Dream Dictionary B (3): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with B

Dream Analysis of words begin with Letter B

Dream Dictionary Letter B Meaning - 3

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with B

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Banker – Seeing a Banker in dream

Seeing a banker in your dreams shows that you are worrying about your finances or some other important aspect of your life.

This could also show that you need help in your life in some area, but you are too nervous or proud to ask for it.


If you have gone bankrupt in a dream, then this can show that you have not been doing so well at work recently, which could make you worry about your finances, even if it is just on a subconscious level. This shows a person’s anxieties about their finances, and that it will not do any good to worry about something that has not happened.


A Pleasant Banner

To see a patriotic or otherwise pleasant banner shows that you are feeling confident. You are ready to take on any challenge that comes at you, no matter who it comes from.

An Unpleasant Banner

If the banner is your dream is the flag of a country who your country is at war with, or an otherwise unpleasant banner, then this can show your feelings about war, or your anxieties about it.

See Flag* for more symbolism.


A Harmonious Banquet

Dreaming about a banquet shows that your life has been enjoyable lately. If the people at the banquet seem to be getting along well enough, then this shows that your social life has been going well. This is a good time to ask for favors from your friends or family members.

This could also show that you want to raise your social status. You want people to look up to you, or you want more attention. This shows your general feelings about your current social status.

An Inharmonious Banquet

If the people at the banquet are not getting along, then this can show that you feel poor about your social life. You have been disappointed by some social exchange lately, or you will be in the near future.


Getting Baptised

To get baptised in a dream symbolizes a variety of things. Along with the terms listed, you feelings about religion will also influence what this dream means.

This can symbolize a sort of rebirth. This can also represent birth as an idea, as well as death. Your psychological views on these things also have a great influence on what this dream could mean. Because of this, the meaning of the dream could be different for different people.

This dream that someone of influence has recently entered your life, or that you are starting to make significant changes within your life after this person entered your life, or after a certain event transpired.

Being baptised can also show that you are patient and kind. Even if you are not religious, this dream shows that you may have the qualities of a good religious person.

See Christ, Christianity, Church, Religion and Water* for further dream symbolism.

Bar (Place)

Seeing a Bar

If you are simply walking past or drinking in a bar, then this can show that you have been communicating with others more than usual. You are blossoming into a social butterfly. This will help you out in the future. It may even show that your friends will be able to help you in business.

Working in a Bar

To work at a bar shows that you are not afraid to mess with someone else, or do some dirty work, to get ahead in business or love.You are willing to play dirty to get what you want.

See Alcohol* for further dream symbolism.

Bar (Rod)

A bar can symbolize strength, power, and stability. The bar is a very masculine symbol in dreams, as it represents many of the ideas male qualities already listed. A bar can represent an extension of a person. This could be purely a sort of mental extension, but it can also simply represent a penis, and the dreamer’s feelings about sex, or their sexual desires.

If the Bar is made of Metal

A metal bar shows that you have been being defensive, like you are on edge and ready for a fight. This can also simply symbolize a penis and sexual desires.

If the Bar is in your Way

If a bar is getting in your way, then this can show that something is blocking the way that you express yourself in your waking life. You may feel that someone or something is holding you back and that you are not able to do all of the things that you would like to be able to do.

An Exercise Bar

This representation is simple: this dream represents what you think about your own fitness, and whether or not you think that you need to be in better shape or not.


To see a barbarian in your dream can represent a person’s most primal instincts, like their need for food, shelter, security, and sometimes sex.

This dream can show that you do not feel that you are a very refined person. Changing your attitudes is likely to change these dreams.

Barbed Wire

Seeing Barbed Wire

To see barbed wire in your dreams shows that you are having difficulty getting to something or someone in your waking life. You may be trying to make a new relationship or a business deal that seems to be eluding your reach.

Being Stuck in Barbed Wire

If you are stuck in the barbed wire in your dream, then this can show that you feel stuck in your waking life. You want to do more, to reach out, to change, but you cannot figure out how to do it. You may feel like someone is restricting you in your waking life.

Barbeque (BBQ)

A barbeque can symbolize that you are feeling peaceful at the moment and that your social relationships are going well.

The types of food that you are eating that the barbeque can add more symbolic meaning to this dream.

Barber (Hairdresser)

Going to a barber in your dreams can show that, just as easily as you can change your hair, you can change your attitude to something that is more fitting. This dream shows that you want to change something about yourself so that others will find you to be more appealing.

This dream can also show our inner anxieties when it comes to someone else being in charge of what happens to us. Your hair is in someone else’s hands in your dreams, and this could show that you are worried about your life being in someone else’s hands.

This dream can show that if you change, that you will be successful. However, this also shows that this change will take a lot of hard work and struggle, but that it will pay off later.

Barber’s Pole

Seeing a barber’s pole in your dream represents that you are ready for some sort of change in your life. Like getting a haircut, changing our style, seeing a barber’s pole can symbolize the same.


Dreaming of a barcode shows that you think a lot about technology, and how things are becoming more robotic every day.

The dreamer may also feel like their life is becoming automated, like they are in a rut or not in control of their own life. They are simply surviving, not living.


To be barefoot in your dreams shows that you have been disappointed by something or someone. You may have had high expectations for yourself that you could not manage to live up to.


Bargaining for something in your dream shows that you find value in everything and that you will not allow someone else to undervalue you. You want people to accept you, but also praise you, for who you already are.

