in your jobs or hobbies. If you do not find a way to re-spark your interest, you will likely have some troubles at work or in your free time. You need to change something about your life if you want to improve it.


Dreaming that you are at the cleaners suggest that you need to clean up some aspect of your life. You might need to “clean up” a mistake that you have made in the recent past. You do not want to get your emotions muddled up in this sort of problem.


Dreaming that you are cleaning up a mess can symbolize that you are removing negative aspects of your life. You are moving onto something better in your life because of this. Of course, this won’t happen on its own. You need to take the first step to put the changes into action. If you try to remove the negativity from your life, it is sure to be better.

This dream term can also show that you have realized that part of your personality brings negativity into your life. You are cleaning can provide clues as to which part of yourself that you need to change if you want to have a better life.

This dream can also show that you are ready to get rid of the old and embrace the new. You are ready to make new and better choices that will help you to become a more successful person.


Dreaming that you are buying something on clearance can imply that you don’t think as highly of yourself. If you have low self-confidence, then this could suggest that you need to change some part of your personality if you want to feel better about yourself; you need to work on improving yourself for you, not to make someone else happy. If you have high self-confidence, this dream may suggest that you feel like other people don’t appreciate what you deserve.


Using or seeing a cleaver in your dream is a way of your subconscious telling you that you have a negative habit or that you hang around negative people. You need to “cut” these habits or negative people out of your life if you want to be a happier person.

A cleaver can also be an object that represents your anger and hatred towards someone or something.

See Knife* for further dream symbolism.


To see a clergyman in your dream is a bad sign. If you need a clergyman to pray for you, then this suggests that you will become ill or that someone around you will become ill shortly. If you are married to the clergyman in your dreams, this suggests that you will be plagued with mental “illnesses” like extreme stress, anxiety, or depression.

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