Dream Dictionary C (2): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with C

Dream Analysis of C words – Page 2: Cameo to Canopy

Dream Dictionary of C words - Page 2

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with C

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To see or wear a cameo in your dream suggests that you only show certain parts of yourself to certain people. Not everyone knows your full self, and you would like to keep it this way.

This dream may be a pun on the film “cameo” which suggests that you will make a surprise appearance someone, or introduce yourself suddenly to someone new. In general, you will do something surprising in the near future.


A camera in our dreams is a way of our mind telling us that we need to learn to pay more attention to something. This shows us that something has happened in our recent waking life that we should have noticed more. This dream tells us to pay attention to the small things in life, as they help to make up the big picture.

A camera can also predict that something will change what you have noticed. You may remember something differently from how it really happened, or your feelings towards something will change in the near future because of something that will change how you look at it.

See Picture* for further dream symbolism.


Wearing camouflage suggests that you have something that you want to be able to hide from others. There may be some aspect of your personality that you are uncomfortable with, and do not act on it where others can see you.

This dream may also suggest that some part of your life will seem to blend into the background in the near future. It will not stand out to you or others, making it seem like it has a camouflage effect on your waking life.


To sleep in a tent while you are camping in your dream predicts that you will have a prosperous future. You like things to be simple, so it is not likely that your success will get complicated in the near future.

If you are sleeping in an RV or something similar in your dream, then this shows the opposite of sleeping in a tent. Others will try to get in the way of your success and complicate it however they can. It is best to watch out for these people.

Looking up what you were sleeping in can provide additional dream symbolism to this term.



Being in, or watching, a political campaign shows that you disagree with the majority on many issues.  You do not have confidence in the people who are in office.


If you, or someone you know, is going on a religious campaign in your dream, then this suggests that you are repulsed by the sins of others. This may also suggest that it would be good for you o begin acting more in accordance with your current religion. Helping others is a common sign of this dream.


To see a campfire in your dreams  suggests that you want companionship or more companionship in your life. You want to have a “warmer” relationship with someone. You feel vulnerable, which might make it harder to expand your relationship. Letting your partner see your full self is the best way to make the bond between the two of you stronger.


To dream that you are on a campus suggests that you want to expand what you know. You wish to learn more and seek knowledge in general. You want to advance yourself in some way, most likely through some sort of education.

See School* for further dream symbolism.


A can, in general, in your dream suggests that there is some part of yourself that you want to hide away from others and preserve for yourself. This could be aspects of your personality that you do not fully understand or are not comfortable with yet. This dream shows that you “can” do something to change your situation, but that you likely won’t in the near future.

Canned Food

To see canned food in your dream shows that there is some emotion that you are trying to bottle up, or can up, in this scenario. You do not know a healthy way to express these emotions. This shows that you are keeping your emotions for now until you learn how to express them. Learning how to do this is highly suggested by this dream.

Looking up the food, or whatever else, that was in the can will also provide this dream with additional symbolism.


Dreaming that you live in Canada while you already do has no significant dream meaning.

To dream that you are living in Canada when you are not in your waking life represents your feelings about the country. If you have never been there, then this dream represents your feelings or thoughts about Canadian stereotypes.


This dream term depends on the color and general look of the water. For the canal to have clear water shows that you are friends with supportive people who make you feel good to be around. To see that the water is muddy or murky suggests that your friends are not really friends at all. There are people around you who may want to do you harm. It is best to watch out for these people.

The canal, in general, has to do with our emotions about our relationships and how they change over time. If there are other people in your dream, then this dream is likely referring to them.

See Water* for further dream symbolism.


Since canaries are beautiful birds that often sing lovely songs, this bird represents the metal voice that each person has. This represents your stream of thoughts, and the way that you feel about certain things; your emotions.

Owning a Canary

To own the canary in your dream shows that you are surrounded by people who are important to you. These people are likely to help you along your path to success and wealth. It is best to keep your relationships with these people as strong as possible.

Dead Canary

If the canary in your dream is dead, then this shows that there is something missing in your life. You may be surrounded by people who are false friends that wish to distract you, rather than help you on your way to success. It is best to stop being friends with these people as soon as possible.

See Bird* for further dream symbolism.


To dream that you are canceling plans or an appointment suggests that you have a fear of commitment. You are worried that the other person/people in your relationships do not care as much for you as you care for them. You are afraid to ask them about their true feelings.

If plans are canceled on you, then this shows that you feel trapped in your current situation. This shows that you feel like you are not in control of your own life. You feel helpless.

Cancer (Disease/Illness)

Dreaming of cancer often is a representation of the basic fear of someday having cancer.

To dream that you or someone else has cancer shows that you are worried about the state of your relationships. These relationships may seem cancerous. This dream represents a fear of failing relationships or a sign that you relationship is currently failing and you are feeling uneasy about the process. Strained relationships are a common cause of cancer dreams.

