Dream Dictionary C (12): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with C

Dream Analysis of C words: Page 12 – Conga Line to Corns

Dream Dictionary of C words - Page 12

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with C

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Conga Line

To be in a conga line in a dream suggests that you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself. This doesn’t need to be something great or spiritual. You could take an art class, hang out with your friends more, or do anything else that will help you to express yourself with others around to join you.


If you congratulate someone in your dream, then this suggests that you are confident with your own abilities. You feel like you are qualified to help others with their problems.

If you are congratulated on your dreams, this can show that you are looking for some recognition for your accomplishments. You may be seen as prideful, but your pride could very well be what drives you to accomplish your goals. This is neither a good nor a bad sign.


To see a conjurer suggests that you are taking the wrong road to success. You may have good intentions, but obstacles will come in your way to slow you down.

To conjure or be under the hold of a conjurer shows that things are not going in your favor. It is best to go with the flow instead of going against the current. Other people may be trying to get in your way to complicate things for you. Watch out for these people and try to stay out of trouble.



To be hit up by a conman in your dream could be a representation of someone actually taking advantage of you in your waking life. They may not be selling you faulty devices, but instead using you for your money or something else instead of for your personality. It’s time to figure out who your real friends are.

If you are the conman in your dream, this may show that you have been manipulating the people around you recently. Your character and morals may be called in to be evaluated. It would help if you changed your way now before it causes you bigger problems in the future.


To dream that your conscience is trying to tell you something can suggest that you feel guilty about something. You may be trying to hide something from someone. It might be time to come clean about your secrets.


To console, someone in a dream can suggest that you are not doing a great job of consoling people in your waking life. This can show that you need to work on your empathy skills.

To be consoled in your dream can represent sadness that is hiding within your mind. You may be trying to bottle up your feelings because you aren’t ready to talk about them. This can be a sign that you want to console but that you are too afraid to talk to people about it. This might be a good time to look past your fears, pride, or whatever else is holding you back. Talking about your problem is sure to help more than bottling it up inside of you for longer.


To dream that you are the subject of a conspiracy suggests that you are showing yourself off in a way that doesn’t match your actual personality. It would help if you acted like yourself to don’t seem like you are deceiving anyone.


Constellations are groups of stars that seem to make pictures in the night sky. Seeing this in a dream can tell you that you need to begin looking at the big picture instead of the little things that make it up. You might need to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective.

Looking up what the constellation seems to be, a picture can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.

See Stars* for further dream symbolism.


To be constipated in a dream can show that you are holding something in or not ready to let go of something. While this may not be a wonderfully subtle dream term, it is easy to see what you need to do about it. Let go of whatever you are holding onto, tell your friends how you are really feeling, or do whatever it takes to make yourself feel better from something that caused you emotional pain in the past.


To see a building being constructed in your dreams can symbolize that you need to begin working on making some part of yourself better. This could deal with your physical body, your personality, or both. While this may seem like a challenge, this dream assures you that you will get the energy to do it. If you have wanted to change for a while, now is the perfect time to do it.

To be a part of the construction crew suggests that you are in denial that you need to improve yourself. This may be because of your pride or something else. Either way, change is important, and this dream suggests that you start thinking about it.


To dream that you are wearing contacts is a way of your brain telling you that you need to start paying attention to the small details in life. It’s the little things that matter. This could suggest that you need to focus on your goal and keep on it until you accomplish it.

If you are having problems putting in your contacts, this can be a further sign that you are having trouble paying attention to what is going around you in your waking life.


To dream that you are in contempt of court suggests that you have done something inappropriately in public recently. This is most likely something to do with your friends or coworkers. It is best to the right your wrong as soon as possible before your mistake can come back to haunt you.


To put something in a container in your dream suggests that you are a well-organized person. However, this dream may also show that you have a hard time expressing yourself in the way that you would like to. You may feel restricted in this way. This dream can be trying to tell you that it’s time to break out of your own container and try something new, creative, or expressive.


Being in a contest in your dream shows that there is something within you that drives you towards competition. You may have a never filling goal of proving yourself to yourself or someone else. You live to win.

If you win the contest, then this can show that your self-confidence levels are at an all-time high. This is a good time. If you lose the contest, then the symbol shows the opposite; you will need to try harder to accomplish your goals.


To dream of reading or signing a contract suggests that you are ready to commit to something in your waking life. This might have to do with a relationship, job proposal, or something else. Even if you are nervous, your subconscious is sure you are ready to take the next step.


Being in control in a dream has a different meaning depending on the feeling of the dream. To dream that you are confident and in control can show that you feel in control in your waking life. You may feel like you are the master of whatever tasks you take on during the day. If you are feeling good in the dream, then this can be seen as a good sign.

If you are not feeling confident in your dream, then this can suggest that you feel like you need to learn more about your tasks before you take them on. You may be feeling insecure about your skills in your waking life.


