Dream Dictionary B: Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with B – 11

Dream Analysis of words begin with Letter B

Dream Analysis of words begin with Letter B

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with B

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Biscuits – Dream Interpretation of Biscuits

Eating or baking biscuits in a dream can show feelings about the home. This can symbolize small problems and fights that happen between family members. These problems are likely easy to fix.


If you are bisexual in your waking life, this dream term does not convey any pertinent symbolic meaning.

If you are not bisexual, this dream can show you may be confused about your sexuality. There may be some parts of your sexuality that you don’t understand. This may show that you want to broaden your surroundings when it comes to romance. This may also show that you are repressing parts of your sexuality, either because you are confused by them or because you are not sure how others will accept them.


Seeing a bishop reflects on your feeling of religion in general. This can be a sign of hard work and rewards to come if you have good feelings about religion. If you have bad feelings about religion in general, then the bishop in your dreams can symbolize anxiety and stress that is affecting your life. This stress is likely to come from a silly mistake or something involving finances.



See Buffalo*


Getting Bitten

Getting bitten in a dream is a bad sign. This can show that something that you have been working for will all be in vain. Some hard work of yours will become undone. Watch out for slips that could mess up your hard work.

Getting bitten in a dream may also show that you have been acting erratically lately. You may be focusing on your animal instincts or more primal actions. This dream may be trying to tell you that you need to think before you act, or you may be punished in some way for your actions, even if you are not going to be literally bitten.

This dream can also show that you have a fear of being hurt or that you have been hurt recently by something. You may still be afraid of some physical harm coming to you.

Biting Something

To bite something that isn’t food in your dream shows that you have some pent up aggression inside your mind. You are angry about something, and you may not know the right way to deal with it.


Tasting something bitter in your dreams shows that you don’t like or understand some part of your personality. You may want to change this part of yourself to make yourself either seem more likable or so that you can accept yourself more easily.

This dream may also be a representation of pent up guilt you are feeling for something that you have done or said.


See Colors*


Eating, picking, or baking with blackberries is a bad sign in a dream. This can show that you will become ill shortly or that some other harm may come to you. It is best to stay vigilant during this time.

See Berries and Colors* for additional symbolism.


A blackbird in a dream can symbolize your darkest secrets. This can also be seen as a prediction of bad things to come. This term is not relevant for a crow or raven.

For further dream symbolism, see Bird*


To be writing on a blackboard shows that you are worried about something. This could bring back similar feelings of anxieties that you may have dealt with while you were in school. These feelings of anxiety could be related to some more “adult” problems you may face in your waking life. This dream is likely to do with stress related to finances.

See School* if it applies to your dream.

Black Eye

Having a black eye in your dream shows that you need to deal with something inside yourself–some unresolved internal conflict. On the other hand, if someone else in your dream has the black eye, this represents an external conflict. You may not understand why a person has done something, or you may not like what they have done. You need to confront this person and share your feelings to feel better.

See Eye* for further dream symbolism.

Black Hole

No one is quite sure what is inside a black hole, making this a great dream term for the unknown. There are things in everyone’s subconscious that they are not aware of yet, and the black hole in your dream can represent just this.

This dream may also show that you need to make an important decision, one that you won’t be able to turn back on or change your mind about. You will need to put a lot of thought into this decision if you want to be happy with its outcome.

Black Light

Seeing something invisible to the naked eye but visible under a black light in your dream shows that there are things around you in your waking life that you do not yet understand. You need to look beyond the surface of the problem or issue to understand it completely and resolve the issue itself.


Blackmailing someone in your dream shows that you are having issues with an authority figure lately. You may be letting your competitive side get the better of you. Know how to choose your battles.

If someone is blackmailing you in a dream shows that you are feeling vulnerable at the moment. You may feel like your weaknesses stand out more than your strengths. It would help if you learned to be confident in yourself before others will be confident in your skills.


To dream of a blackout shows that you are feeling frustrated about something. You may be trying hard to accomplish a task, but you may not have everything you need to accomplish. This may show that you need to learn some new skills or look at your problem from a different perspective before fulfilling your goal.

Black Person

If you are black, then this doesn’t have any specific meaning more than seeing any other sort of ethnicity in a person. If you know the black person in your waking life, then this doesn’t mean anything symbolically for this dream term.

If you are not black, then this dream is directly related to your feelings about black people. For most people, this means that it is just like seeing a normal person in a dream. However, for some people, this dream can symbolize the taboos that we face in everyday life.

Seeing a black person in a dream can also represent a hidden inner self or a shadow of yourself. This could show that you are not living up to your full potential.

See Person* for additional symbolism.


Seeing or being a blacksmith in your dreams shows that you will have to deal with some struggles in your near future. You will need to work harder than usual to accomplish your goals.

Being a blacksmith, even with all of the hard work that it predicts, shows that you have the potential to make something new. This can show that you are ready for new opportunities or to learn something new.

What you are making as a blacksmith may also add more symbolic meaning to your dream.

Black Widow

The black widow can be seen as a bad sign in most dreams. This dream symbol predicts that something bad will happen soon if you do not change your ways quickly. This dream also shows that the change may be hard to make or that the changes may seem negative in the short term. These changes will be beneficial in the long run.

See Spider* for further dream symbolism.


