Dream Dictionary C (5): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with C

Dream Analysis of C words: Page 5 – Cavities to Chamber Maid

Dream Dictionary of C words - Page 5

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with C

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Dreaming that you have cavities in your teeth shows that you are insecure about some part of yourself. This could be physical insecurity that you have or a part of your personality that you are uncomfortable with.

See Teeth* for further dream symbolism.

CD/CD Player


CD’s in a dream shows that you are looking for some distraction in your life. You could be doing many things with your life, but you prefer to be distracted by music. Looking up the type of music playing in your dream can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.

CD Player

Using a CD player in your dream represents the side of yourself that you want other people to be able to see. This may not fully represent your true self, but the self that you show others in public. If any, the music that is playing in your dream can provide further symbolism and hints as to which side of yourself that you are really showing.



Seeing these trees signifies a goal. The state of health of the trees shows the present or future state of the goal. If the trees are in drought or danger, you may need to alter your plans. If the trees are healthy, you may be well on the road to success, but if the trees are extremely tall, your aspirations may be unrealistically high.

See Tree* for further dream symbolism.


The ceiling itself does not have much value, but the details regarding how it was viewed and how well it was viewed can say a great deal. Seeing a ceiling means that you are “looking up.” How well you remember the ceiling details can help determine the clarity of the dream, and therefore, its potential importance. Other details about the ceiling, such as color, can be interpreted individually.

See Building or House* for further dream symbolism.


To dream that you are celebrating something in your dream shows that you are proud of some accomplishments you have recently made in your waking life. Either that or this could be a sign that you are starting to grow as a person. This may not be an obvious sign of success, but it is a good sign, nonetheless. This is a good dream symbol.

Looking up what you were celebrating in your dream can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


Dreaming that you are a celebrity shows that you have high goals for yourself. However, this dream sign suggests that your goals for yourself are too high. If you do not lower your expectations, then you will only be setting yourself up for failure.

The friend is a Celebrity.

If one of your friends becomes a celebrity in your dream, then this symbolizes a fear that you have about losing your friends, even if it is not the friend that is in your dream. You may be worried that your friends are not as loyal to you as you are to them.

Seeing a Celebrity

To see a celebrity in your dreams represents that celebrity’s qualities and how they relate to your own life. These may be traits that you wish to have or traits that you already have.

Being Friends with a Celebrity

To be friends with a celebrity can relate to the traits that the celebrity has with one of your real-life friends. These could be traits similar to ones that they already have or traits you wish they would have. This can also show that your expectations for your friends may be too high or unrealistic.

Being Romantically Involved with a Celebrity

This could be wishful thinking if you already have a crush on this celebrity. If you are already in a relationship, you may wish that your partner had qualities of the celebrity you are dating in your dream or have too high expectations for what you wish your partner were like. Your expectations for your romantic relationships, in general, maybe too unrealistic.


Celery in a dream is usually related to life and love. The state of the celery in your dream reflects the state of your life. If the celery looks healthy and green, you are likely to be healthy and prosperous in the future. If the celery is wilted and rotten, someone you are close to may be about to fall ill. Eating celery symbolizes enjoying wealth, and eating it with someone else may mean that your relationship with that person is healthy.


Dreaming that you are celibate is a way of your mind representing your inner fears about romance or getting close to someone sexually. This may show that you are either trying to repress your sexual or romantic feelings or that you feel like these feelings are naturally repressed within you.


Cellars are where provisions and wealth are stored for future use. The cellar is cold, dark, and damp; it may reflect stress over lack of resources or a fear for the future. If the cellar is well stocked and kept, it may mean that all of your affairs are well in order.

See Building or House* for further dream symbolism.

Cell Phone

Using a cell phone in your dream shows that you are open to various methods of communication. This may also show that you are open to new ideas. You are not likely to be a closed-minded person if you use a cell phone in your dream.

Broken Phone

If your phone is cracked or broken in your dream, then this shows that you are cut off from some forms of communication. You may not be as good at conveying your thoughts into words as your peers are. This shows that you are closed off. This shows that you do not know how to express yourself positively.

