Water Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Messages and Symbolism

Meanings and Symbolism of Water Animal Totems

Water Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Water Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

Water spirit animal stands for the grouping of the totemic animals that live in the water bodies. Therefore, this means that they share some attributes that the water offers, like fluidity. In life, one may find oneself drawn to too many water totems. These people, therefore, bear the name the water spirit animal people. Or, one can use the phrase the people of the water animal totem to refer to them.

Furthermore, the water spirit animal people rely on the qualities of the water animals to help them make meaning of their own. Therefore, they mimic the attributes of some of the animals in the seas. By simulating these attributes, they synchronize their spirit to those of the sea animals. Thereby, they receive the powerful energy of the animal that, in turn, helps guide them through life.


Moreover, some people believe that the heavenly realm has their hand in the matters of the totemic energies of these animals. They, therefore, use the animals to send a signal of symbolic meaning to us by doing, so they can also manifest their will through the dreams that we have. The thoughts are one of their ways to warn and guide us through this life to our primary purpose.

Description of Water Animals

Water animals are the animals that live in the water bodies for the most part of their lives. However, some of the animals that live in the water too share the totemic attributes of the land and air. Therefore, they have a duality effect on their symbols. Some of the water animals include crocodiles, otters, coral, catfish, and whales, among millions of others.

Meaning of the Water Spirit Animals

There are so many water animals, each with its unique symbolic meaning. However, they all have some symbolic meanings in common. For example, a totemic sense can be that relates to fluidity; by the way, most of them swim in the waters with ease. So, one that belongs under the water spirit animal should try and pay attention to the attribute of the animals that they collate.

Moreover, to comprehensively check out the meaning of the water animal totems, one has to at least look at one of the common animals in the water bodies.

The Symbol of the Fish Spirit Animals

The fish is one of the most common animals in the waters. They, therefore, have so many traits that link with one another. Moreover, they are also a familiar source of nourishment to humans and other animals in the seas. Also, the fish are symbol have a tremendous amount of impact on the cultural and religious practices around the world.

For example, the Christians relate the fish to the symbol of change and plenty. Alternatively, the pagans look at the fish as a source of the energy of fruitfulness and the flow of humanity. Moreover, fish is the universal symbol of good tidings in most of the cultures in the world.

Symbolic Significance of the Water Spirit Animals

Moreover, the primary symbolism of the water animal spirit is femininity, flow, insight, and charity. The main body of the water is one that likes the path of least resistance when it flows. This means that water always chooses to flow around obstacles that are on their way rather than through them. However, this does not say that the spirit of the water is weak. Water is one of the most potent tools of Mother Nature. The only one that has been in a tsunami can tell you or one that has been in the violent storms of the seas.

Symbol of Fluidity and Adaptability

Most of the sea animals don’t always stagnate in the water. They still prefer to go around the hurdles that are on their way. Moreover, the sea is such a big place, and one can go anywhere. Some river fish, however, don’t like the idea of going around such blockades. They would then jump over the obstacles and even swim up the river. Moreover, the water creatures can move in all the available directions.

Furthermore, these are some of the attributes the water spirit animal people can learn to emulate. They should learn to be adaptable to the situation that they are in quickly to avoid getting stuck. If they cannot adapt, they then can learn to find other possible ways that will grant them forward progress. This is because there are many ways in life that one can move up in life. They don’t have to get stuck in their present situation if they cannot find a way out of it.

Moreover, if one manages to get in sync with their inner self, they are never likely to get stuck. This can also mean emotional stagnation. Some people find it quite hard to let go of their past lives. Or, if they get hurt, they dwell on the matter for so long, reminiscing of the times and how things took place. If the water totem is their base, they can then choose to use the animal totem like the koi fish. They can always jump over such madness and swim away as fast as possible.

Summary: Water Spirit Animals

The water animal spirits are so many. They, however, offer some similarities in the attributes because they all live in the water. They also have unique characteristics that only belong to them. These similar or unique attributes of the water animal offer essential messages to the people of the water animal totems.

They copy most of the water animal traits and depict them in their day to day life. So, one can say that the water animal symbols are some guidelines for them. Some also believe that the water animal symbols also have the input of the celestial realm.

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