Dream Dictionary B: Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with B – 10

Dream Analysis of words begin with Letter B

Dream Dictionary of words begin with Letter B - 10

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with B

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Bikini – Dream Interpretation of Bikini

Wearing a bikini in your dream can show how comfortable you are with revealing yourself to the world. The way that you feel in the dream defines what this means. If you are happy, then this can show that you are confident with your mind or body. If you are unhappy, this can show that your confidence levels are a little low, and you would rather isolate yourself from others than let everyone see you for who you are.


Dreaming that you are spitting up or just seeing your bile can show that you haven’t been in the best mood recently. Instead of showing that your body is unhealthy, this can be showing that your mind could use some improvement. The bile color in your dream also holds some additional meaning to what you might want to change to change your mood. If the bile in your dream is yellow, then this shows that you are angry or otherwise upset about something. If the bile is a darker color, then this can show that you are sad instead of angry.


A bill in a dream can represent a promise, but you owe something to someone in a way. This may also show that you feel like you owe someone something, even though you may not physically owe them anything.



Seeing a billboard in your dream can be your subconscious trying to redirect your attention to something important in your life. This could have something to do with a goal that you are trying to accomplish. What is on the billboard can also bring additional meaning to this dream. If the billboard’s message is not a clear direction of what you are trying to do or what you think you should do, look up the billboard’s dream term to get further dream symbolism.


Playing billiards in a dream can show that you are striving to complete a goal. You may also have a dream that you want to begin working on. You have a high ambition, but this goal is likely to come with one struggle or another. This can show that you will face your goals with a competitive feel around it, making it all the more exciting.

Playing billiards in a dream can also show that other people might be plotting against you when it comes to your goals. These people may want to compete with you for whatever your goals are. It is best to watch out for these people. Know who your friends are and avoid people who may want to affect your goals negatively.


The meaning of being a billionaire in your dreams depends on what the mood of the dream is. If you are a happy billionaire in your dream, then this shows that you are working hard in your waking life. You are confident in yourself, and you are sure that your efforts will pay off shortly. This dream could also be saying that you are aiming to get something that you desperately desire. If you are an unhappy billionaire, then this can show that you are unhappy with your life while you are awake. This shows that you feel like you are still coming up short even though you may be working hard. this can show that something is missing in your life, and you are unsure how to fill this void.


Using a binder in your dream shows that you need to work on organizing yourself better. You want to be able to advance or better yourself somehow, and to do this, you need to stay on track with your goals.

A Binder in a dream can also represent something that you have forgotten about in your waking life. You may be so focused on the “big picture” of your life that you have forgotten about some small detail. While you may be organized, you may not be letting yourself see past simple data and facts. This shows that you may be ignoring your emotions.

This dream can show that you are constricting your emotions in some way or another. You may be too busy to deal with your emotions, or that you are actively avoiding them because of some pain or other negative feeling connected with them.


To play bingo in a dream shows that you have realized something quickly in your waking life. This dream is a way of reflecting on this revelation, or if you have not realized something, then this can show that you need to search the rest of your dream for a revelation.

This dream can also show that you need to pay closer attention to your surroundings if you want to succeed in life.


Using binoculars in a dream can show that you can finally see things in a clearer light or be ready to begin seeing things differently. This could show that you are ready to look at things from other people’s points of view instead of focusing on how the world looks from your perspective. You are ready to broaden your horizons.


Seeing a birch tree in your dream can show that you feel guilty about something at the moment. You may have done something, or even thought about doing something, making you feel unwell. You are punishing yourself in some way for your actions or guilty thoughts.

See Tree* for further symbolism.


Seeing a bird in a dream can represent your feelings of wanting more freedom. A bird can fly wherever it wants, and you may be feeling like you want to have fewer responsibilities and be free like a bird. This can also show that you want to have more freedom in your creativity. You may want to stop thinking so logically and let your mind be freer. This could show that you want to try new things as well.

Flying Bird

A flying bird can show that you are starting to rise above your normal feelings or actions. You are trying to change yourself in some way to become a better or otherwise more creative person. You want to be better than others, but not in a pretentious way. You want to be better by betting yourself, and this is a noble goal.

This can also show feelings of love for other people. This can show passionate romantic or sexual feelings for someone that you care deeply about. You may want to be more romantic with this person. This can show a change in romantic feelings or that you want to learn to express your romantic feelings in a better way.

A flying bird can also show feelings of becoming more spiritual. You may want to get back into religion or another belief system. This can show you are trying to rise above others’ moral virtues and become better in a more religious way.

Caged Bird

Seeing a caged bird can show that you feel trapped in some part of your life. This could show that you are restricted at work or in your social life. Usually, these dreams have a bad feeling for them. However, if there is a good feeling for this dream, then this can show that you are happy that you are restricted. This is likely to do with social or romantic feelings. You may feel like you deviate from the norm of sexual feelings, and you may be happy that you can restrict yourself from these feelings.

Bird and Nest

The nest itself in a dream can symbolize your home life or your childhood home. The feelings surrounding the nest can represent how you feel about your own home life. Usually, these are feelings of comfort and safety, but this can vary from person to person.

