Dream Dictionary B: Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with B – 16

Dream Analysis of B words – Page 14: Briars to Brothel

Dream Dictionary of B words - Page 16

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with B

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Dreaming of being caught in the briar suggests that someone around you is trying to get in your way on your path to success. It is best to watch out for people who wish for you to slip up.

If you get out of the briars easily, then this shows that people around you are willing to help you with your goals. Put these people into your life if you can.


Being Bribed

To be bribed in a dream shows that you do not have a stronghold over your life. You are letting others hold their influence over you instead of doing much thinking for yourself. Thinking for yourself is one way to combat this.

Bribing Someone

To dream of bribing someone shows that your expectations for people may be unrealistically high. This may also show that you think you are above others. This dream also suggests that others may perceive you as being bossy or rude.



A brick in a dream represents some unfinished business that you have in your waking life. This could be a problem in business or within a relationship. If you try to fix the problem without thinking, things will only get worse. Take your time to solve this problem.


Seeing a bride in a dream represents the dreamer’s feelings about marriage in general or want to get married him/herself. This can also do with feelings about having children.

If you are the Bride

This dream can represent your hopes and fears about getting married, your current marriage, or the marriage of one of your children. Your feelings in the dream will determine the meaning of hope or fear.

If you are happy to be a bride, then this dream predicts that you will come into an inheritance, whether by marriage or by the death of someone else. If you are unhappy in your marriage in the dream, then this shows that things you have been anticipating will lead to disappointment once they play out in your waking life.

A Man Seeing a Bride

If you are a man who is not getting married but is still seeing a bride, then this represents your feelings about relationships in general. The mood of the dream will say more to it’s meaning. Your emotions and actions displayed in the dream can also add more symbolic value to this dream.

Kissing a Bride

Kissing a bride in a dream is a good sign. This predicts that good fortune will come your way. This denotes pleasant friendships, and even good health will be in your near future.

Bride Indifferent to her Husband

If the bride in the dream doesn’t seem happy about marrying the man next to her, this predicts that something unsettling will enter your life. This will bring about bad moods, but not necessarily bad fortune.

Ugly Bride

If the bride in your dream is ugly and tired-looking, this dream shows that you will come into success or your friends will, but you won’t be as pleased as you thought you would be with the results.

See Bridegroom or Wedding* for additional dream symbolism.


Seeing a bridegroom in your dream can represent your feelings about marriage. If you are not married, then this dream may be trying to tell you what you want to be, whether on a subconscious or conscious level.

In a Male’s Dream

This dream represents your feelings about getting married and how it will affect your life. Feelings of either worry or hope are not uncommon. This represents the thought process of figuring out how to merge the life you have now into a married man’s life.

In a Female’s Dream

This dream term also deals with thoughts and feelings about getting married in a female’s dream. Instead of representing thoughts of merging your current single life with married life, it represents how your feelings will change if you get married.

See Bride and Wedding* for further symbolic dream meanings.


To dream of being or seeing a bridesmaid represents your feelings about wanting to be married or have children. This may also represent your fears or possibly never getting married or being in a stable relationship. The mood of the dream will influence meaning.

See Bride, Bridegroom, and Wedding* for further dream symbolism.


Bridges represent changes in our lives or links to other phases in our lives. Since bridges usually cross over water, they can represent a link to the emotional aspects of ourselves. This can show that the dreamer is crossing over from one part of their lives into another new phase. This can also represent connections between friends and family members.

A bridge can also be seen as a symbol of goals or duties. These are things that we want or need to do to be successful. This shows that we need to make these connections to transition onto the next level, so to say.

Building a Bridge

To build a bridge in your dreams shows that you are trying to create links to success in your waking life, or this is a sign that you need to begin to work on these connections if you want to be able to succeed.

A Fallen Bridge

If you come across a fallen or otherwise broken bridge in your dreams, this represents lost opportunities or broken connections with employers, friends, or family members. This dream could be seen as a reminder of things lost or a warning that you will lose these connections if you continue acting or thinking in the same way as when you had the dream.

Broken bridges can also represent the feeling of loss that comes with broken connections and links to other people. It can also be a prediction that loss, in some form, will enter your life shortly if you do not change your ways.


To use a bridle in your dream predicts that you will undergo a situation that will cause you a lot of stress as it is happening, but will come out with such great results that the struggle will be worth it in the end.

If you are using a blind bridle in your dream, then this suggests that someone around you is trying to do wrong by you. Watch out for these people, and do not believe anyone who you are unsure that you can trust.

See Horse* for further dream symbolism.


Using a briefcase symbolizes your need to be organized or prepared for whatever happens next. This can also show that you are worried about your work performance or traveling for your ob. Fear of poor finances may also influence this dream.


Bright dreams are often prophetic, but that does not mean that your dream is or isn’t. Bright dreams usually have some religious connotation to them, but this is obviously not the case if you are not religious. Like many dream terms, the individual dreamer’s outlook on life will affect what this term means more than anything else.  

