Cancer and Gemini Compatibility: Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

Why are cancers so attracted to Geminis?

Cancer and Gemini Love Compatibility

Cancer and Gemini Compatibility: Introduction

The combination of both of you in a relationship together will be a curious one. Usually, you are very sensitive and emotional about your nature. You are not that good at communicating clearly in Cancer and Gemini compatibility. This is not the case with your lover, who is good at talking clearly. It is also the case that your lover is always ready to encourage you and make you explore.

Apart from this, it will be tough for you to satisfy your lover because of the twin’s symbol it has. You have a high tendency to satisfy your one of your lover’s twins by assuring him/her of the stability of the Cancer and Gemini relationship. The second part of you will, however, go on an emotional trip being the fact that it is free.


Cancer and Gemini: Love and Emotional Compatibility

Emotionally, Cancer Gemini in love are two poles apart. Your relationship is another thing. The bad news here is that your lover finds it very hard to listen to you. It is also the case that it is complicated for your lover to give you the emotional attachment you want. Most of the time, your lover stays detached and often keep away from the discussion. This is, however, painful and capable of causing you to lose your cool and getting hurt.

Your lover needs to learn how to be patient for a Cancer Gemini love compatibility to work. Patience would have given your lover a chance to understand you better. Often time, his action and speech cause pain in the neck for you. It is advisable for Cancer to show his/her emotion and not wait for someone to see his/her heart to understand his/her pains.

Cancer and Gemini: Life Compatibility

Your Cancer Gemini relationship is significant. This is because you are the Sign of Home, while your lover is a great thinker. Most of the time, he/she could help you clean your armor and your environment. In return for that favor, you are always ready to protect him/her. In addition to this, you are going to be protective and creative with protection.

You will provide great food and a soft bed for your lover. In addition to this, you will be intuitive and always ready to maintain the Cancer Gemini compatibility. You have a high tendency to be over-possessive and idealistic. Most of the time, your lover assured you of being loved and cherished. Upon hearing that, your mind will be calm and be ready to move smoothly in love with him/her.

Cancer and Gemini Compatibility

Most of the time, your lover is slowed down by your sensitivity. You tend to be very forensic and most likely going to find it very difficult to understand more about life. Both Cancer Gemini zodiac signs have a unique way of solving each other problems. Also, your lover is always ready to solve your problems for you quickly.

Trust Compatibility between Cancer and Gemini

Cancer Gemini’s trust is not that easy. Although every relationship could last long, you have a be trustworthy in the relationship. However, there is no trust in this relationship. It is not easy for you to trust your lover as a result of his actions. Moreover, your lover is a trickster who is always ready to trick an individual into doing things they would deny later.

This is not to say that your lover is a liar, but this is to say that your lover uses his/her rationality in a crook manner. Mainly, your lover always wants to be free in the relationship. As a result of that, he/she finds every means possible to push away from you. Can Gemini and Cancer marry? For you to have a successful Cancer and Gemini marriage, you need to let him be free. Both of you could have been more dedicated to your personal lives, but you should not act in such a way that you will ruin your life with little lies.

Cancer and Gemini Communication Compatibility

The best form of Cancer Gemini communication is not always talking. You have excellent communication skills, which makes it very easy to discuss with anyone you like. Similarly, you often find it very easy to talk with your lover without much ado. Usually, you feel the need to open to your lover in this relationship and share something with him/her. It is probably because you are the one that has always been there to take care of him/her every time.

Most of the time, you find it very difficult to communicate with your lover in a Cancer Gemini compatibility. Often time, you tend to be too emotional when listening to what your lover says. The dynamic could get over you the extent that you will interrupt your lover. However, on the other hand, you always want your emotion to be known by your lover. You might not say anything as regards to your mindset. And yet you will enjoy your lover to know everything about you. When it comes to communicating with a native of Cancer, it is one of the worst.

However, to have a long-lasting Cancer Gemini relationship, your lover needs to understand you. This could be an excellent relationship if your lover can appreciate your childlike behavior. Please start this relationship as a friendship. You would have known more about your lover and understand the emotional and sexual well-being.

Sexual Compatibility: Cancer and Gemini

The relationship is between the weirdest on earth and an asexual lover. It is the case that your love will always go out to enjoy the day and even catch some fun while s/he leaves you alone to your own stories. You often go erratic with your relationship and usually have a lot of Cancer Gemini sexual escapades. Most times, you do not count your flirtatiousness as an offense as you just want to be free. It is sporadic for you to engage in a sexual relationship with your lover because you often get the satisfaction that your lover cannot give you outside.

Intimacy Compatibility between Cancer and Gemini

Is Cancer sexually compatible with Gemini? If you are patient enough, you could have had a good Cancer and Gemini intimacy life with your lover. You would have been able to develop a very emotional and supporting sexual relationship with each other. Your intimacy is nothing to write home about. Apart from this, you both need to learn how to communicate. This is because there can be no sexual relationship without communication. A sexual relationship without communication is very dull and blemished. Your lover should always try to carry you along or try to adjust and give you want you to want.

Cancer and Gemini: Planetary Rulers

Your Cancer Gemini planetary rulers are Mercury and the Moon. Mercury rules the relationship as a result of your lover’s birthday, which falls during this period. Mercury also serves as communication. In addition to this, you will be emotional and sensitive due to the Moon, which serves as your ruler. The reason for your attachment is the Moon. Therefore you often find it very hard to express your feelings to your lover. This is what usually causes

You often find it very hard to express your feelings to your lover. This is what usually causes a problem in the Cancer Gemini love compatibility. Apart from this, you are not that good at communicating with each other. Your lover could benefit from your emotional stability. You will also ensure that your lover is well catered for regarding food and comfort.

Relationship Elements for Cancer and Gemini

The Cancer Gemini relationship elements that are known to this relationship are air and water. Your love is an air sign while you are a water sign. Both of you will make a great team together. Both of you will find it easy to make decisions that would lead to your success and excellence. Air happens to be your element, and it is the reason for your freedom and unpredictability.

Are Cancer and Gemini a good match? Cancer and Gemini horoscope match often ensures that the relationship enjoys dynamism. On the other hand, water will make your relationship emotional. There will be an emotional attachment from your lover. Often time, He/she is always ready to go emotionally with you. Apart from this, you could dampen the enthusiasm of your lover.

Cancer and Gemini Compatibility: Overall Rating

The compatibility test results put the rating of your Cancer compatibility with Gemini is 21%. This is an abysmal Cancer Gemini compatibility rating, and so this means that you are not good at all for him/her. It also shows that it is not advisable to venture into such a relationship. However, you both will share many things. There are a lot of things that you will face difficulties in sharing. It is also the case that both of you are prone to having communication issues.

Cancer and Gemini Love Compatibility Rating 21%

Summary: Cancer and Gemini Compatibility

There seem to be too many things that militate against your relationship, from the fact that you cannot communicate with each other without going aggressive or impulsive. They lack emotion in their sexual relationship and the ability to adjust to the relationship. They lack understanding on the part of the lover. Also, the sex escapades of the lover under the guise of freedom, among others, are against this relationship. However, something could be done to this Cancer and Gemini compatibility. Your lover has to find a way of opening his/her heart to listen to you. It means a lot to you.

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