Vulture Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism, Dream of Vulture Totem

What does the Vulture symbolize?

The Vulture Spirit Animal

The Vulture Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does a Vulture spirit animal mean?

Birds, in general, symbolize intelligence, air, and mind. The vulture is not different; it is a perfect navigator of the wind. The vulture spirit animal takes calculative measures for acting on something.

A vulture spirit animal is seeking you to have patience and think things through before taking action. In life, it’s essential to use all the energy and experience to tackle the situation from all angles. The vulture spirit animal teaches us that the path we choose solely depends on us and that we should always be flexible in our minds.

The Vulture Animal description

The vulture is known for its scavenging traits. There are two types of vultures and Old World Vultures. The New World vultures are mostly found in South and North America, while the Old World Vultures originate mainly in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The most common characteristic of vultures is its bold head. Historically, the head of a vulture is believed to be clean when feeding.


The smallest types of vultures are the black vultures, and the largest is the turkey vultures. The vultures put their heads into dead animals. The bald head of the vulture help in preventing bacteria from spreading to other parts of the body. These birds rarely kill their prey since they feed on carcasses left by other animals.

Vulture Spirit AnimalThe symbolic meaning of Vultures

What does the vulture symbolize? The most significant trait a vulture portrays is patience. Before going for its prey, the vulture studies it and makes calculations on its chances. It is rare for this bird to miss its target. Just like the vulture, you should take your time to make critical decisions in your life. In everything you are doing in life, ensure that you use your time and resources well to ensure you achieve your intended goals.

Vulture as a symbol of renewal

At the start of each day, the vulture is seen spreading its wings at the highest ground of trees. It signifies renewal and the readiness to tackle the challenges of a new day. This spirit animal reminds us that despite the difficulties of a previous day, you will always have the chance to deal with your problems in the coming day.

Vulture as a symbol of intelligence

Vulture spirit animal reminds us of the importance to work smart as opposed to working too hard. This animal rarely uses its energy to hunt its prey. It is simple, wait for the bigger and more energetic animals to kill. After that, it will remain for this animal to make satisfied before going for their remainders. Whenever a vulture bird is in danger, they vomit to make their stomachs empty hence running faster.

Vulture as a symbol of utilizing available resources

Vultures never choose what to eat or not eat. Any meat on the ground is food according to the vultures. Also, vultures use their urine to wipe out bacteria in their legs. This spirit animal teaches us not to be too choosy in life. It is important to use whatever we have at our disposal to improve our lives. It is not advisable to only go for the expensive things in life to get satisfaction.

Vulture as a symbol of motherhood

Compared to other birds, vultures take the longest time to abandon their babies. In addition to this, they are very protective of their kids. Any bird that comes near their kids is at risk of being killed. This spirit animal teaches us the importance of taking good care of our kids. It is not advisable to let go of our children at an early age. Let them mature enough before leaving them.

Vulture as a symbol of cleanliness and earth renewal

The Mayan culture considered vultures a symbol of cleanliness. Can you imagine how the world would look like without vultures? What would happen to the dead animals? The vulture is a garbage collector of the wild. When you find answers to these questions, you will realize the importance of this animal in the wild. The vulture animal totem teaches us the importance of keeping our environment clean always.

Vulture as a symbol of friendliness

On most occasions, vultures interact in groups. Whenever a vulture finds food, it contacts others to come for the feast. It is an essential teaching for human beings. Being friendly to others is necessary. Also, sharing whatever you have with others is necessary.

Vulture as a Spirit Animal

A vulture is a vital spirit animal in human life. Also, these birds have fluid borders connecting the living and the dead. Many cultures across the world think that vulture is spiritual messengers from the heavens. It is essential, therefore, to listen and study this bird at all times.

Vulture spirit animals help us find our inner strength and channel it to a positive core. People with the vulture as their animal totem are usually intelligent and rarely take action first. They make their time to evaluate the situation before acting. Also, these people have insights into almost everything. They are keen on every detail.

Another critical trait carried by people with a vulture as their spirit animal is their adaptation to every social situation. These individuals are friendly and straightforward to talk to. They maintain a high degree of tolerance, and they do not get upset easily get upset.

What does a vulture mean in a dream?

Vultures often appear in our dreams. The appearance of this bird symbolizes the purification you are about to undergo in your life. Another interpretation of this animal spirit in your goal is an indication someone close to you or you are being opportunistic. This kind of idea can also be interpreted to symbolize rebirth, doom, or death.

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