Beating Cancer

To dream that you have been cured of cancer suggests that you were in the middle of a struggle, but the end of it will come in your near future in your waking life.

Cancer (Zodiac Sign)

Seeing this sign in your dream shows that you are able to go with the flow, even if you are not cancer yourself. This suggests that your mind is energized and that you are able to keep up with those around you. You are in the summer of your life, living free and feeling great.


A candle can represent a person’s individual thoughts and the way that they interact with themselves. The candle is focused on the self, rather than the collaborated.

A candle can also be represented as a sign for a penis, as it has a phallic shape to it.

Lighting a Candle

If you are lighting a candle in a dream, then this is symbolic of your spiritual sign. It is representative of the way that you prey. This can also suggest that you have thoughts about new life–having a child.

Lit candles in the Dark

If candles are lighting your way in the dark, then this shows that you are about to come to an understanding about something that you previously did not understand. If you are in the midst of a struggle, then it is soon to resolve. Fears about relationships are likely to pass.This is a hopeful dream sign.

Putting out a Candle

If you put out a candle in your dream, then this shows the opposite of a lit candle. Some bad news is predicted to come your way. Be prepared.

See Fire* for additional dream symbolism.


If the candlestick has a candle in it, then this shows that good things will come your way. Your relationships are about to flourish. If there is no candle in the candlestick, then this dream term represents the opposite–problems in relationships between friends and family members.

See Candle* for further dream symbolism.


Eating candy in a dream shows that you are pleased with how your relationships and wealth are coming along at the moment. You are in a “sweet spot” in your life at the moment. It is best to enjoy it while you can.

To make candy shows that you are doing all that you can to make your life more successful. This dream term suggests that it is a good idea to keep up all of the hard work.

Candy Apple

Eating a candy apple in your dream suggests that you have an abundance of something in your life. This dream also shows that, even though you have an abundance, you need to restrain or ration yourself. If you do not do this, then you are likely to have a less than perfect reaction to whatever it is that you misuse for your own pleasure.

Cane (Sugar Cane)

To see sugar cane growing in your dream predicts a prosperous time in the near future. You will see advancements in friendship and wealth. To see sugar cane being cut predicts the opposite–poor friendships and a loss in money.

Cane (Walking Cane)

A cane represents many masculine traits: aggression, power, strong sexual feelings, and irritation.

Canker Sore

To see a canker on your skin shows that you will be at a bad spot in the near future. Good news may turn out to lead to something that comes with further responsibilities, which will likely lead to problems in the near future.

To see canker, sores that are on objects than skin is a bad sign. This shows that evil and misfortune will enter your life. Looking up what the canker sore was on can provide you with additional dream symbolism.

See Skin* for further dream symbolism.


To dream that you are watching or taking part in cannibalism shows that you want to take on the traits of the person that you are eating. In a way, you are trying to obtain their best qualities, but not by doing so honestly. This dream shows that you will do whatever it takes to be the best, even if the ways to get to be the best are questionable or downright dishonest.

To dream that you are being eaten shows that you feel overwhelmed with something in your life. This dream may also be a representation of guilt or another painful emotion that is “eating away” at you. You are having trouble sustaining your life as you wish it could be.


This dream term suggests that you fear that a war will ruin the lives of the people in your country. If there already is a war going on between your country and another, then this represents anxiety that you are feeling about the war.

Hearing a Cannon

If you hear a cannon, but do not see one, predicts that someone who you know, and probably care about, is likely to join the war or the armies reserves.

Cannon Ball

To see a cannon ball in your dreams suggests that your relationships will change in the near future. This dream most likely suggests that someone who you care about will leave you for some time. This likely has something to do with a war, especially if a war is going on between your country and another.

See Cannon* for further dream symbolism.


A canoe, in general, represents a person’s confidence and relationships. Easy canoeing is a good sign while rough waters can be seen as a warning at sometimes and representation of current trouble in other situations.

To canoe in clear and calm waters suggests that your relationship is a good place at the moment. You are likely to keep up this trend for a while. However, if the waters are rough in your dreams, then this suggests that you are in a rough patch in your relationship at the moment. Luckily, this dream also predicts that this troubling time will not last for much longer.

To canoe with other people represents your relationship that that you have with that person. The way that you feel about this person in your waking life directly affects the meaning of the dream.

See Water* for further dream symbolism.

Can Opener

To use or see a can opener in your dream suggests that you are ready to let go of some of your pent up emotions, or that you are ready to accept an idea that you were formerly uncomfortable with.

This dream can also be a pun on the word “can,” showing that you can actually do something that you have been doubting your abilities on.

See Can* for further dream symbolism.


The canopy represents the shield that we give ourselves to protect us from relationships that you otherwise hurt the dreamer is they did not have a way to pick out bad people from the good.

To dream of laying underneath a canopy suggests that you are protecting yourself from false friends, or that you should begin to do this. There are people around you who are trying to or are currently, using you and only wish to cause you harm in some way.

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