Magpie Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism, Significance & Dreams

What is the spiritual meaning of a Magpie?

Magpie Spirit Animal Meaning and Symbolism

The Magpie Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

The magpie is a totemic symbol to many people in the world. This means that it is one of the totemic symbols that many people use to draw meaning from the magpie. Moreover, the magpie symbols are quite insightful, and one should pay proper attention to them. Therefore, if one belongs to the magpie spirit animal group, they should try hard to be in sync with these attributes. Also, if one keeps sighting the magpie, they are about to be blessed by the magpie’s messages.

Description and Traits of Magpie

A magpie is one of the smartest and persevering birds. Also, the magpie spirit animal has been in use since the ancient days. Some ancient folklore believes that the magpie is the cousin of the crow. However, unlike the crow, the magpie is a symbol of good tidings the may befall one. The Magpies are opportunistic, and they rarely miss their targets. This trait makes one of its primary symbols in the totemic world.


Furthermore, the magpie is also a curious bird and has the habit of taking things that don’t belong to it. However, they always find a use for everything that they take, thus bearing the symbol of ingenuity. Most of all, the magpie is a bird that likes flocking together with others. Last but not least, they have a bright coat of feathers that give them their signature look.

Meaning of the Magpie Spirit Animal

The magpie is one of the many animal totems that bear different symbols to its users. Also, the magpie spirit animal serves to remind us that we should not give too much time to our physical wealth. However, one can also find time to invest in their spiritual wealth as well.

This, one can achieve through prayer and meditation. The magpie spirit animal also shows its users that it is okay to follow through with their passions in life. Most of all, for one to harness the most from the magpie spirit animal, they need to be alert to the signs of the magpie. If they are not, however, they will miss out on the entire positive venture that magpie spirit animal provides.

Symbolic Meaning of the Magpie Spirit Animal

The magpie spirit animal makes its user believe in the notion of risk-taking. Furthermore, the people who belong to the magpie spirit animal group also like the norm of being a pioneer in any venture that might come along their way. This means that they also love living vicariously through themselves. They have the habit of getting into fights, but they also realize the need for taking a step back and reasoning things out before they react.

Magpie: Symbol of Revitalization

In the current world, most people live for worldly wealth and tend to ignore the spiritual world. The magpie spirit animal is there to remind us of the beauty of the spiritual world. It bears the message that one cannot be full only by gathering a lot of properties. This is one of the magpie’s traits. They always tend to get the beaks on anything that they can carry and take it back to their nests.

Therefore, no matter how much one wants to continue dwelling on the riches of the earth, they need also to pray or meditate from time to time. This will let one’s mind be free to pursue many other things in life apart from wealth.

Magpie: Symbol of Knowledge and Courage

Apart from being ingenious, the magpie is one of the most courageous birds. They always find a use for all the materials that they collect. Also, the magpie has the norm of making the right decision of when to defend itself from enemies. The magpie is one bird that will give its opponents one heck of a fight if need be.

This is one of the character traits that are literary applicable to humans. Therefore, one should learn to pick their fights and go for only the battles that they can win. Otherwise, there is no point fighting. Because they will lose the struggle and make themselves feel worse than before.

Symbolic Meaning of the Magpie Dream

Do you see a Magpie in your dreams?

The dream of a magpie in life usually bears the meaning of disappointments and misunderstandings. This means that one belonging to the magpie spirit animal need to be astute with their actions and words. This is because most people tend to misconstrue other people’s words or actions. Therefore, one should be as plain as possible with what they mean to communicate with others.

On the other hand, the magpie dream can bear the meaning of insecurity in relationships or just business deals as well. Moreover, if one dreams of the magpie, they need to revisit their role in such partnerships. If you ignore the message of the dream, you risk losing a lot or take advantage of it by your partners.

SUMMARY: Magpie Totem

The magpie spirit animal is one of the crow’s families, and they like traveling in groups. Also, the magpie has many positive attributes that we can learn. Therefore, the people belonging to the magpie spirit animal find that they are so lucky and should learn to harness the traits of the magpie spirit animal. They also have the ability to stand their ground and defend themselves if need be. Moreover, they also know when to fight and when to run away from a fight too.

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