Dream Dictionary B: Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with B – 9

Dream Analysis of words begin with Letter B

Dream Dictionary of words begin with Letter B - 9

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with B

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Bet – Dream Interpretation of Bet

Betting on Cards

Betting on cards or another game of the same sort shows that your moral character is in decline at the moment. Something may have happened recently that may have loosened your virtues. You may be acting out. This dream warns that if you keep up actions of this sort that you will be fooled by someone else, likely having something to do with losing your money to them.

Betting on Races

To bet on races in your dream shows that you are trying to understand the world around your more. This dream is much more positive than a dream in which you are betting on a game. This can show that you are ready to expand your horizons and work on your future. This can show that you are ready to invest in a business or work on your career more.

See Gambling* for further dream symbolism.


To be betrayed in a dream represents your feelings about being an adult. You may be bitter about the changes incurred from your transition from childhood into adulthood. This can show that we want to be cared for like we were when we were still young. This can show that you may have been betrayed in your waking life and that you are still trying to recover from it in your dreams. You want some security, which can’t come from this feeling of betrayal.

If you know the person in the dream who has betrayed you, this doesn’t show that this person will betray you. This shows that you are afraid of being betrayed by them or abandoned. This could also show a general feeling or fear of being abandoned by someone, not necessarily the person in your dream.


Betta Fish

Dreaming of a betta fish can show that your subconscious is creeping into your conscious. This may feel like you are getting new ideas, but they may really be things that have been on the back burner in your mind for a while now.

This can also show that you are finally ready to begin working with some thoughts that you have been ignoring on purpose. You may be repressing some thoughts that you need to deal with if you want to advance in the future. Learning how to deal with your thoughts and feelings will help you mentally feel better and be more prepared for future situations.

The color of the betta fish may also provide some additional symbolism.

See Fish* for future dream symbolism.


Drinking a beverage in your dream can show that you are ready, willing, and able to take in new knowledge. This dream symbolizes a sort of “thirst” to learn new things and better understand the world around you. You want to better yourself somehow, which is likely through learning something new or trying something new.

Looking up the term for the type of beverage can also add more dream symbolism.


To feel bewildered in your dream shows that you need to decide or are stuck between two conflicting ideas or opinions, and you don’t know which one is the best. This is your mind showing your confusion in your dreams–your feelings from your waking life interfere with your dreams.

This dream could also represent any shock that you may be feeling. The context of the dream may also be able to define your feelings in a greater way than you would be able to describe on your own. In a way, your dream can show your thought process in pictures instead of just memories or thoughts. It’s a good visualization of what is going on in your mind.


Being bewitched in a dream shows that outside forces influence you in your waking life, and you may not fully realize it. We may get confusing feelings when things like this happen, and, likely, the dreamer won’t know what to do when this happens. This could show that it’s time to take control of your own life and be more vigilant of impacting your life.

This dream may show that we are trapped in a waking dream. We may be living some fantasy and not realize what is actually going on around us. This dream can sign that the dreamer needs to “wake up” and take in reality around them. It’s time to focus on what is actually going on in the dreamer’s waking life and face reality to the best of your ability.

Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita is an important religious text to the Hindu religion. This book is incorporated in the Mahabharata. This book is religious, as well as having philosophic and ethical importance. Even if you are not Hindu, this book can still have an important meaning in your dream.

As a holy book, this can symbolize your ways of thinking about your belief system and what you have been taught about your religion. Your personal feelings on religion or spirituality will define this dream term more than anything else. In a way, this text-only represents how you feel about your religion but visualizes it for you to see in your dream.

This dream can also represent your feelings on general obedience and following the higher power rules, whether it’s a god or your boss at work. Again, your feelings about religion will also have a great impact on this dream meaning.


Seeing a bib in a dream can show that you have been dealing with life easily lately. Almost like someone is “spoon-feeding” you everything that you need. You may feel fortunate at the moment. However, this dream also shows that these goods times are not going to last for much longer. Take in this good feeling while you can, but also get prepared for the harder times ahead.

See Baby* and other baby-related terms to get the further meaning to your dream.


Seeing or reading the bible in a dream has some obvious meanings and some simple meanings. In the obvious meaning, the bible in your dreams represents how you feel about religion. This has more to do with the traditional organized service and rules of religion. This dream will have a more important meaning if your religion uses the bible in its services. How you feel about religion in general and the mood of the dream when you see the bible. If the mood is good, this can show that you are happy with organized religion or how you have a relationship with your religion. If you are unhappy in the dream or not a religious person, this could show your negative feelings about religion or that you do not like the idea of organized services or other religious practices. Again, this dream will mean more if you actually use the bible in your waking life.