To see birds building a nest can show that you are having feelings about family lately. These could be feelings about maturing and starting your own family or feelings about your current family in general. Like the nest, in general, this can vary from person to person.

To see a bird leaving the nest shows that you are starting to feel more independent. You are ready to go out on your own. This could also show anxieties about being on your own. If you are a parent whose child is leaving, then this can put into visuals the saying “an empty nest” and the feelings that come with it.

Hearing a Bird

Hearing a bird’s sweet song can predict wonderful times to come. You are in an agreeable mood lately, and this is likely to keep up. If you see a bird that cannot make noise or sing, then this can show that you will feel outcasted by society or like you do not belong in general.

Hatching Bird

Seeing a bird hatching from an egg can symbolize our feelings about our early childhood and time as a baby. This could also show thoughts about having a baby or starting a family in general.

This could also symbolize a sort of rebirth. This can represent a large change in your life, a re-entering into a religion, or a wish to better yourself in some large way.

Large Bird

Seeing a large bird can represent your mind as a whole. Your mind and subconscious are so large, and the bird can represent this in your dream. This bird can show your ability to grow and change as time passes mentally. Your capacity to see the world as being much bigger than yourself can be shown by the large bird in your dream.

Attacking Bird

If a bird is trying to attack you in a dream, this can show that you fear others verballing attacking you somehow. This could be a fear that someone important in your life is unhappy with your lifestyle. This can show that you are worried that you will never be able to live up to society’s ideals or that the whole of society will not accept you for some reason. This is a symbol of generalized anxiety.

Fighting Birds

If two or more birds are fighting in your dreams, then this can show that you are having some problem within your family or circle of friends. You may not be literally fighting with them, but there may have been an argument or general disagreement on an issue represented in your dream by the two birds fighting.

Dead Bird

To dream of seeing a dead bird can symbolize that you are feeling distraught, as most death dreams symbolize. This shows that you are losing faith in the world around you and don’t know what to do. This can represent general feelings of depression and hopelessness.

The type of bird in your dream can also provide additional symbolism. If you do not know what type of bird was in your dream, looking up the color can also help.

Bird Bath

Seeing a birdbath in your dreams represents many symbolic meanings of water–cleansing, rebirth, renewal, and fresh emotions. You may feel like you feel lighter than normal because of a new way of thinking or acting.

See Bird* for additional symbolism.

Bird House

Seeing a birdhouse in a dream symbolizes many of the things that come with Spring. This can symbolize fresh starts and new beginnings. You are ready to try something new or change your way of thinking.

There may be some things in your dream of the birdhouse that will correlate with the house that you live in while you are awake. This dream could show you some changes that you may need to make to feel more at ease in your own home.

See Bird* for additional symbolism.

Bird Seed

Dreaming of seeing a birdseed in a dream shows your feelings of being well-nourished. Your body is likely to be healthy when you are having this dream. This can show that either your body, mind, or spirit is where it should be.

Feeding Birds

If you are actually feeding birds in your dream bird feed, then this can show that you are growing in your personal life. This could be a social or financial change. This could also show that you are continuing to work on your goals.

See Bird* for additional symbolism.


Dreaming of birth can show feelings about new beginnings. This can either show that you are excited about trying something new or anxious about trying something new. This could be a small change in your life that you are anticipating or a large change that has already happened.

If you are married and dream of giving birth, this will likely be a good sign. If an unmarried woman dreams of giving birth, this shows that she is worried about becoming pregnant.

Dreaming of Birth while Pregnant

If you are currently pregnant while dreaming of birth, this can show pregnant women’s complex feelings. This represents the feelings and thoughts that come with being pregnant, but instead of being just feelings and thoughts, they are being visualized in your dream. The feelings that come with this dream can show how a woman really feels about being pregnant and how they will anticipate the feelings that they will have once they have their baby.

See Baby* and other baby-related dream terms to get more symbolism into this dream.

Birth Control

Using birth control in a dream of any kind can show negative feelings about becoming pregnant or otherwise starting a family. This can show general anxiety about pregnancy, birth, babies, and a family in general.

This can show general negative feelings about the family that you already have. This could show disputes with your current family or feelings of wanting to become independent of your family. You may want to go out on your own instead of being anchored down. This dream meaning changes based on the dreamer feels about their family.


Having a birthday in a dream can symbolize general good feelings. These can be feelings of growth and development, socially and physically.

Someone Else’s Birthday

For it to be someone else’s birthday in a dream can show that you are being reminded of a social obligation that you have in your waking life, whether it is actually about a birthday or not. This dream is related to similar feelings that you have in your waking life.

Getting Presents

To get presents on your birthday shows that something good will come your way. You will advance in some way in your social life. This could be an advancement in your social status, in business, or your skills.


Dreaming of a birthmark that you do not have in your waking life is used by your mind as a reminder that you need to do something in your waking life. The more the birthmark stands out, the more important it is likely to be. Where the birthmark is on your body may also add some further symbolism to this dream term.

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