Dog and Monkey Compatibility: Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility

Are Dog and Monkey zodiac compatible?

Dog and Monkey Love Compatibility

Dog and Monkey Chinese Compatibility: Years, Traits, Pros and Cons

Dogs were born during the lunar years of 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, or 2007. Have you ever thought about dating a Monkey or someone born during 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, and 2004? Remember that your sign is determined by what lunar year your birth date falls in. You can use this tool to look up your sign. Of course, any couple can have a good relationship, despite their personality types, if they are willing to put in a lot of effort. However, Dog and Monkey Compatibility may take a lot of work because they have many differences.

Dog and Monkey Compatibility: Birth Years

Chinese Zodiac Sign Zodiac Position Most Recent Years
Dog 11th 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030..
Monkey 9th 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028..

Dog Compatibility Traits

Dogs work hard in their profession and their Dog and Monkey relationship. Relationships are significant to Dogs, and they will work hard to make sure that their family life is good. Dogs are normally faithful and true. Dogs like socializing with other people. They love doing things to help other people. Dogs are often ideal friends who are there for their friends. Dogs also are just generally nice and helpful people. They are great team workers and usually are popular at work. They tend to do well in their careers, especially in workplaces, where team players are valued.


Sometimes Dogs, like anyone else, have some weak areas. Sometimes it is hard for them to have deep Dog and Monkey communication. Because they have to work at communicating more than some people, they need more quiet time to recharge than some more friendly people. Also, they sometimes can come across as nosy because they are so busy trying to help them know more than others are comfortable with. Dogs may tend to be a bit overcautious. Dogs may also find themselves being spread too thin because they will take on too much to help too many people.

Monkey Compatibility Traits

Monkeys, like Dogs, enjoy socialization even during Dog and Monkey dating. They like being around a lot of people. Like Dogs, Monkeys tend to be hard workers. Monkeys have a great sense of humor and can be fun. Monkeys tend to be thought of as pranksters. They are not trying to be mean, but they do like to trick people for its fun.

Monkeys tend to be very talented in many different things. Monkeys are often intelligent and learn easily. Sometimes, Monkeys are seen as undisciplined because they are interested in so many things that they are constantly trying new things (and not sticking with things as long as others think that they should). Some Monkeys can be wily schemers for getting what they want, especially when interested in a Dog Monkey love compatibility.

Dog and Monkey Compatibility: Relationship

Dog & Monkey Chinese zodiac signs are quite different. However, to some extent, opposites can attract. You and your Monkey both enjoy socializing. You will find dating your Monkey to be a lot of fun at the start. Your Monkey will be able to tell great stories and entertain people. Your Monkey will be popular at parties, and your friends will tend to like your Monkey.

Dog and Monkey Compatibility: Positive Traits

Dog-Monkey soulmates are likely very hard workers and will understand the importance of each other’s work. You both will appreciate that the other is willing to do what it takes to succeed. Also, you both are brilliant, so most likely, that will make conversing very entertaining.

Emotional Compatibility

Monkey and Dog will have a Dog and Monkey emotional connection at a lot of different things. They will be willing to try new things a lot more than you are. This can be good for you regarding helping you grow as a person. Additionally, this can be handy. Your Monkey is likely to be continuously surprising you with what he/she can do. Your A Monkey may tend to be a Jack of all trades, which means that your Monkey may be willing to take on various tasks that you aren’t good at or don’t like. Especially if it means learning something new.

Life Compatibility

Your Monkey may be willing to learn how to lay tile this week, and how to use a sophisticated computer program next month, and how to make gourmet food from scratch the following month. Living with a monkey in a Dog and Monkey love compatibility often involves pleasant surprises as you come home from work to find out your Monkey learned to make your favorite dish, or fixed the car, or created a work of art for you. Let your Monkey use the multiple talents and hunger for learning to make your life better.

Also, Monkeys tend not to be as risk-averse as Dogs in a Dog Monkey relationship. This means that your Monkey may be good at helping you take risks because sometimes, you may tend to be too careful. Let your Monkey encourage you to step out and take the risk you need to try to get your dream job or try those things you want to do but aren’t sure about.

Dog and Monkey Compatibility: Negative Traits

Monkeys can tend to be very conniving. They may constantly be scheming to get whatever it is that they want. Make sure to get to know your Monkey well before committing to a Dog Monkey compatibility. This is to ensure that you are compatible and that your Monkey is not playing you because you are of interest at the moment.

Marriage Compatibility

Monkeys often like new things. They don’t like deep relationships or a  long time commitment like a Dog with Monkey marriage. This means that it can be hard to find a Monkey who wants to settle down. Make sure that you get to know your Monkey and that your commitment levels are compatible. Also, you will want to make sure that you are comfortable with letting your Monkey learn different things all of the time, so you keep your Monkey interested.

Social Compatibility

Make sure you are familiar with your Monkey’s sense of humor before committing to a Dog-Monkey relationship. Many people are annoyed by being on the receiving end of practical jokes. Remember that your Monkey does pranks only in fun and be light-hearted about it. Your Monkey will probably do pranks and jokes in situations that your friends and family may find inappropriate. Be ready to help smooth out any issues by making sure you let your friends and family know ahead of time that your Monkey only does pranks in fun. Once they understand that, it will be much easier to calm things down when they do a prank someone doesn’t appreciate.

Summary: Dog and Monkey Compatibility

Dog-Monkey soulmates have a lot of differences, some of which will make a long-term relationship challenging. This does not mean that it can’t work, but it does mean that you need to be sure that both you and your prospective partner are willing to put a lot of effort into the relationship.

Remember that your Monkey will want a lot more different experiences than you are and that your Monkey needs to be constantly learning, or he/she will get bored. Let your Monkey do new things, but encourage your Monkey to do new things that will help you both grow together instead of apart. If you are willing to have a good sense of humor and be open to new adventures in life, a Dog and Monkey’s compatibility with a Monkey can succeed.

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