This dream may also be suggesting that you need to take in more information to better understand the world around you. The context of the dream may be able to show you what you need to learn more about. Becoming more intelligent is the key to this dream’s meaning.


Seeing brimstone in a dream is a bad sign. This predicts that misery will enter your life. This may come in bad business dealings, fake friendships, or a loss of money. If the brimstone is on fire, then these things will be even worse.


The meaning for a specific country changes meaning for different people. Your feelings about this country, or what you personally associate it with, will determine what this dream means for you. In general, if you have good feelings about Britain or British things/people, then this dream means only good things. If you have bad feelings about this place, then this dream is a bad sign.


To dream that you are hosting a broadcast show shows that you feel like you are not being heard by the people you care about. This dream suggests that you need to find a better way of expressing yourself, whether creatively or verbally so that people will be able to understand you better.

To watch a broadcast shows that you need to pay more attention to what’s going on in the world around you. You need to focus on the big picture and stop worrying so much about the small details.

What the broadcast is about may also be able to provide additional dream symbolism.


Seeing or eating broccoli shows that you are missing out on something necessary for your mental “diet.” If you are a religious person, this dream may suggest that you need to be more spiritual in your waking life to feel more complete. This dream may just be trying to say that you need a more balanced diet to be physically healthier in a simpler way.


Reading a brochure in your dream shows that you are open-minded. You are willing to hear both parts of the story before you make up your mind. This is a good quality to have.

What the brochure is about may also add more dream symbolic meaning.


Broiling food in a dream shows that you are looking for spiritual, emotional, or even physical fulfillment. There is some void in your life that you are trying to fix. This can also show that you can nurture yourself at times and the people you care about.

The food that you are broiling may also provide additional symbolic meaning to your dream.

Broken Objects

A broken object in a dream is not necessarily a bad sign. This can suggest that there is something in your waking life that you need to take a closer look at. Sometimes objects hide something on the inside, and the only way to see it is to break it, like a piggy bank. This may show that, even while things don’t seem to be going your way, there is still a silver lining to your problem. Looking for it can make something good out of a bad situation.

Looking up the object that is broken in your dream can also provide additional dream symbolism.


Having bronchitis in a dream is a bad sign. This may even predict that you will become sick in your waking life, either with bronchitis or something else. This dream predicts that some ill fortune will come your way; whether it is with an actual illness or not is unspecified. You are likely to have high hopes for something, only to see failure in your wake. Watch out for people who might want to cause you harm.


Seeing something that is made out of bronze in a dream suggests that you need to begin to take care of your relationships better if you do not want problems to occur. Long-lasting relationships will not be a part of your near future if you do not put care into the relationships that you already have.

Seeing bronze can predict that some failure will come to the dreamer’s relationships, especially if the dreamer is a woman. Love interests which you are not yet actually involved with are not likely to return your feelings near the time of this dream.

Moving Statues

If the bronze statue in your dream starts to move or act life-like in any way, then this shows that disappointment will enter the dreamer’s life because of their love life or other relationships. This shows deceit in the dreamer’s future. Stay away from people who are not true to you to avoid getting hurt.

Looking up the shape, animal, or type of person that the statue is supposed to be will provide additional dream symbolism.


A brooch in your dream represents a part of your personality that is important to you. While many things make up your overall personality, but there may be one part of yourself that is more important to you than others. One part of your personality may be one part you want to show off to the people around you. There is something that you are trying to say to others that are very important to you.


If you are brooding about something in a dream, then this predicts that annoyances will enter your life in your near future. However, if someone else in your dream is brooding, this dream predicts that good fortune will enter your life instead, most likely to do with your finances.


A brook symbolizes the way that your life flows as time goes on. A brook can represent a passage of time and all of the changes that happen during that amount of time.

If the brook is flowing at a steady pace, then this shows that you are doing most things correctly in your life to bring you to success. If the brook is flowing too much, then this shows that you are trying to go against your ways to change. This could be difficult but also important. A dry brook shows that you feel empty and that it is time to make a change.

See Water* for further dream symbolism.


Using a broom in a dream predicts that your hard work is about to pay off! This dream shows that success is about to enter your life if the broom is new. If the broom is a bit bent out of shape, then this dream shows that your path to success will be harder than others, but that you should still be able to accomplish your goals if you put your mind to the task and keep your energy focused on what you need to do.


Drinking broth in a dream is a good sign. This dream suggests that you are surrounded by people who have genuine feelings for you. Your relationships are healthy. You have power over your own life, and maybe some influence over your friends as well.


Being at a brothel in a dream is a bad sign. This shows that people around you will look down on you for certain aspects of your personality. Materialism, lust, greed, and arrogance are all traits that will negatively affect your relationships if you do not change your ways.

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