Dream Dictionary C (7): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with C

Dream Analysis of C words: Page 7 – Chest to Christmas Tree

Dream Dictionary of C words - Page 7

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with C

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Chest (Body)

Seeing your chest in your dream can represent how you feel about yourself. If your chest looks healthy in your dreams, then this can suggest that you have low self-confidence or feel bad about your social situation. If your chest looks healthy, then this can represent high self-confidence and the feeling that you are doing well amongst your peers.

See Body* for further dream symbolism.

Chest (Box)

A chest in your dreams can represent the state of your actual chest (on your body) in your waking life.

This dream term can also show that there is something in your life that you are trying to hide away from others. This may be your general feelings or opinions about something, representing a secret that you are trying to hide from someone.


Chestnuts have a sort of double-edged meaning to them. Seeing eating this nut in a dream predicts that you will undergo some stress or another difficulty shortly. However, a short time after this setback, you will be graced with good friends and a generally positive social life.



Chewing something in your dream can represent that you are thinking something over in your waking life. You may be trying to make a large decision or learn about all of your options before you make your final choice. This represents that you are mulling something over and absorbing all that you can about a situation.

Looking up what you were chewing and also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


The chickadee can be a prediction that something cheerful is going to enter your life. This could be something physical, a person, or a positive event that will enter your life. This is a good sign.

See Animal and Bird* for additional dream symbolism.

Chicken (Animal)

To see a chicken in your dream suggests that you are stressed out about something. You may be worrying about something dealing with business or your social life. This stress is not likely to last long. Once the situation passes, the stress should pass as well.


A chick in a dream can represent your thoughts about babies. This may suggest that you are thinking about having children. If you are not, this can suggest that there will be some small thing coming into your life that will create a large change.


If you are a male, this bird can represent traditional male traits like power, determination, and confidence. This can also represent strong sexual feelings, whether you are a male or not.


The hen represents motherhood and thoughts about motherhood. The way you feel about children and having your own, or the relationship with your mother if you are a man, is all represented by this animal.

See Animal and Bird* for additional dream symbolism.

Chicken (Food)

To eat chicken in a dream shows that you have been acting selfishly lately. This is likely to cause you problems in your social circle, but you could make progress in the business if you play it correctly.


To dream of your childhood shows that you feel burdened by responsibilities and tasks in your waking life. You wish that you could go back to a time where you can feel freer. On the other hand, this could also represent feelings about wanting to have a child.


A child can represent purity and love. They represent the simplest forms of feeling and emotion.

Seeing a child in a dream can also represent your childhood experiences or thoughts about having a child.

If you are the child in the dream, this can represent feelings of being dependent on someone else. You are likely trying to grow out of this phase. You will need to develop in some way if you are to feel more independent.

What the children are doing and the children’s feelings in the dream can also provide you with additional dream symbolism. If the children seem happy, then this is a good sign of prosperity entering your life. If the children are ill, this may be a prediction that someone will become ill. If the children are studying, this could be a sign that you need to become more educated. Other feelings and actions are either self-explanatory or can be explained by looking up the correlating dream term.

See Boy, Daughter, Girl, or Son* for further dream symbolism if they apply to your dream.


Getting the chills in a dream can have either a deep meaning or a simple explanation. If you wake up after the dream feeling physically cold, this is likely what caused you to have chills in your dream. If this is not the case, you may be able to find some symbolism in your dream.

Chills can represent your emotions. Pay attention to any physical reaction that you have to your chills in your dream. Do you get goosebumps or shiver? If your body has a reaction, then getting the chills can represent that you are afraid of something in your waking life. If someone else is in your dream, then the dream may be symbolizing your fear for this person or telling you that you should be afraid of this person.

In a less scary interpretation, this may be a pun on the word chill, telling you to “chill out” and relax a little more in your waking life.


A chimera is a mythical animal with the head of a bird, a large mammal body, and the tail of a reptile. These animals are usually seen as being evil, which could symbolize that chaos has entered your life. On the other hand, since this animal seems to be made up of so many other animals, this can also symbolize that you need to learn how to organize your thoughts and feelings.

See Animal or Monster* for additional dream symbolism.


Seeing or hearing chimes in a dream is generally seen as a good sign. This dream predicts that even though you may be in a rough spot right now or be anxious about something, good people and good cheer will help you out of this feeling. Your feelings of anxiety will soon be replaced with healthy feelings.


Seeing a chimney in a dream is generally a bad sign. This predicts that you will come across some bad news shortly. This news could range from something mildly annoying to something that is entirely dreadful. If you fall down the chimney, then this shows that you will become ill or someone near you may even die.

There is an exception to this bad sign. If there is a fire in the chimney, then good luck will come your way.

See Fire* for further dream symbolism if it applies to your dream.


Seeing a chimpanzee in a dream can tell you a lot about your thought patterns in your waking life. More or less, this symbol has to do with your opinions on things that others see as fact, like global warming or something similar. This dream tells you that you are either wrong about something that you once thought to be true or that you are overthinking a problem so much that you have passed up the conclusion.

See Animal* for further dream symbolism.


The saying, “keep your chin up,” has a lot to do with the symbolism of paying special attention to your chin in a dream. This dream sign suggests that you are going through a hard time at the moment or that you will be shortly, but you also have all of the tools you need to get through it. This symbolizes the characteristics of determination, strength, and charisma.

See Body* for further dream symbolism.

