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Who is compatible with Monkey zodiac?

Monkey Compatibility - Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Monkey Love Compatibility with 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

Monkey compatibility in love always goes after what they want and rarely do this in a straight-forward manner. There is almost still an ulterior motive. In dating, Monkey covers you in flattery and attention, guard your heart. Chinese zodiac Monkeys know how to charm potential love interests. They are good at it. There is just one problem; you won’t know if this person loves you or wants to play.

Monkey and Rat Compatibility

If there is something that Monkey and Rat soulmates have in common, it is your interest in being social. Often if you are not at work, you would rather be out with friends or spending time at bars, restaurants, and clubs. You might even be the social one at work as well. Both of you are very intelligent and like to compare ideas and share thoughts with your coworkers. Read the full Chinese zodiac Monkey compatibility with Rat zodiac.


Monkey and Ox Compatibility

Monkey loves to have fun and be outgoing, while Ox is more reserved and dependable. More importantly, you like yourself as a person and have no desire to change for someone else. That is something the two of you respect each other. When Monkey and Ox zodiac signs are attracted to each other and dating, you are interested in the person in front of you. Nothing that you say or do can change them to be more like you. Read the full Chinese zodiac Monkey compatibility with Ox.


Monkey and Tiger Compatibility

Monkey and Tiger zodiac signs are outgoing and social, so you likely caught the other sign’s eye just by being you. You are always looking for a good time and have the energy to take on whatever you choose to do together. If either of you invites the other on a physically and mentally involved date, there will be little hesitation to try it out. Both of you are almost matched in energy. Read the full Chinese zodiac Monkey compatibility with Tiger.


Monkey and Rabbit Compatibility

Monkey’s entertaining qualities will be an attractive element for rabbits, and they will love that sort of attention. Whether you are one in a crowd or one-on-one, you will have plenty to talk about. There will be fun and games in a Monkey and Rabbit friendship. But, Monkey will discover that you can open up more and not just be the person who makes everyone laugh. Read the full Chinese zodiac Monkey compatibility with Rabbit.

Monkey and Dragon Compatibility

What attracts Monkey and Dragon soulmates are your similarities that bring you joy and happiness. Both of you are full of energy and love to interact with all sorts of people. You would rather be on the go than warming the couch at home. You are also good communicators. In the social spotlight, you want to be involved in discussions and debates. Read the full Chinese zodiac Monkey compatibility with Dragon.


Monkey and Snake Compatibility

When Monkey and Snake in love meet, you will notice that both are smart with a quick wit. Competition is a game that both of you like to play positively. You are respectful to your partner even when you are not the sharpest one in that round. Both of you are also social individuals. You are entertaining excellent entertainers if you host an event in your home or a small venue. Read the full Chinese zodiac Monkey compatibility with Snake.

Monkey and Horse Compatibility

Monkey and Horse zodiac signs are likely to run into each other long before you start dating because you are social and prefer to be out with friends when you are not working. Then again, you don’t mind being the representative of your company or business at social or after-hours gatherings. Overall, both of you are energetic and enjoy going out. Read the full Chinese zodiac Monkey compatibility with Horse.


Monkey and Sheep Compatibility

Monkey zodiac will not only like that Sheep plays shy and coy, but you will also be curious and engaged when you get involved in discussions and creative ideas. Sheep zodiac is drawn to Monkey’s energy and enthusiasm for fun. You will also be interested in following through with new things to do, whether outdoors or in the Monkey and Sheep love compatibility. Read the full Chinese zodiac Monkey compatibility with Sheep.

Monkey and Monkey Compatibility

Where other signs may struggle with keeping up with you or dealing with your temperament, another Monkey will understand because they have been there too. Monkey and Monkey soulmates are willing to try new things or share things with your partner that you know they will enjoy too. You both have the stamina and drive to keep moving short-attention-span to keep up with variety. Read the full Chinese zodiac Monkey compatibility with another Monkey.


Monkey and Rooster Compatibility

Monkey is the more outgoing personality of the Monkey and Rooster horoscope match. Your confidence and will likely be an attractive factor to Rooster. Monkey will be charmed by the goodness and care that you show to others as well as your intellect that rivals yours. This is the kind of mental stimulation that both of you are looking for in a relationship. Together you can work on a variety of tasks and projects. You make a great team that can come up with new ideas and executes them into something tangible. Read the full Chinese zodiac Monkey compatibility with Rooster zodiac.

Monkey and Dog Compatibility

Monkey is a social zodiac sign. You love to share stories and tell jokes. While Dog likes to be around people, you don’t share the same need for the social spotlight as Monkey. Instead, you enjoy listening to your partner and share in the fun attitude. When you are together, you engage in Monkey and Dog conversations that connect the two of you on a different level. Read the full Chinese zodiac Monkey compatibility with Dog.


Monkey and Pig Compatibility

Monkey is loud and proud, and that can be an attractive feature for the romantic Pig. You may be swept off your feet by the things that Monkey wants to do with you in your Monkey and Pig love life. Monkey will be drawn to your elegance and caring ways. You may show them a side of life that they are not aware of, giving to others and not focusing as much on your own needs. Read the full Chinese zodiac Monkey compatibility with Pig.

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