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Virgo Rising: Personality Traits of Virgo Ascendant

What is a Virgo rising sign?

Virgo Rising - Virgo Ascendant

Virgo Rising: All about Virgo Ascendant

What is Virgo Rising Sign/Virgo Ascendant?

Virgo people are practical, calm, family orientated, and some may even call them perfectionists. Only some people can claim to be a part of this responsible sign, but even more, people are born under Virgo rising and without even knowing it.

Many people do not know what their rising sign is because it sounds more difficult to figure out than it actually is. Firstly, a person needs to know their sun sign, which is based on the day a person was born on. Next, they need to know what time they were born.


Lastly, it is important to know what time the sun rose on the day they were born. Virgo ascendant is a time that comes around every day, but only those who are born within the small two-hour window of Virgo rising are lucky enough to gain of Virgo’s wonderful personality traits.

Virgo Rising Personality Traits

A person is assigned both their sun sign and their rising sign at birth, and these two things do not change during their entire lives. A person’s sun sign dictates most of a person’s personality traits–at least the more dominant traits.

A person’s rising sign instead controls some background traits. These stay with a person for their whole lives, but they are most noticeable when they meet someone new. In most cases, the rising sign’s traits act out the most upon a first impression and fade to let the sun sign traits grow as a person gets a stronger relationship with a new person.

  • Caring and Detail Oriented

With Virgo rising, a sign will take on many of Virgo’s best and even some of their worst traits. Virgo people are detail-oriented, they care deeply about their family and friends, and they have the urge to do good in the world, which are all great traits that someone would be lucky to get.

  • Stressed

Of course, there are some downsides to having Virgo as a rising sign. Virgo people get stressed easily, they can take a long time to complete their goals, and they do not have much time to themselves. All in all, there are more good traits than bad. There is no doubt that Virgo as a rising sign will make a great impact on any sign’s life.

How Virgo Rising Affects the  Zodiac Signs

Virgo rising sign is only given to those who are lucky enough to be born in a two-hour window for their sign. Below is a list of all of the signs, the times which each sign goes through Virgo rising each day (based on a 6 am sunrise), and how Virgo rising in a sign affects some of their personality traits.

If a person is not born on a day with a 6 am sunrise, they will need to adjust the times below either forward or backward to align with the accurate sunrise time for the day they were born on.

1. Aries (2 pm – 4 pm)

Based on the Virgo rising meaning, Aries people are strong, proud, and they often put their own needs before others. When born under this rising, they will be more considerate of others, but they will still move forward on their personal goals. They will be more intelligent than other Aries, even if they may not be as social. It is given and takes with this combination of signs.

2. Taurus (12 pm – 2 pm)

Taurus and Virgo already have much in common, so when a Taurus person is born under Virgo rising, they will become more organized in their lives, and less materialistic. This sign will care just as much for their family as friends as they always were, but they are likely to be more dependable than other Taurus people.

3. Gemini (10 am – 12 pm)

Gemini people are bubbly and creative when they want to have a good time, but they are intelligent and careful when they work. According to the Virgo rising predictions, this sign is likely to focus more on their intelligence, work, and family than on their social life and creative skills. Their lives will be more productive than the average Gemini person’s, but it could also be more boring.

4. Cancer (8 am – 10 am)

Cancer people have much in common with Virgo people already, so when they are born under Virgo ascendant, not many changes. They will likely become more organized and hardworking. Cancer people are sure to gain many positive Virgo traits, without losing any of their own great Cancer traits.

5. Leo (6 am – 8 am)

Leo people are driven, charismatic, creative, and intelligent. They have some things in common with Virgos, but they are mostly different. When born under Virgo rising, these Leos will likely have many different priorities than the average Leo. They will likely focus on their career and family over their social life.

6. Virgo (4 am – 6 am)

A Virgo person born under zodiac Virgo rising will have all of the same traits as an average Virgo person. They will be as determined as ever, more organized and detailed oriented than any other zodiac sign, and so family oriented that it would be crazy for them not to have children. This Virgo is the perfect picture of what a Virgo person should be.

7. Libra (2 am – 4 am)

Libra people love the balance in their lives. They are creative, sociable, and intelligent. Being born under Virgo ascendant sign helps them to keep balance in their lives. These Libras are more organized than most, which helps them solve many of their problems. They will be able to stay out of the drama, which they will love.

8. Scorpio (12 am – 2 am)

Scorpio people are creative, passionate, and a little mysterious. When born under Virgo rising sign, this sign will lose a little mystery but gain a better sense of reality. They will be able to accomplish much more than the average Scorpio. Their hard work, both creative and otherwise, will help them to become successful.

9. Sagittarius (10 pm – 12 am)

Sagittarius people are creative roamers who find a friend in everyone they meet. They are near opposites of Virgo people, which helps them to balance out their personalities when they are born under Virgo ascendant. This sign will mellow out and become more serious about the things that matter, they will still keep their creativity and sense of fun.

10. Capricorn (8 pm – 10 pm)

Capricorn people are organized and practical, much like a Virgo person. Born under Virgo rising sign, this sign will be more practical and serious than ever. They will be able to focus better and get more work done. Their family life will be caring and wonderful. However, they may be more stressed than the average Capricorn people.

11. Aquarius (6 pm – 8 pm)

As per the Virgo rising meaning, Aquarius people are creative, fun, and intelligent. Being born this rising will bring out the intelligence in this sign, but that doesn’t mean it will dim their creativity. Their social life will be more organized than an average Aquarius, which can help them to build better relationships as well.

12. Pisces (4 pm – 6 pm)

Pisces people are passionate and imaginative. When born under Virgo rising, this sign will use their creativity and passion to guide their careers and family lives. They will put their skills to practical use. This will help them to do the things they love while taking care of the people they love as well.

Summary: Rising Sign Virgo

Virgo people are practical and caring. They may try to act more put together than they actually are, but they do still have all of the traits they love to brag about. Their wonderful Virgo rising traits are sure to add something great to each of the sign’s personalities.

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