Taurus Rising: Personality Traits of Taurus Ascendant

What is a Taurus rising sign?

Taurus Rising - Taurus Ascendant

Taurus Rising: All about Taurus Ascendant

What is Taurus Rising Sign/Taurus Ascendant?

Not everyone is born under the Taurus Sun Sign, but every sign has some Taurus-like traits in them. Some people show these traits more than others. Other than actual Taurus people, the people who best show these traits, at least on the first impression, are people who are born under Taurus rising.

Each sign has an equal chance of being born under this rising time, as it happens every day, even though it happens at different times for each sign. For a person to know their rising sign, they must first know their sun sign and the time they were born.

The exact time will be the best tool, but a person should at least know the hour they were born. For example, a Taurus born from 4 am-6 am a Taurus in Taurus rising (Taurus Lagna), but an Aries born from 6 am-8 am would be an Aries with Taurus rising.


Taurus Rising  Personality Traits

Just like a person’s sun sign, a person’s rising sign never changes. The rising sign they are assigned at birth is the one they keep throughout their whole life. The rising traits are likely to affect their personality in small ways, but the traits of their sun sign will still be dominant in their personality.

These traits are likely what catch another person’s first impression more than anything else. A person who knows someone well is more likely to overlook their rising sign and focus in on their sun sign traits.

Shy & Strong

A person who has Taurus rising sign, no matter what their sun sign is, will likely seem shy at the first impression. They are the strong silent type at first, but depending on their sun sign, they may open up to others later.


They are not outgoing and will prefer to be alone than with strangers, although they will still like the company of friends. These people like to mind their own business rather than to poke their noses about in other’s businesses.

Slow & Steady

They make great friends over time, but they may be hard to make friends with at first. They are slow and steady when it comes to projects, but they are sure to get the job done.

How Taurus Rising Affects the Zodiac Signs

Each sign has a chance to come into Taurus rising, but each chance comes at a different time for each sign. Each sign will have the Taurus rising time below.

However, these times are based on a 6 am sunrise, so they may need to be adjusted if the day a person was born did not have a 6 am sunrise. For example, if the sun rose at 8 am that day, a person would shift the times below two hours ahead to find their real Taurus rising time.

1. Aries (6 am-8 am)

Aries people naturally act nearly the opposite of Taurus people, so things can get confusing when an Aries is born under Taurus rising.

These people are energetic and creative, but because of the Taurus in them, they do not act as quickly on their ideas as other Aries does. They can be more stubborn, but more dependable, than the average Aries person.

2. Taurus (4 am-6 am)

A Taurus person born under Taurus ascendant will only have their more Taurus-like traits amplified. These people will work towards their goals at a slow and steady pace.

They will be some of the most dependable and least changing people out there. They can be stubborn at times, but they will never act rashly. There is no truer Taurus than a Taurus born under Taurus rising.

3. Gemini (2 am-4 am)

Gemini people are a highly sociable sign, but when born under Taurus rising sign, they may be shy upon first meeting someone new. They will be just as creative and intelligent as any other Gemini, but they will be slower in using these skills, but more likely to finish their goals as results. Geminis born under Taurus rising are likely to have more stable lives than other Geminis.

4. Cancer (12 am-2 am)

Cancer people are usually relaxed and have much of the same traits as a Taurus person. When this sign is born under Taurus rising, they will live their lives in a stable manner that would make other Cancers jealous.

They may focus slightly less on their families and be a little more selfish. However, this sign will always be affectionate, dependable, and caring to those who they love.

5. Leo (10 pm-12 am)

Leo people are charming, headstrong, sociable, and creative. When this sign is born under Taurus ascendant sign, they are likely to work towards their goals at a slower, but more reliable pace.

They will work with less finesse, but they will get better results. They may give in to their indulgences and temptations more, but their sense of luxury, reward, and love will remain unchanged.

6. Virgo (8 pm-10 pm)

Virgo people are strict, organized, and they stick to their morals. They already have much in common with Taurus people. Based on the Taurus rising meaning, this sign will work even harder than they usually do. They may get less distracted while working and doing other tasks. They will be happy as long as they can work well, which they usually can.

7. Libra (6 pm-8 pm)

Libra people love to have balance in as many areas of their lives as possible, and being born under Taurus rising helps them to accomplish this goal. Being born this rising helps to keep the Libra person’s life running slowly but steadily. This will also help them to be more relaxed in their social life, which in turn will be helpful in many other areas of their lives.

8. Scorpio (4 pm-6 pm)

Scorpio people can be both secretive and passionate. When not born under Taurus rising, they are relaxed than when they are born under this rising. They will be less emotional but also more selfish than they usually would be. They are less likely to share their passions with others when born under Taurus rising.

9. Sagittarius (2 pm-4 pm)

Sagittarius people have an adventurous spirit that usually guides them through life, but they are guided slightly more by logic when they are born under Taurus ascendant. They are also more likely to spend their money on material possessions than experiences when born under Taurus rising.

10. Capricorn (12 pm-2 pm)

Capricorn people are practical and calm, much like the average Taurus person. When born under the Taurus ascendant sign, they are likely to focus more on saving money, rather than spending. They are likely to have less impulse control issues. Their lives will be more stable than ever when born under Taurus rising.

11. Aquarius (10 am-12 pm)

Aquarius people are creative and sociable, but when they are born under Taurus rising, they are likely to trade in some of their creativity for logic, and their playful antics for stability and security. They are likely to care more about their community and loved ones than themselves.

12. Pisces (8 am-10 am)

According to the Taurus rising facts, Pisces is romantic, creative, and dreamy. Being born under this rising will help this sign to live their lives more practically than other Pisces do. They will still be filled with love, but platonic love instead of crazy romantic love. They will radiate positive vibes to all whom they speak to.

Summary: Rising Sign Taurus

Taurus rising makes the signs a little more stable, which is never a bad thing. These signs born under Taurus ascendant may be a bit more reserved than others of their same signs, but they will be safer and more secure because of it.

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