Cicada Spirit Animal, Totem, Meaning, Symbolism and Numerology

What does a cicada symbolize?

Cicada Spirit Animal

The Cicada Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does a Cicada spirit animal mean?

The cicada animal totem or cicada spirit animal has been in use for quite some time now. It has some of the most admirable qualities that they can offer. With the many attributes of the cicada totem, the people that use the cicada as their animal spirit needs to learn most of them. The people that learn and copy the attributes of the cicada symbol are the cicada people.

Moreover, they use the symbols of the cicada totem to guide their life. Therefore, it is paramount that the cicada people make the correct interpretations of the cicada meaning. If they don’t, they risk swaying of course of the cicada totemic meanings. However, they should know that the cicada spirit is always with them and is still providing care and guidance.


Cicada’s Physical Description and Characteristics

The cicadas are small jumping insects that take many years living in the ground. However, when they decide to come out of the ground, they can only survive a maximum of five weeks. Some believe that cicada stays as a nymph for so long to starve out their predators.

Moreover, when they finally bloom, they do so in numbers that literary overwhelm their predators. This, therefore, ensures their continued existence. It has so many species all over the world. Also, the Chinese folklore has the cicada as a symbol of immortality.

Cicada Spirit Animal Meaning

Meaning of the Cicada Spirit Animal / Cicada Totem

The cicada totem bears the sense of the possible immortality to the cicada people. This is because the cicadas have some of the longest life spans in the insect lives. Also, the cicada is the embodiment of the rebirth of one after living for such a long time. The ability of the cicada to produce music is one that is exceedingly individualistic. It bears the meaning of passing symbolic messages of the cicada totem to the cicada people.

Moreover, the energy of the cicada helps one realize the spirit of acknowledgment, growth, and coming out of one in multiple stages of life. Also, the cicada people like the cicada have the norm of coming out of seclusion just in time to make the rest of their lives bear meaning. Furthermore, after staying in the shadows for long, the cicada people tend to come out. They then realize there self-worth and live their lives to the fullest. In general, one needs to know when to shed their past burden to move on to better things.

Symbolic Significance of the Cicada Spirit Animal

The cicada totem has the significance of the rebirth and breaking the chains of bondage that are tethering them. This means that one should always look forward to a new life if the one they are having is causing them pain. They need to have the dream of liberty and freedom from personal bondage. They should also have the courage to look back into their past lives to avoid falling back. This is because the past is the best teacher on how to live a future life.

The cicada also signifies the need for self-communication. Self-communication is one of the essential parts of life that most people forget to do. Besides, the cicada people need to learn how to ask themselves what is important in life. Moreover, the cicada has one of the unique sounds. The sound signifies the need for people to learn to listen to themselves and do what their heart desires.

Alternatively, the cicada symbol signifies the need for one to be in sync with themselves. They should learn to dance to their tunes and uncover the more profound truths about their lives. However, the cicada people can be able to have all these if they practice patience. Moreover, the cicada people also have to give a chance to the cicada meaning.

The Symbolic Meaning of Cicada in Numerology

If the cicada is your animal spirit, then you should also venture on the side of numerology to understand them better. The cicada is one of the animals that have the mastery of timing. Besides, they usually choose the time when they want to come out of the ground. This means that they accept the time that they want to be born.

Moreover, the cicada is one of the animals that lay dormant in the soil or tree barks for more than ten years. They then, after a long period, come out together in a clan. Their appearance out of their cocoons is a symbol of new beginnings. Therefore, one needs to make sure that they have balance in their lives to choose what is right for them.

However, if the number is two, the cicada people are given a choice between two vibrant chances. Also, one can then form new associations. Therefore, they need more balance: balancing duality and justifying polarities.

Alternatively, if the cicada appears above ground after seven years, it signifies the need for scholarly knowledge. It also bears the meaning of strangeness and the seeking of eerie teachings and definitions. Moreover, the number 7 means ingenuity and perception. If one merges that number seven to the cicada totemic, meaning they are given the powerful symbol of insight.

SUMMARY: Cicada Spirit Animal

The cicada spirit animal meaning bears a lot of sense that provides the cicada people with many teachings. Also, it is one of the animal totems that signify the need for one to practice patience in life. However, even though one is practicing patience, they should know when to make their move. This is because people cannot be patient forever. They are also decisive and a perceptive lot. This means that they can do a lot with the knowledge that they have.

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