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Cancer Compatibility – Love Life, Trust, Emotion and Sex Compatibility

What sign is Cancer attracted to?

Cancer Compatibility with 12 Zodiac Signs

Cancer Love Compatibility with 12 Zodiac Signs


Cancer Compatibility with AriesCancer and Aries Compatibility

Probably Cancer compatibility with an Aries is a true testimony of the old saying that opposites attract. So, your relationship is the relationship between the opposites. Your lover is going to be a very irresponsible person while you are very emotional.. [Read More]



Cancer and Taurus CompatibilityCancer and Taurus Compatibility

Your relationship with Taurus could be a perfect combination of love. This is because you both are not just two spaces afar. So in Cancer-Taurus compatibility, you both have a lot of things together that you both share. This creates a form.. [Read More]


Cancer and Gemini CompatibilityCancer and Gemini Compatibility

The combination of both of you in a relationship together will be a curious one. So usually, you are very sensitive and emotional about your nature. Also, you are not that good at communicating clearly in a Cancer Gemini compatibility. This is.. [Read More]



Cancer and Cancer CompatibilityCancer and Cancer Compatibility

A relationship involving two natives of Cancer will be a very loving and emotional relationship. You both will have a profound connection to the world and a good understanding of what the world of emotion is all about. It will do. [Read More]


Cancer and Leo CompatibilityCancer and Leo Compatibility

The coming together of both of you is the coming along of the understanding fellows. You both will understand each other and the need for the satisfaction of some basic requirements. The fact that you both need dedication.. [Read More]



Cancer and Virgo CompatibilityCancer and Virgo Compatibility

The relationship you have with a native of Virgo will be a strong one which is filled with a lot of happy moments. You both will be down to earth in the Cancer Virgo compatibility and strong for each other. In fact, both of you are goal.. [Read More]


Cancer and Libra CompatibilityCancer and Libra Compatibility

Both you and a native of Libra will have a good relationship with each other. It is the case that both find it very easy to give each other what is needed. Both of you will have a secure and assured Cancer Libra compatibility as you both.. [Read More]



Cancer and Scorpio CompatibilityCancer and Scorpio Compatibility

This relationship is a combination of two emotionally intense fellows. So both of you are known to be connected with each other in a Cancer Scorpio compatibility. This is because you have the same worldview. In addition to this, you both.. [Read More]


Cancer and Sagittarius CompatibilityCancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

You both need to be extremely patient when you both come together in a love relationship. Both of you should allow the relationship should grow over time and mature well. You both would also find it very easy to cope with each other.. [Read More]



Cancer and Capricorn CompatibilityCancer and Capricorn Compatibility

The combination of both of you will be a combination of tenacity and determination. Both of you will be determined and quite understanding in a Cancer Capricorn compatibility. In addition to this, your lover will be focused, logical and down to the earth.. [Read More]


Cancer and Aquarius CompatibilityCancer and Aquarius Compatibility

The relationship you have with a native of Aquarius is a relationship of opposites. So both of you are two opposite sides of the zodiac in Cancer compatibility with an Aquarius. You have an emotional approach to life while your lover is an unconventional.. [Read More]



Cancer and Pisces CompatibilityCancer and Pisces Compatibility

A love relationship with a native of Pisces could be the boom you have been expecting. Therefore the reason is not far from the fact that both of you are spirits. So the coming together of both of your result in the coming together of positive spirits.. [Read More]


Gemini and Pisces Love Compatibility

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Cancer and Aries Love Compatibility

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