See Phone* for further dream symbolism.

Celtic Knot

Dreaming of seeing the Celtic knot symbol can represent some of the general meanings of the Celtic knot in general: loyalty, health, wealth, love, power, and long life.

Looking up the knot’s general shape or the number of lines that make up the knot can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.

Cement Truck

Seeing or driving a cement truck represents “concrete” plans you have made in your waking life. You are sure of what you are doing, and you are determined to keep your plans the way they are.


Seeing a cemetery in a dream usually depicts your feeling toward death or the effects that it may have on you and your family, and its meaning can be interpreted differently by the individual based on personal circumstances such as age and health. As with any location or act in a dream, the way you felt about the dream should also be considered. Visiting a cemetery in high spirits may mean that you are confident in your family’s fortune for generations to come, or that there will be no more additions to the cemetery from your family for quite some time while visiting a cemetery and feeling depressed could mean that you are expecting a death in the family or some other kind of loss.

A well-kept cemetery may mean that you are in for good news on the health of a friend or loved one, while an unkempt cemetery may reflect fears of loneliness in times of need.

Passing a cemetery may reflect a fear of travel.


Dreaming that you are censors suggests that someone else is not letting you express yourself the way you want. This is usually a representation of an abusive relationship. While this usually deals with romantic relationships, it doesn’t have to. This can also be shown by abusive relationships with friends or family members.

If something is being censored in your dreams, then this shows that you need to learn more about a certain topic before you can make an informed decision on it. It’s best to know all of the facts before making a large decision that will affect you for the rest of your life.


Seeing a centaur in a dream represents confronting our animal nature, with the centaur itself usually representing the subconscious. Anything that the centaur says or does can be seen as a direct message from the subconscious.


Encountering Cerberus in a dream may mean that you are in a lucid or semi-lucid state, as Cerberus in a dream may be literally guarding the next area in your dreamscape or maybe figuratively guarding your subconscious. While it may be easy to be afraid of Cerberus, it is your subconscious, and if you muster the bravery, you should be able to pass him without risk.


Different kinds of ceremonies in different contexts may be subconsciously attempting to bring a certain kind of attention to a certain life event or change.

What the ceremony is for and what is going on during the ceremony will add much more symbolism for this dream than just this term alone. Looking up, these things will be able to provide you with additional dream symbolism.


To get a certificate in your dream shows that you are looking to be acknowledged for all of your hard work. You may feel like you are not appreciated enough for everything that you do in your waking life. This dream term is usually caused by work stress.


To see piles of chaff lying around suggests that you are putting your hard work into the wrong things. If you keep up this work, then you are not likely to gain much from it.

If you see people using chaff as clothing items, then this shows that you are wasting your time in other areas of your life. You are spending more time on your hobbies or socializing when you should be working. This dream suggests that you better organize your time if you want to become more prosperous.

See Corn* for further dream symbolism.


Seeing chains in your dream is not a bad sign on its own. Just seeing the chains shows that there are people around you who may be jealous of what you have accomplished.

Being Bound in Chains

Being bound in chains in a dream is a bad sign for the most part. In many cases, this dream shows that you feel like you are trapped in your waking life. You may feel like someone else is controlling what you do most of the time, like you have no way to express your true desires and feelings. This dream prompts you to take action against these feelings and your mental restraints if you want to begin to feel in control of your life.

This can also show that you are linked to someone, but not in a good way. You may be dependent on someone, so dependant that you cannot make your own decisions. This may also suggest that someone you know is highly dependent on you.

Others being Bound in Chains

Seeing other people in chains is a bad sign. This suggests that bad luck will come to this person’s way. This dream is more important if you know the person who is bound. If you do not know the person, then they likely represent someone that you know.

If you are sexually bound with chains, see Bondage* for more accurate dream symbolism.


Sitting in a chair can represent a relaxed feeling. You may feel like you are waiting for something to happen or resting after doing something important.

