Koi Fish Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Symbolism and Dreams

What is the spiritual meaning of a Koi Fish?

Koi Fish Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Koi Fish Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

The Koi fish is one of the sea spirit animals or sea animal totems indigenous to the Japanese waters. It has beautiful colors on it and is quite radiant to the eye. The Japanese use the koi fish as a spirit animal and draw from its many great traits. The koi fish spirit guide has been along for many generations, and many still revere it today. The Japanese use the Koi fish spirit animal to draw meaning and wisdom from them too. They do all these to attain a better comprehension of their lives on earth.

Description and Traits of Koi Fish

Apart from being such a colorful fish, the koi fish also do have some excellent characteristics. The koi fish spirit animal helps raise one perception of their environment. Thereby leading to the increasing of one’s knowledge of life itself. The koi fish is one of the sea animal totems that connect with the serenity of the water. This is because they have such magical fluid movements in that environment.


This is one of the symbolic meanings that can come from the traits of the koi fish. Therefore, like the koi fish, one can learn to live harmoniously in their environment. This means that they do not have to cause unwarranted disturbance to the place they stay. They can hence live in harmony with nature.

Symbolic Meaning of the Koi Fish Spirit Animal

The Koi fish spirit animal is also an animal spirit. Furthermore, the koi fish spirit animal means the gift of transformation to its believers. The koi fish always signifies the need for the elevation that awaits one who complies with its teachings. Besides, the world is one place that seems to change regularly. Thereby, those who don’t want to change with it will be wiped out or rendered useless.

One needs to be keen on the teachings of the koi fish spirit animal. Through the message of change that it brings, one can make new alterations in their life. The shifts that are mentioned usually are positive ones with functional attributes.

The meaning of koi fish spirit animals also stands for the norm of peace, rejuvenation, and opportunities. This means that when the koi fish is in use, the user has to make peace with the people they are in a quarrel with. Therefore, they need to move from past upheavals and forgive their enemies. If they don’t, they risk getting hurt more by the same unnecessary situation they can easily avoid.

The Koi fish meaning also avails the opportunity of wealth and dignity. This may be in the form of one’s career, business, or even personal projects. If one follows the teaching and messages of the koi fish totem, they are most likely to attain wealth easily — the presents that are wrapped in the form of the koi spirit animal symbols teachings are great. Therefore one should always listen to the heart and follow their instincts when it comes to the koi spirit animal.

Negative Traits of the Koi Fish Spirit Animal

However, the koi fish spirit animal is not all rainbows for all. Some of the people who use the koi fish teachings let the power get to their heads. They marvel at their success, thus becoming arrogant in the process. Also, they believe in their independence and knowledge.

They loathe being wrong and are always impatient if they don’t get their way. Besides, they also have a difficult time to chill themselves as they have too much going on at the same time. If one is experiencing these traits, they need to consult with their koi totem again. They can even meditate or even pray for divine intervention from the spirit world.

Symbolic Meaning of Koi Fish Dream

Do you see koi fish in your dreams?

One may have the pleasure of dreaming about the koi fish. If this happens, it means by default that the koi fish is one of your sea animal totems. So, the symbolic meaning thereby is the need to set aside one’s pride and egocentric behaviors. Also, one should not have such vices in personal lives. This means that they should not have ego and arrogance towards their family members and friends.

Koi Fish: Stubbornness

Koi fish totem is one of the animals with the best kind of tenacity. They show this trait by climbing rushing streams. In the process of jumping such flows, they also swim against the currents. This is one of the characteristics that one shall need if they dream about koi fish.

Koi Fish: Chance

The koi fish is also a symbol of happy tidings. This is also one of the opportunities that one can attain when they dream of the koi fish. However, this symbol is more of a general one. The message is also attainable without dreaming of the koi fish. One, yet, has to follow the teaching of the koi fish spirit animal to achieve the symbol of luck.

Koi Fish: Courage

Like the other symbol of the koi fish spirit animal, one automatically gains the spirit of courage by dreaming of the koi fish. The koi fish is best known for its courage to explore possibilities that are not normal. For example, the koi fish swims against the current to lay its eggs upstream.

SUMMARY: Koi Fish Totem

The Koi fish is one of the many animals that represent the animal totems. However, it is of the sea spirit animal. Also, it has its origins from the Japanese waters. The koi fish spirit guide has various positives traits. However, some people are usually affected negatively by the results of the koi fish totems message.

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