To pay special attention to your bladder for any reason in a dream may show that something is currently wrong with your health or a warning that something will go wrong with your health if you continue in your ways. This may be directly related to the health of your bladder or another body part.


Dreaming of using a blade in your dream shows that a difficult task will come to you shortly. You will need to use your mental strengths to pass this task, even if you do not need any actual physical strength. You will need to think clearly if you want to be successful shortly. You will need to make many important decisions soon, and making the wrong one, or not being able to balance between your choices, will cause you problems.


Blaming Someone

You are blaming someone; then, this may directly relate to something you blame someone for in your waking life. If you are not currently blaming someone for anything in your waking life, this could have something to do with a lack of wanting to take up responsibilities. You may be avoiding some conflict or someone. Dealing with this conflict may be able to end these dreams.

Being Blamed

To be blamed for something in your dream can symbolize inner conflicts more than physical conflicts with another person. This could represent that you are feeling guilty about something in your waking life. Are you slacking on your responsibilities? This can also show that you are having some problem with yourself. You may think that you are not living up to your potential. This could show that you either need to learn to accept yourself or understand that you have made mistakes that you can learn from. This dream is basically visualizing your self-criticisms.


Using a blanket in a dream can show that we feel comfortable with ourselves or with our surroundings. This can show that we may have recently felt vulnerable but that this feeling is receding.

If something is wrong with the blanket, then this dream symbolizes the opposite of a perfect blanket–we are uncomfortable with something in our lives.  

The color of the blanket may show what exactly we are comfortable within our waking lives.


If your dream seems to be blank of anything important, then this can show that there might be some void in your waking life. You may be feeling lonely or emotionally deprived. Something is missing in your life, and you need to fix it if you want to fix your waking and dreaming life.


To commit blasphemy in a dream is a bad sign, no matter what else follows this action in the dream. This dream can predict that something terrible will happen soon if you do not change or actions or right a wrong. This most likely symbolizes a failure in a social setting or a ruined relationship.

If someone else is being blasphemous, then this is a better sign. This can show that you are doing well socially, and you will continue to advance in this part of your life, so long as you do not act like the other person in your dream.  


Using bleach to clean shows that you are healing from the inside out. This could show that you are starting to recover from a mental issue or a bad feeling. You are resolving the problems in your life and making way for new opportunities.

However, this dream can also symbolize a regret that you have about making the bad choice that you needed to clean up in your dream in the first place.


Sitting in the bleachers directly relates to your feelings about high school. This can show your relationships with others, your social identity, and how you work with others. Communication is the key dream meaning of this term.


Seeing an animal who is bleating(crying out) in your dream shows that you will be faced with new responsibilities shortly or that you have just gotten new duties and thinking about how they are affecting you. This does not mean that new tasks will burden you, but that you may even enjoy having something new to do.

Looking up the animal that was bleating can also provide additional symbolism to your dream.


To pay close attention to some blemish on your skin shows that you are uncomfortable with some part of yourself. This does not necessarily mean that you are uncomfortable with some physical aspect of your body, but you may not like how you think or act.

See Skin* for further dream symbolism.


Using a blender in your dream shows that you can mix all sorts of ideas into one great idea that you will be able to help you in your waking life. This is a good skill to have.


To feel blessed in a dream shows that you feel independent. You can do what you want without feeling too guilty about it. You feel appreciated and loved in your waking life.


Seeing or riding in a blimp in your dream shows that you have high hopes for your dreams. You wish for big things, but you may be unaware of how hard you need to work to obtain these things and complete your goals.

This can also show that you feel like you or someone else needs to lose weight. You may feel larger than you should be.

The blimp can represent an over-inflated ego.


Being blind in your dream can show that you may be unable to “see” something going on around you. This may be because of stubbornness to change an opinion that you hold strong to. This could also be a resistance to try new things or look at a problem from someone else’s perspective.

Being blind in a dream can show that you do not understand something going on in your waking life. This is not because you cannot learn about it, but you also need to learn about it. This can show that you may feel vulnerable about something in your waking life because you do not understand it. Learning more about your problem or situation may be able to help.

Being blind may also show that you are coming into a new situation that you do not yet understand. You will need to seek guidance from someone who is more experienced than you.

If someone else is Blind

If someone else in your dream is blind, then this can show that you will be called upon shortly to take on new responsibilities. You will need to learn new things and take on more duties. You will likely have help with this, and if you are not given help, then finding help would be advantageous.

See Eyes* for further dream symbolism.

Blind Date

Going on a blind date shows that you are nervous about how certain aspects of your personality looks to others. This could show that you are not even fully aware of parts of your personality yet.

See Date* for further dream symbolism.


Wearing a blindfold in a dream is a negative sign. This can show that you feel vulnerable in your waking life. You may be fearing that someone or something will cause you trouble or harm. This may show a fear of being unprepared for situations that may occur in the future. This is a dream caused by stress or anxiety.


Opening the blinds in your dream shows that you are open to new possibilities. You are ready to try new things or meet new people.

Closing the blinds in your dream shows that there is some part of your life that you are trying to hide from other people in your life. You may be in denial about something that you do or something that someone has done to you. You may not want to accept reality for what it really is.

See Window* for further dream symbolism.

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