Dream Dictionary C (15): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with C

Dream Analysis of C words – Page 15: Cream to Crossword

Dream Dictionary of C words - Page 15

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with C

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To see cream in your dream suggests that you want the best things out of life. You crave to better your life in some way.

This dream term can also be a prediction that wealth will come your way.


Dreaming of the world being created or anything else being created from raw materials can represent your inner potential. You know to make something new for yourself, even if it is not a physical object you are trying to make. This can show that you have all the “materials” that you need to make the world a better place for yourself or that you can make yourself a better person for the good of the rest of the world.


To dream of seeing some living thing that you’re not exactly sure what is counts as seeing a creature. This kind of dream can represent a fear of the unknown that may lie within you. If you are not afraid of strange new things, this could be a fear of catching an old illness.

This dream may be a sign that you are becoming ill.


Credit (Acknowledgment)

To dream that you are getting credit for something you have done can show that you are learning to accept yourself or your responsibilities. You are confident in your abilities, and you are ready to take on the next challenge that comes at you.

This dream could also be a sign that you feel underappreciated in your waking life. You may wish that people would give your credit in real life like they do in your dreams.

Credit Card

A credit card in a dream can symbolize your feelings about money in general. If you are doing relatively well financially, this can be a good sign, showing that you will become even more prosperous. If you are not doing well financially, then this can represent your feelings of anxiety or stress.

To dream that you are getting a new credit card changes meaning depending on the dream’s mood. If you are in a good mood in the dream, then this can symbolize that you see money as an opportunity to advance yourself. If your dream mood is bad, then this can suggest that you see money as a temptation or a trap.

To lose or destroy a credit card does not change meaning depending on the dream. To lose or break a card suggests feelings of financial unrest, anxiety, and stress.


To see a flowing creek can suggest that your life will change rapidly in a short amount of time. If the creek seems to be overflowing, then this can show that your life will change negatively, but only for a short while.
To see that the creek bed is dried predicts that you will face disappointments in your near future.  This most likely has to do with obtaining assets. You will want to gain something, but you will not have the means to do so.

See Water* for further dream symbolism.


To see someone who is a creep or something that is generally creepy can represent your fears and anxiety that bother you in your waking life. You may not feel safe or protected on your own, which can help your brain visualize this.


To see that someone has been cremated in a dream is a sign of cleansing, a way of getting to a state of perfection. Some people see this as a representation of the perfect soul, leaving an imperfect body. If someone close to you has recently died, this could signify that they are at peace.

This can also signify that you are strong enough not to let bad influences get to you. You can hold your own and lead yourself on whatever path to success works for you. You don’t need to be a copycat to find your way to success. This is a good symbol.

See Fire* for further dream symbolism.


To eat a crepe in your dream suggests that you are trying to keep up your appearances so that others stay unaware of your true feelings. This may suggest that you are nervous about others finding out who you really are.

Crescent (Shape)

The crescent shape, even when not actually of the moon, is still representative of the moon. This can suggest that you are going through a phase in your life or that you will be going through one soon. This could also represent your more feminine personality traits (even if you are a man), as the moon is thought to be symbolic of many female features.

Crew (Ship)

Seeing a crew on a boat is a bad sign that predicts disappointment. This can predict that you will face setbacks in your career or hobby. It may not be easy to get back on track.

See Ship* for further dream symbolism.


To see a crib in a dream suggests that you are mulling over an idea that you want to bring into creation.

This dream can also represent your nurturing nature. This could be a visualization of your desire to have a baby in a less than subtle way.

See Baby* for further dream symbolism.

Cricket (Bug)

A cricket can mean a couple of different things, depending on your culture. If you are from an eastern country, then cricket can be a sign of good luck. If you are from a western country, cricket can be a sign of small annoyances that break into your life now and again.

This could also be a prediction that someone in your family will fall ill or that you will hear some other unpleasant news.

See Bug* for further dream symbolism.


To witness, or be involved with, a crime in your dream suggests that you are harboring feelings of guilt because of something you have done in your waking life. You are afraid to admit to your guilt because you worry that it will set you back somehow.

Crime Scene Tape

Seeing this bright tape in your dream can suggest that you are feeling restricted in your waking life. Someone or something is preventing you from advancing or moving past a problem in your waking life.


Seeing a criminal in your dream is never a good sign. To talk to a criminal in your dream suggests that you are in danger of losing one of your friends or generally damaging your relationships with people in your social circle.

To see a criminal running away from someone suggests that you will have bad luck in business. You may feel like you have been robbed of an opportunity, or this could even be a prediction that your business will actually fall victim to a criminal in some way.


To dream that you have been disabled in some way suggests that you are in distress in your waking life. This likely has to do with feelings of financial stress.