If you are uncomfortable in the chair, then this suggests that you are uncomfortable with something going on in your waking life. This dream suggests that you have the power to change your situation, even if it may not feel like you do. This dream also predicts that you will continue to feel poor if you do not change your situation.


To be in a wheelchair suggests that you feel like you are not in control of your own life. You may be feeling like you depend on others to help you get through your waking life. You may feel like there is nothing that you can do to change this situation. If someone else is in a wheelchair, this may suggest that someone else depends on you. This dream term is significant if you know the person in the wheelchair.

This dream term has no special significance if you are already in a wheelchair in your waking life or if the person in the wheelchair uses a wheelchair in their waking life.

Making a Chair

To dream that you are making a chair suggests that there is some anxiety in your life. You are doing something unimportant, like a hobby, that is distracting you from the real work you need to do. This is a stress dream symbol.


To dream that you are a chairman or chairwoman shows that you feel proud of your personality traits. You feel a sense of accomplishment for something that you have recently done. This dream sign is all about healthy levels of self-confidence.

To dream that you are only seeing a chairman or chairwoman shows that you feel uneasy with your place in society. You wish to rise above your current level to seek fame or simply more respect. You want to become a better version of yourself, but you may be too intimidated by others above you to try to change.

What you, or the person in your dreams, is the chairperson of can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


There are seven different chakras that a person can dream of, and all of them have the same basic meaning: something is blocking your chakras in your waking life. They all have their own more specific meanings as well.


This is usually purple. This shows that you need to open up your mind to new ideas. Expand your knowledge in any way that you can. No matter what you do, don’t allow yourself to become a closed-minded person.


This chakra is usually a dark blue color. This dream shows you that you need to put your effort from looking into the small things to focusing on the big picture. Open your eyes to what is around you.


This is usually blue. This suggests that something is stopping you from expressing yourself the way that you would like to. Try to overcome whatever is oppressing you.


This is green. This shows that you need to open your heart to all things around you. It is time to become a more caring person.

Solar Plexus

This is yellow. This represents the relationships that you have in your waking life, both romantic and friendly. The feeling of this dream will dictate the meaning of this chakra more than anything else. A good feeling shows that your relationships seem to be working out. A bad feeling suggests the opposite.


This is usually orange. This is also about relationships, but more to do with romantic and sexual feelings. The mood in the dream will dictate these meanings. Good feelings show that you are okay in this aspect of your life, while a bad mood shows that you need to change something to be happier in the romantic parts of your life.


This is usually red. This has to do with your physical body and material possessions. If you are healthy, it is more likely to mean that you are too focused on materialism. If you are unhealthy in real life, this dream may tell you to change that.


To drink from a chalice, or even see one, in a dream shows that you will gain power or respect in your waking life. You will probably gain your power by making someone else look bad. However, if you break the chalice in your dream, you will gain power more respectfully.


Using chalk is generally seen as a bad sign in many dreams. Writing on a blackboard or even just having chalk in a dream is a sign of bad luck for the dreamer. This has much to do with the color “black.” If the chalk in your dream is not white, then look up the color to provide yourself with additional dream symbolism.

Looking up with what you are writing or drawing with chalk can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


Seeing a chalkboard represents your feelings about school. This may show that you are facing similar challenges now as you did while you were in school. You may feel like you are being tested or like you are being tested in some way.

See Chalk* for further dream symbolism.


To face a challenge in a dream, likely to be with fighting or within a sport, shows that you will come into some conflict with your friends or other people in your social circle. This will complicate matters in your life. If you accept the challenge, you will become embarrassed at your actions with your social circle in your waking life, making you feel poor.


To be in a lavishly decorated chamber shows that you will come into good luck, most likely having to do with your finances. If a young woman is in the chamber in your dreams or a young woman who is having this dream, this predicts that your new wealth will come in the form of a rich romantic interest shortly. However, is it up to you to make the right choices to fall into this good luck.

Chamber Maid

Seeing or being a chambermaid in a dream is a bad sign. This shows that bad luck will come your way. You will lose out on the money. Your desires may lead you into doing bad things that will dirty your reputation and cause you further problems within your social circle.

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