To be inside of a convent can suggest that you are looking for an escape from your responsibilities. You may be looking for a simple lifestyle or a way to live your life in a way that responds to your religion better than your current lifestyle does.

If you run into a religious figure while you are in the convent, then this can suggest that your morals and virtues are about to be tested. You must pass these tests if you want to remain confident in yourself.


Going to a convention in a dream suggests that you have recently been extra busy in your waking life. Because of your busy lifestyle, you are likely to succeed in your goals. This is most likely to affect your career or social life.

Looking up what the convention was for can also provide additional dream symbolism.


To dream that you are converting to something, most likely a religion, in your dream shows that you can easily adapt to new situations. This sign compliments your current personality traits, but it is not a sign that you should actually convert to a different religion.


To be a convict in your dream can symbolize that you feel trapped in your waking life. You likely feel like you are not in control of your own life. You may feel like someone else is making all of your important decisions for you.

To see convicts in your dream can show that you are worried about something bad happening in your waking life. You may fear that actual convicts will cause conflicts within your life. It is best to stay out of trouble and stay away from strange groups of people. If you can protect yourself, you are sure to feel safer and less anxious.


Eating cookies in a dream is a good sign. This suggests that you are not letting the little things annoy you, but you are letting little things make your life a little better.

This dream can show that you are in an optimistic phase in your life at the moment. You are ready to indulge in the world around you without feeling too guilty about it. You are ready to enjoy your life. Don’t let life pass you by while you are in this great state of mind.


To dream that you are cooking in your dream can predict that you will do something that you will enjoy in your near future. This likely means that you will have a nice time with your friends or romantic partner. If you have been in a bad mood lately, this could be a sign that things are about to turn around.

Cooking in a dream can also represent your nurturing side. This can suggest that you are proud of the skills that you have. You are confident that you can take care of yourself.

Looking up what you were cooking can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


Seeing a cooler in your dream can represent some of your personality traits or the personality traits of someone you have seen recently. This could show that the person it refers to has been acting coldly lately. This could negatively affect a relationship for good if you do not change your ways too. Try to be a little warmer to repair your relationships.


Seeing copper in your dream or something made out of copper can represent that you are taking in new knowledge. Copper is also rumored to have healing powers, so this could show that you are healing from an emotional wound that has been bothering you for a while. This can show that you can rise above whatever is putting you down.


Dreaming that you are copying something can show that you have unoriginal ideas. You will come off as anything but creative and everything to do with being tired and worn out. This can show that you are bland in your waking life and need to spice things up to seem cool again.


Coral can be associated with blood, which has similar symbolism. Instead of a negative interpretation for blood, this meaning deals with purification instead of death.

The color of the coral in your dreams can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.

See Blood* for further dream symbolism.


A cord in a dream can mean two different things depending on the context and the dream’s general feeling. If the dream feels nice, this can symbolize that you have healthy relationships with people you care about. In this way, the cord can represent positive bonds that you have with people in your life. This is a good sign.

If your dream’s tone seems negative, this could mean that you feel like you are restrained in your waking life. You may feel like you are not in control of your life. If this is the case with your dream, then this is a bad sign. It would help if you changed something in your social life to be happier.

Looking up whatever the cord is attached to can provide you with additional dream symbolism.


To dream that you are pulling a cork out of a bottle predicts good times to come. This predicts that you will find happiness with your circle of friends or have business success. Either way, you are sure to be prosperous and joyful.

To dream that using a cork for anything other than alcohol suggests that you are at a peaceful time in your life. This also suggests that anything could throw off your mood. Try to keep your life stable, and you will stay at ease.

See Alcohol* if it applies to your dream for further symbolism.


To dream of seeing a corkscrew in your dream suggests that you are unsatisfied with something in your life. You want more. This can be symbolized by the way corkscrews are used to open bottles. You are looking for new opportunities in your life. Trying new things is a great way to remedy this.


Corn can relate to thoughts of farming and harvesting food. Many people do not do this anymore, but it is still a part of everyday life. Seeing corn in a dream can present feelings of accomplishment. You are proud of yourself for something, and you are ready to reap the rewards for all of your hard work.


To see a corner in your dream can symbolize feelings of being trapped in your waking life. You may feel like you are not in control of your life. You may feel like others are looking closely at your physical self and your personality, looking for flaws at every “corner.” This dream could represent feelings of not being good enough. This could represent feelings of low self-esteem.


To hear a cornet in your dream predicts that you will receive compliments from strangers shortly. This is a good dream sign.


Dreaming that you have painful corns on your feet in a dream can suggest that others are trying to undermine your authority. You may feel like you are “underfoot” when working with other people. It would help if you asserted yourself to get the respect that you think you deserve.

See Feet and Skin* for further dream symbolism.

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