This dream may also show that you are putting a lot of effort into your relationships, but you feel like the other person in the relationship is not putting in their fair share.


If you are singing in a baritone voice, or if you hear one, in your dream, then this can show that someone around you is being untrustworthy. You may be suspicious of someone around you. What the person is singing or saying in your dream will add more dream symbolism.

See Sing or Song* for additional dream symbolism.


Seeing or eating barely in your dream symbolizes that you are currently healthy, or will become healthy soon if you are currently ill. You will be satisfied with your health and with the majority of your life at the moment.

Bar Mitzvah

To dream that you are attending a bar mitzvah shows that you are in a transitional phase in your life. You are coming into more responsibilities. You may have an increase in your own sense of mortality, judgment, or belief.


A Full Barn

If your barn is full of food or animals in your dream, then this could show that you have been accomplishing your goals lately, or at least making progress at them. Continuing this trend will bring the dreamer happiness, success, and a sense of fulfilment.

The types of food and animals in the barn could also add to this dream’s symbolism.

An Empty Barn

To dream of an empty barn shows nearly the opposite of a full barn. You have been working on your goals, but not progressing, or that you have been neglecting your goals entirely. This will leave the dreamer with a feeling of emptiness, depression, or unfulfillment.


To see barnacles growing off of the side of a ship or rocks shows that you have an issue in your waking life that you have been neglecting. You need to deal with this problem head on if you want to solve it, and sooth these strange dreams.


A barometer measures the air pressure in a room or outside. To dream of one shows that you feel like you are under some sort of pressure like someone is pressuring you to do something. You may feel like you are not in control of your own life.
However, a barometer in a dream can also show that, if the barometer is working correctly, that things and events will rise to benefit you. If the barometer is broken, then your business and social life will fall or see some sort of struggle.


To dream of living in barracks shows that you feel like you are not in control of your waking life. You may feel like you do not have the freedom to do all of the things that you want to be able to do. You want to change something in your life so that you can feel like you have more free time, but you may not know how to do this.

See Army* for more dream symbolism.


A Full Barrel

Putting something into a barrel, or coming across an already full barrel shows that you have something of value in your waking life that you need to watch over. You need to protect what you have. What is inside of the barrel could also have some significance to your dream meaning.

This dream could also mean that you need to guard your feelings if you want to feel emotionally safe.

An Empty Barrel

Dreaming of an empty barrel shows that there is something missing  in your waking life. You may feel empty, emotionally, or just like you need more material objects to feel fulfilled. This dream meaning differs depending on the meaning.


Seeing a barrier in your dream shows that there is something getting in your way of growing as a person. You may want to expand your emotional range, but you may have trouble getting rid of this obstacle. You may also just fear change or be hesitant of it.


Dreaming of a barrister shows that you need some sort of direction in your life. You may have some sort of problem that you are dealing with in your waking life that you don’t know how to deal with on your own. Getting help from someone with more experience can help to resolve your problem.


This dream symbol greatly depends on the dreamers feelings about alcohol. If they like alcohol and going to bars, then this shows that they are being sociable that the moment and that they have been effectively communicating lately. If you are a person who does not like alcohol, then this can show that you have been feeling lonely lately.

This dream also depends on if the bartender is a man or a woman. See Man or Woman* for further dream symbolism.


To Play Baseball

To play baseball shows that the dreamer is happy at the moment, but that they are not actually making much progress towards their goals or being very productive otherwise.

This dream can also show your sense of competition–a sense of failure and victory. Whether you win or lose the game will determine the overall meaning of the dream whether it is a good sign or a poor one.

The opposing team in your dream could represent the inner conflict that reside within yourself. You may be struggling with something in your daily life that is manifesting as a game in your dreams.

To Watch Baseball

Watching baseball in a dream can show that things are going well for you lately, especially in your social life. This is a dream that predicts pleasantness in your future.

See Ball, Ball Game or Bat* for further dream symbolism.

Basement (Cellar)

Being inside of a basement in our dreams can symbolize the things that we have hidden in our minds, or in our waking lives. These are the secrets that we hold–the things that we don’t want others to know about. These could be dark things, strange sexual desires, or just simple secrets.

This dream may also predict that new opportunities will come your way, but that you may be nervous about taking them. If you take care in these new opportunities, then you will be likely to find pleasure, if you ignore them, you are likely to find just the opposite.

A basement can also symbolize that the dreamer is trying to find a deeper meaning to their thoughts are feelings. They are looking “below the surface” to try to get a better understanding of themselves and why they act the way that they do.

If the Basement Smells Bad

Smelling something bad in the basement can show that we are repressing certain harmful emotions. This could mean that the dreamer is not acknowledging their anxieties, stress, or other emotional pain. They are hiding these feelings inside of themselves, much like they would keep a secret.


Smelling, seeing, or eating basil in your dreams shows that you have been kind to someone lately, or that someone has been very kind to you. You are feeling cared for and loved at the moment.


A basilisk is a sort of giant snake-chicken hybrid monster of mythological origins. The myth says that this monster can kill with just one look. To dream of such a creature depicts that the dreamer  is afraid of something. They feel like they need to protect themselves or their family from some sort of threat. The dreamer could also be trying to protect some sort of physical object as well.


Bathing in a basin shows that a dreamer can use their own graces to get ahead in the world. Charm, communication skills, and friendships are the key meaning to this dream term.

See Bath* for additional dream symbolism.

Dream Dictionary Letter B 2

Dream Dictionary B (2): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with B

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