The bible can also symbolize pure thoughts that you may have been having recently. You may feel like you are doing well in your religion. You may feel some calling in your religion. This does not mean that this dream is a religious prophecy or calling.

Teaching from the Bible

If you are leading some bible meeting or preaching in your dreams, then this can show that that you may be misleading at the moment. You might think that you are doing something good in your religion, but it might not be the best thing for you or your religion. It might be best to ask someone about what you are doing. Sometimes this problem can come from looking too literally in religious scripture instead of taking the values meant to be taken from it.

Looking up other religious terms that may have been in the dream can also provide you with additional dream interpretation.


Seeing a bicep or paying especially close attention to one in a dream can show your feelings about your own inner strength. This can show your sense of being “strong enough” to do something or “capable enough” to get the job done. This shows your thoughts about being good enough to do whatever it is that you need to do.

See Arm* for additional dream symbolism.


A bicycle represents motivation and drives to accomplish a goal or to get a task done. It can also represent all of the different things a person needs to do to accomplish a goal. The feelings that this dream term might involve can include confidence, determination, balance, perseverance, and skill-building. Learning how to ride a bike takes all of these qualities, and this is why it can so easily represent these things as a dream symbol.

The bike’s two wheels can represent two important things that it takes to accomplish your goals–intuition and general intelligence. This can show that motivation and these two things will help you keep up with your goals. These could be two aspects that you should focus on if you are having trouble keeping up with your goals or realizing your dreams.

Riding on a Hill

If you are riding down a hill in your dream, then this means that you want to take on more goals, but goals that will excite you. You may feel like taking on more risks or like you want to. This could show that you wanted to do something risky but need someone to take care of you first.

Riding up a hill in your dream can show that you have bright thoughts about your future. You are confident in your skills and your life in general. Things are looking up for you, at least from your point of view. You are happy with your life, and you are still determined to keep up with your goals.

Falling off a Bicycle

If you fall off a bicycle in your dream or almost fall off, this can show that you are losing confidence in your skills. This could show that you feel like you are losing balance in your life as well. You may be struggling with work, hobbies, and family. Losing balance is a more likely meaning if you are tipping, but you don’t actually fall. Falling off of the bike can show that you have lost hope in yourself or your goals.

Riding with Other People

Riding a bike with other people, casually or in a race, is almost like looking at your life from a different perspective. This could show that you aren’t sure how your life seems to other people. This may show that you compare yourself to others. You may want skills like the people you know, or you may want to model your life after certain parts of their life.

Stolen Bicycle

If you are using a stolen bike in your dream, then this can show that you are losing confidence in yourself and your skills. You may be faking your skills until you actually learn how to obtain them. If someone has stolen your bike, then this could show like you feel like you are losing faith in your skills or your confidence in general.


A bier is a sort of device used to move a casket, or dead body, to the place where it will be buried or cremated. This dream is not a good sign, to say the least. This dream may symbolize your thoughts about death or your fear of it.


Seeing or wearing bifocals in your dream can show that you are ready to see the world in a clearer light. You may be ready to look past any old opinions that you may have so that you can learn something new and broaden your horizons. This dream may also show that you already have the ability to understand what is going on in the world around you. Staying vigilant is a good idea if you have one of these dreams. Your idea of whether you need to change your mind will direct the real dream meaning for this term.

If you wear bifocals in your waking life, then this dream doesn’t contain much significance.

See Glasses* for further dream symbolism.


Seeing something big in a dream can show how important something is to you. The bigger the thing or person is in your dream, the more important it is. This could symbolize that the thing in your dream is essential to you or that it has some great meaning to you. This could be a large fear represented in your dream or something you are aiming to get.

See Size* for further dream meaning.


For a man to commit bigamy shows that the dreamer will face some misfortune. This can show that they will lose some respect or a loss of feeling masculine.

For a woman to dream of committing bigamy shows that she will be disrespected in some way also. This predicts that if a woman does not change her ways or cover them up in public, the public will scorn her.


Seeing bigfoot in your dream shows that you are confused about something. This can show your subconscious’s thoughts that you can’t quite understand or realize what they really mean.

This dream may also show that others aren’t able to understand you, but for something you are doing, not because of how they are looking at you. This could show that you are misleading other people by dressing, acting, or doing anything. Being true to your personality, instead of putting on a mask–so to say, will be able to remedy this problem and make it much easier for people to understand who you really are.

This dream can show that you are hiding from yourself or others. You may be less than confident in yourself or your abilities. Even if you are not trying to make yourself seem better to impress others, you may be doing it by accident because you do not know how to cope in social situations. Learning better communication skills and how to be more confident in your own abilities could be able to help.

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