Ladybug Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Symbolism and Dreams

What is the spiritual meaning of a Ladybug?

Ladybug Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Ladybug Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

The beautiful ladybug is one of the many insect animal totems that have been in use for many years. The ladybug spirit animal usually has the attributes of good fortune. They tend to land on the people that are about to run into good chances. It is most likely that what you have a desire for is going to come your way.

Description of the Ladybug

A ladybug, like many other animals, is one of the spirit animals or animal totems. Also, they are of different types depending on color and the number of spots that they have on their back. They are too tiny. Moreover, they feed on the pest that destroys agricultural produce. Some say that the number of spots on the end of the ladybug is a representation of their age.


History of the Tale of the Ladybug Spirit Animal

A long time ago, during the Middle Ages, some Catholic farmers had an issue with the insects that were destroying their crops. Therefore, they decided to hold prayers to the Virgin Mary to send help. After some time, the ladybugs came and started eating the insects.

The farmers hence believed that the appearance of the ladybugs was a direct answer from The Virgin Mary Herself. Therefore, the farmer went ahead and gave the ladybugs the name, ‘the Beetles of our Lady.’ Later the ladybug received the name Lady Beetles and, currently, the ladybug. Some believe that the spots on the back of the ladybug signify the sorrows of the Virgin Mary and Her delight. They also symbolize the cloak of the Virgin Mary.

Meaning of the Ladybug Spirit Animal

It’s evident that the ladybug spirit animal is a symbol of good luck and immaculate fortunes. Moreover, they also mean delightful news, consciousness, growth, and general happiness. The landing of a ladybug on one means that one’s is on their way to make good fortunes. Therefore if one had wished, they are most likely to come true. For one to receive the blessings, however, they have to release the ladybug without harm as per the Asian culture.

Symbolic Meaning of the Ladybug Spirit Animal

Ladybug: Symbol of Love

This may sound funny to some, but it is entirely true. Some also suggest that the ladybug spirit animal can bring messages from our true love. They say that ladybug shall fly from the believer of the ladybug spirit animal to our true love and whisper our names to them.

Furthermore, some suggest that the spots on the back of the ladybug are also one of the totems symbols. They are said to represent the number of months that shall go by till one can be able to meet that one true love. Therefore, if one of these ladybugs land on you, you should be attentive to the people you meet in your life.

Ladybug: Symbol of Protection and Safety

The back of the ladybug has a protective hardcover for its wings. The cover, although colorful, signifies the ability of the ladybug to defend itself. This symbol means that one should not be afraid to live with their reality or truth. One who thereby receives the ladybug spirit animal should be ready to protect the truth in their honor.

The beautiful back cover also symbolizes the ability of the ladybug to defend itself. However, the ladybug never really shows any signs of aggression; they are quite capable of their defense. They usually open up the back cover protection to make themselves appear wider to their enemies.

Thereby, one can pick the wisdom of never picking fights not unless they are ready to defend their position. However, that doesn’t mean that they should also always cower from bullies in life. They should still be prepared to stand up for their beliefs and defend them if necessary.

Ladybug: Symbol of Exploration and Inquisition

The ladybug spirit guide is quite curious too. They usually like exploring new things. The ladybug spirit animal is one that attracts such like-minded individuals. Persons that are using the ladybug as their spirit animal don’t like boring activities and choices. They also have characters and the ability to get bored quite fast and dump the initial venture if it proves to be dull. However, they can prove to be quite resourceful if they find themselves in an exciting opportunity.

Significance of the Dream of the Ladybug Spirit Animal

Do you see a Ladybug in your dreams?

Some people are lucky enough to have the opportunity to dream about the ladybug. Besides, if the ladybug appears in one dream, they are usually given so much insight. Though, the general message is always the possibility of future good fortunes. Some even go ahead to say that dreaming of many ladybugs means that one’s feeling is overwhelmingly out of control.

It may also mean that they are wrong small adjustments in one’s life that are bothering him. However, the dreamer is always left with the choice of gaining control. They should take time to adjust slowly and adequately. Furthermore, the dreams of the ladybug can also signify the possibility of a love partner that is always causing you distress. One should, therefore, look into the matter with a lot of care.

SUMMARY: Ladybug Totem

The ladybug spirit animal is one of the ancient totems. The ladybug is an animal spirit to many people. Also, the ladybug originates from the prayer of the middle ages farmers to the Virgin Mary to save their harvest. Like many other animal totems, the ladybug spirit animal, too, has multiple meanings. However, the most significant purpose of the ladybug spirit animal is love and protection. The ladybug spirit guide can also manifest itself into dreams to people.

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