This dream can also suggest that you don’t feel like you live up to your full potential. You may feel like something is holding you back. By figuring out what this is and how you can combat it head-on, you can learn how to get over whatever is holding you back.

Looking up what body part was crippled in your dream can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


Dealing with a crisis of any kind in a dream reflects an internal crisis that is going on in your waking life. The other things that make up your dream may be able to provide clues as to what your real-life crisis is and how you can work towards fixing it.


To dream that you see something crocheted or crocheting something in a dream can suggest that you are getting tangled up in a mess that does not need to involve you. These dreams are more likely to occur in people who frequently gossip. This dream may be trying to tell you to mind your own business if you want to keep out of trouble.

See Crafting* for additional dream symbolism if it applies to your dream.


Dreaming of a crocodile is not a good sign. This creature suggests that you are going to fall into rough times shortly. This can show that there are people around you who may act like your friends but only wish to see you fail. It is best to watch out for these people. Do not trust anyone who you do not know well.

See Animal* for further dream symbolism.


Dreaming of seeing or eating a croissant suggests that you lack in social interaction. You crave to have someone to talk to. This could also represent a lack of love in your romantic life. You may feel like there is a social void within you that you need to fill.


Cronos is the god of time. Seeing him in your dream can represent your feelings about the passing of time. Since time in dreams and time in real life do not work the same way, it is best to look for correlations in your dreams rather than looking for absolute matches in timing. What time is doing in the dream–speeding up, slowing down, skipping–may show how you feel about the passing of time–it’s going too fast, too slow, or it just doesn’t seem like it’s flowing nicely.


To see something crooked in your dream can suggest that there’s something a little “off” or just “not right” in your waking life. Something or someone may seem to be strange to you. It is best to investigate these details to determine whether you imagine things or if there really is something strange going on.

This could also be a pun on the word “crook.” This could suggest that someone is lying to you or trying to better you to gain something other than your friendship.


Surrounded by crops in your dream can suggest that you have recently worked hard in your waking life. This dream predicts that you can see progress or other rewards in your near future if you keep up with what you are doing.

Cross (Religious Symbol)

Seeing across in a dream can relate to your feelings about your religion. If you are happy with your religion, then this can be a good sign. If this is the case, this signifies that you should devote more time to your religion and everything it comes with. Missionary work may be in your future.

To dream of a cross and have negative feelings suggests that you will fall into some trouble. This does not necessarily imply that you will fall into spiritual trouble. This could suggest that it is time to repent for your bad deeds.

To see someone on a cross, see Crucifixion* for further dream symbolism.

Cross (Shape)

A cross can represent the four basic directions–north, south, east, west or up, down, left, and right–which can relate to having different choices spread out in life.

If you saw the cross in another context, look up another definition for the term.


To see cross-bones in your dream suggests that you are feeling anxious about something. This dream suggests that you are probably jumping to a worst-case scenario without looking at all of the facts.

See Bones* for further dream symbolism.


Using a crossbow in your dream suggests that you need to focus more on your waking life. Recently, you have not been as precise in making decisions as you could have been. It is time to start thinking through your actions before you make them. If you do this, you are sure to accomplish your goals faster and more efficiently.

See Weapon* for further dream symbolism.


To crossdress in a dream, or see someone else who is cross-dressing, suggest that you are repressing your masculine or feminine (opposite of your sex) traits. This dream is trying to tell you that it is okay to show those parts of yourself. You should feel comfortable to act as yourself wherever you are, even if that means not conforming to gender norms. If you express yourself in the way you want, you are sure to be happier.


This is neither a good or bad dream sign. To dream of having to cross a road, river, or anything else in a dream can predict that you will go through a change shortly. This change will likely require you to make a large decision.

Looking up what you are crossing can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.

Crossing Gate

To see a crossing gate in your dream suggests that you are about to face some setbacks in completing your goals. Do not let these setbacks deter you from accomplishing your goals. They are only something minor, and they are sure to pass before long. Your patience and perseverance are sure to be tested shortly.


Being at a crossroads in a dream can represent a choice that you need to make in your waking life, and soon. This could represent a choice that has been bothering you for a while. You may not know what choice to make, which means that you may need help making it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

This dream may also predict that opposite things will come together to make something new. This action may still require a decision to be made on your part. You are still able to ask for help if this is the case.

See Road* for further dream symbolism.


To dream that you are walking in a crosswalk suggests that you are careful about your decisions. You are slow and steady, avoiding risks. This is not a sign, just an observation.

See Road* for further dream symbolism.


To dream that you are doing a crossword puzzle in your dream suggests being challenged somehow in your waking life. This is more likely to be a mental rather than a physical challenge. This could be a challenge of wits or words between you and another person.

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