Cow Spirit Animal: Cow Totem, Meaning, Symbolism and Cow Dream

What do cows symbolize?

Cow Spirit Animal

The Cow Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does a Cow spirit animal mean?

The cow spirit animal or cow animal totem, like most of the symbols, bears the symbolic meanings. Also, the people that are born under the cow totem are the cow people. One can also call them the people of the cow spirit animal. These cow people use the characters of the cow to draw meaning. They use the cow totem for lessons and guidelines in their daily lives. Moreover, they imitate the attributes of the cow spirit animal and apply them in their day to day life with an effort to make their lives better.

Also, it is important to note that the divine world also has a hidden hand in this process. Spiritual beings always use spirit animals as a way to talk to us. They manifest their will in the totemic messages. Therefore, they offer their guidance through totemic animals like the cow. Or, they can also provide their symbolic guidance through the imagery in one’s dreams.


Cow’s Physical Description and Characteristics

The cow is one of the many animals that have been the companion of humans for years now. The name cow is what one calls a mature domesticated bovine. They act like farm animals and are mainly kept for breeding and production of milk. However, some also use the cow for other things like meat and hide. Also, some cultures use the cow as their gods. The cow’s hangout in large groups called cattle and give birth to young ones; calves.

Cow Spirit Animal Meaning

Meaning of the Cow Spirit Animal / Cow Totem

The cows have synced with nature, making sure that it continues the art of rejuvenation and new beginnings like mother earth. Moreover, the ordinary meaning of the cow spirit animal is the need for continuity and nurture. The cow spirit animal also gives the representation of femininity and fertility in women. Thus, they serve as a robust uplifting power for females.

The cow’s totem has a close relation to the totemic symbols of the bull spirit animal. The two have a link through the symbols of reproduction and fertility. Moreover, the cow symbolizes the very act of nurture while the bull offers the action of sacrifices and carnage.

Also, the cow spirit animal teaches the cow people how to act towards the symbol of relations and fecundity. One can also argue that the two are also bearing a connection because they need one another to ensure reproduction.

Symbolic Significance of the Cow Spirit Animal Totem

The Cow Spirit Animal and Culture

The cow spirit animal, like many of the land animal totems, has a deep connection to the spiritual world. Moreover, this is visible in the choices of the many cultures in the world that view the cow as a god. Consequently, the Egyptians in the old days were worshiping the cow as the goddess of maternal nourishes and joy. By doing so, this symbolizes the need for people to look at the cow as a special bond between the physical world and the celestial one.

On the other hand, there were the Nordic clans. Here, the cow udder was the symbol of the four rivers of power. This kind of attribute was one of the most important signs of their cultural beliefs. However, in the Buddhist and Hindu cultures, the cow is still one of the most critical totemic animals. They love the cow and consider it one of the holiest symbols of all time. The Hindus don’t even eat the cow. They believe that it’s wrong to cause harm to such a divine animal.

Some of the other symbols of the cow spirit animal are:

The Cow: Symbol of Communal Bond

Furthermore, cow meaning also signifies the essence of the community. This is one of the attributes that are on display by the living arrangements of the cows. They prefer to live in herds, therefore always looking out for the weaker ones in the family. The cow is a symbol of love and mothering.

Therefore, the keepers of this divine animal should offer them the same care as the cow do provide their calves. Moreover, the cow people should learn the same type of care that the cow offers to its young ones and show it to their children. They can also manifest the same energy in their projects.

The Cow: Symbol of Nourishment and Rejuvenation

The cow spirit animal totem is also a symbol of rejuvenation. The need for one to take time to help their mind, body, and soul relax is inevitable. If they choose to ignore these symbols, then there will have horrible consequences to pay. The results may include sickness and even fainting from exhaustion. Moreover, such a person who does not take time to take care of themselves is always grumpy and unpleasant to be around.

Symbolic Meaning of the Cow Dream

The divine world also manifests their will through the cow dream to the cow people. The thoughts usually have many different meanings that are important to the cow people. Therefore, one should pay the utmost attention to the details of the idea. Besides, if one makes a wrong interpretation of the dream, they are likely to suffer dire consequences.

The general meaning of the cow dream is the possibility of one gathering a humongous amount of wealth. This means that the dreamer shall be rich in the future. The riches may come pouring in through a project that they have been working. Or, the fortunes may also occur through a project that they are about to start. Therefore, they should give their plans their all because the spirits are watching over them.

SUMMARY: Cow Spirit Animal

The cow spirit animal has so many symbolic meanings that are good to the cow people. Also, the cow totem provides opportunities to the cow people to better themselves in life. So, one should pay a lot of attention to the messages of the cow spirit animal.

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