China (Dishes)

Seeing china in a dream is a good sign. This suggests that happiness will bless your home, and fortune will come to you in the workplace if you keep your toes in life. All will go well if you play your cards right. This dream sign can also show that you have a taste for the finer things in life.


Seeing a chipmunk in your dreams is a deep symbol for such a whimsical animal. The chipmunk hoards food for the winter and holds onto them for as long as they can. For this reason, this dream symbol suggests that you are holding onto something. However, unlike the actual chipmunk, this dream term suggests that you need to let go of whatever you are holding onto.

See Animal* for further dream symbolism.


In real life, a chiropractor can help realign your spine, and for this reason, this dream term suggests that you need some help realigning some other things in your life. This dream suggests that you cannot handle this task on your own. You should feel prompted to seek help from your friends. This dream predicts that they will not shun you because you need help.


Using a chisel in your dreams comes with less than subtle symbolism. A chisel helps you get to the root of a task quickly and efficiently. This dream term suggests that you take action to get to the core of your problem quickly. You may need to use force, but this term seems to suggest that force may be exactly what you need right now.


Chives are a good and simple dream symbol. Using or eating chives suggests that your social life is going well at the moment. You can healthily express yourself and get along well with your peers.


Sometimes a dream in which you have chlamydia can be a warning, even though it is not a prediction that you actually have chlamydia. This dream suggests that you should start having safer sex. This could also be an anxiety dream related to fears about getting an STD.

If you are not sexually active, this dream can show that you have negative feelings about sex.


Eating or seeing chocolate in a dream is generally seen as a good sign. This can show that you have the means to help those around you who depend on you. If the candy in your dream is sweet, then this dream continues to be a good sign. However, if the candy in the dream is sour or otherwise doesn’t taste like chocolate, then this dream suggests that, while you have the means right now, you will soon run out of whatever you need to help those who you care about.


Having a choice in a dream can suggest that there is something that you need to decide between in your waking life. This could be your mind prompting you to make a decision finally. If this does not sound like you, then this could be an opportunity for you to explore the world of lucid dreaming.


To hear a choir singing suggests that something will pull you out of your gloom. If you are not feeling poor, this could also mean that something positive will enter your life to make it a little more entertaining.


Choking on something in your dream indicates that there is conflict in your waking life. This can suggest that there is something that you are indecisive about or that you are struggling with overcoming something. This could also be a play on words, showing that you are “choking” on your words or thoughts. You need to sort out your thoughts if you want to be able to sort out your actions.


If you are sick in the dream, then this can show that you will become ill in your waking life, even if it is not actually cholera that harms you. If you are not sick in your dream, this shows that you may not get sick in your waking life, but you will face a disappointment of another kind.


Dreaming that you are chopping something shows that you have pent up anxiety, stress, or anger. You have some problem that you are dealing with in your waking life, and you are trying to “chop” up the problem into smaller and more easily manageable pieces. While this task may be difficult, this dream shows that adding aggression into the mix will only make things messier. Try to be neat and organized when you divide up your tasks.

Chopping Board

Using a chopping board in your dream suggests that you should become more decisive. There may be many problems facing you in your waking life, and you need to find a better way to manage them. You could be under a lot of stress if you are dreaming of a chopping board. What you are chopping may explain what is causing your stress or how you could resolve it.

See Chopping* for further dream symbolism.


Using chopsticks correctly in a dream suggests that you can manipulate a situation to fit your needs. You can reach farther than others might be able to, mentally.

However, if you use chopsticks for something other than eating, this dream suggests that you are in a sticky situation that you are not sure how to deal with.


Being or seeing a choreographer in your dreams is a good sign. This shows that you know how to express yourself creatively in a way that makes you happy. You feel free and in control of your life. You are in balance with your body and your mind.


See Jesus Christ*.


To be christened in a dream, or to see a christening, can show that there will be a new beginning in your life. A new group of people may accept you, or there may be a great change in your life.

This dream may just be trying to tell you that you need to get back in touch with your religious side in less symbolic meaning. You may want to consider going back to your spiritual roots.

See Baptism* for similar symbolism.


If you are a Christian, then this dream can relate to your feelings about your religion. This may also suggest that you should become more involved with the teachings or practice of your religion. Re-evaluating your beliefs is a good way to decide what you want to do about them in the first place.

If you are not a Christian, this dream can still represent your ideas of what Christianity is and its right religion. This is not a sign that you should or shouldn’t convert.


Dreaming of Christmas represents all of the things that Christmas itself stands for–love, family, friendship, caring, togetherness, forgiveness, celebration, harmony, and kindness. Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, these same terms still apply to your dream.

Christmas Card

Getting or giving a Christmas card suggests that you need to get back in touch with your friends and loved ones. You need to reconnect if you can and forgive when you are comfortable enough to do so. This is a good time to put aside differences to be with someone who you care about.

See Card and Christmas* for further dream symbolism.

Christmas Lights

Seeing or hanging up Christmas lights suggests that you have the flexibility to change the way that you look at the world. You are not a narrow-minded person.

See Christmas* for further dream symbolism.

Christmas Tree

To see a beautiful Christmas tree suggests that festivities will fill your life with joy. Good tidings, happy events, and great friends will fill your life. However, if the tree is bare or broken, then this can show that you will be filled with disappointment or dread after you are done having fun.

See Tree* for additional dream symbolism.

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