Cancer Rising: Personality Traits of Cancer Ascendant

What is a Cancer rising sign?

Cancer Rising - Cancer Ascendant

Cancer Rising: All about Cancer Ascendant

What is Cancer Rising Sign/Cancer Ascendant?

Not everyone is lucky enough to have Cancer as their sun sign, but each sun sign still has the chance to be born under Cancer as a rising sign. Cancer rises each and every day at different times for each sign. If a sign is lucky enough to be born under Cancer rising, they will pick up on some of the traditional Cancer traits.

The rising signs traits will be shown most readily on first impressions, but their sun sign’s personality traits will still shine through most of all. For a person to know their rising sign, they will need to know three things: their sun sign, the approximate time they were born (down to at least the hour), and what time the sun rose on the day they were born (which can be found easily on online weather almanacs).


Cancer Rising Personality Traits

It can be difficult to find information on rising signs, which is why not many people know what their rising sign is or how it affects them. Upon birth, each person is assigned both a sun sign and a rising sign, as well as a mess of other astrological traits.

A person’s sun sign depends on the day they were born, but the rising sign depends on the time a person was born. The sun sign affects a person’s core personality traits. Those who know someone well can recognize their friend’s sun sign traits well. However, a person’s rising sign traits are likely to be more noticeable on a first impression, but these traits will fade into the background as a person gets to know them better.

  • Strong Family Values

A person who has Cancer rising in their sign will take on many of the traditional Cancer traits. Cancer people usually have strong family values, and they rarely put themselves before others. They are intelligent, caring, and helpful people.

Hard-working & Determined

These people care little about material possessions and use money more as a tool than a status symbol. Cancer people work hard in their careers, and they do their best not to let anyone down.

This can stress them out at times, but it is a small price to pay for all of the hard work they do. When born under Cancer rising, the signs will take on some of the best, and very little of the worst, Cancer traits.

How Cancer Rising Affects the Zodiac Sign

Each sign person has a small chance of being born under Cancer ascendant, whether or not their sun sign is actually Cancer. Below are each of the twelve sun signs, the basic times for when Cancer rising enters these signs, and how Cancer rising affects the sign’s personalities.

However, the times below are based on a 6 am sunrise, so if a person is born on a day with different sunrise time, they will need to move the times forward or back to match up with the difference to find out their true rising sign.

1. Aries (10 am-12 pm)

Aries people are energetic, determined, and a little bit stubborn at times. When this sign is born under Cancer ascendant, they tend to calm down. They will put more focus on others, rather than seeing themselves as the center of attention. This can make an Aries person more protective of the people they love.

2. Taurus (8 am-10 am)

Taurus people are steadfast, shy, and they can be a bit narrow-minded. When born under Cancer rising, this sign will do whatever it can to feel more secure in their life. Taurus people will do things like hoarding money, being overprotective of the people who they care about, and trying to do their best to keep their good status at work and in their reputation.

3. Gemini (6 am-8 am)

Gemini people love to talk to others, as well as use their creativity and intelligence as much as possible. According to the Cancer rising facts, this sign will relax more around people, which can actually cause them to be less sociable. They may lean on their intelligence more than their creativity as well, especially at work.

4. Cancer (4 am-6 am)

A Cancer born under Cancer rising sign will keep all of the traits as a normal Cancer person, but their traits will be obvious at a first meeting and will only become clearer as they get to know someone better.

They will live their lives by playing it safe. Cancer wants to protect themselves and the people they love. They will do whatever they need to succeed.

5. Leo (2 am-4 am)

Leo people are charismatic, energetic, and motivated to do whatever they need to succeed, which is very different from a Cancer person. When born under Cancer rising, this sign will slow down in both their career and social life. They will focus more on friends and family than themselves. They will still strive to be successful, but in a different way than Leos usually do.

6. Virgo (12 am-2 am)

Virgo people are organized and family-oriented, much like a Cancer person. When born under Cancer ascendant, this sign will care even more about others than they already do. Parental is the best word to describe how this sign will act. The matters of the home will be more important than all other matters.

7. Libra (10 pm-12 am)

Libra people want balance in their lives, plain and simple. Born under Cancer rising, they can easily obtain this goal. They will be more peaceful than other Libras. They will work harder to make harmony between friends and between anyone else who will listen. This will make their social life different from the average Libra person’s social life.

8. Scorpio (8 pm-10 pm)

Scorpio people have an air of mystery about them, but inside they are creative and passionate. Born under Cancer ascendant sign, this sign will seem cool and collected on the outside, but will still retain their passion on the inside. They will also become more protective of their family and loved ones.

9. Sagittarius (6 pm-8 pm)

Sagittarius people are always moving from one place to another, but they tend to be a little calmer when they are born under Cancer rising. These people will still move around, but more likely for vacations, not just all of the time. They will still be outgoing, but they will have fewer friends, but also deeper relationships with their loved ones.

10. Capricorn (4 pm-6 pm)

Capricorn people are often family-oriented and calm, almost like a reflection of a Cancer person. When born under Cancer rising, not much about their personality changes. They may do more to protect their family and loved ones than they usually would. Tradition, hard work, and honesty will be more important to them than ever.

11. Aquarius (2 pm-4 pm)

Aquarius people are fun, sociable, and energetic. When born under Cancer rising, they will instead have a few relationships, but they will be deep and meaningful. They will still want to make a change in their lives, but they will want this change to not only affect themselves but others as well. They will be more considerate of the world around them.

12. Pisces (12 pm-2 pm)

Pisces people are creative and dreamy. They have a strong sense of intuition, which is only heightened when they are born under Cancer rising. They will also become more empathic and caring towards their loved ones. These traits will make their minds focus on matters on Earth more than those in the clouds.

Summary: Rising Sign Cancer

Cancer is rising, in a way, tames and signs and helps them to focus on the things that truly matter in life, the things that money cannot buy. This rising sign only encourages the other signs to become more wholesome, and there aren’t many downsides to that.

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