Leo Rising: Personality Traits of Leo Ascendant

What is a Leo rising sign?

Leo Rising - Leo Ascendant Traits

Leo Rising: All about Leo Ascendant

What is Leo Rising Sign/Leo Ascendant?

Leo people are known for being ambitious, charismatic, creative, and intelligent. Not everyone can claim to belong to this sun sign, but many people have Leo as their rising sign, and they don’t even know it.

Leo rising is a time that happens each and every day, and many signs, both Leo, and all the others have a chance to be born under Leo rising. Those lucky enough to be born under Leo rising will pick up on some of the stereotypical Leo rising personality traits.

It is important to note, however, it can sometimes be difficult for a person to know what their rising sign is, as it takes three basic things to figure it out: a person’s date of birth (to determine their sun sign), a person’s time of birth (at least down to the hour), and the time of the sunrise on the date of a person’s birth (also at least down to the hour).


Leo Rising Personality Traits

Since each person is assigned a sun sign and a rising sign at birth, they keep them for their entire lives; they do not change. A sun sign tends to mold a person’s personality for the most part. The traits of a person’s sun sign will be their dominant personality traits, and it can be easy to guess which sign a person has based on how they act.

The rising signs instead influence how others see a person upon a first impression. As time goes on, a person is less likely to notice another person’s rising traits, as their sun sign traits will become more noticeable instead. Of course, the rising sign traits will always be there to influence a person’s personality.

  • Determined

A person who has Leo as their rising sign will show some of the traditional Leo traits in many parts of their lives. Leo people are known for being one of the most determined sun signs of the zodiac. They will stop at nothing to complete their goals.

  • Charming

This sign can be charming when it wants to be, but it can also be sly when it needs to be. Leo is one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac, as well as one of the most creative.

Stubborn and Stressed

At times, this zodiac sign can be a bit stubborn and stressed out, but for the most part, any sign would be lucky to gain some of these traits.

How Leo Rising Affects the Zodiac Signs

Leo rising goes through each sign once a day, for about two hours at a time. The rising sign is assigned at birth, so there is only one chance to get it. Below is a list of all of the sun signs, the approximate times (based on a 6 am sunrise) that Leo rising description goes into each sign, and how Leo rising affects each of the sign’s personality traits.

If a person was not born on a day with a 6 am sunrise, then they will need to adjust the times next to their sign either forward or back in hours to accommodate for the difference in sunrise times.

1. Aries (12 pm-2 pm)

Aries people are determined, intelligent, and social, much like a Leo person. When born under Leo ascendant, this sign will gain some creativity. This will be able to boost their social life, and it may even be able to help in future careers. Overall, this sign gains much from being born under Leo rising.

2. Taurus (10 am-12 pm)

Taurus people are determined, patient, and a little bullheaded. Being born under Leo rising encourages them to work harder to complete their goals. Money may also be more important to these people, as will be material possessions. This may also help them to have more creativity than the average Taurus person.

3. Gemini (8 am-10 am)

Gemini people are just as sociable, creative, and intelligent as any Leo person, but being born under Leo rising sign helps them to become more of a go-getter as well. Geminis who are born under this rising sign are likely to be more confident, more productive, as well as more relaxed than the average Gemini person.

4. Cancer (6 am-8 am)

Cancer people do their best to be as refined as possible. They care much more about others than themselves, but a Cancer born under Leo will put some extra emphasis on themselves.

They will work harder at their goals to both please themselves and others. The added creativity from Leo is sure to give a boost to their career and hobbies as well.

5. Leo (4 am-6 am)

Leo born under Leo rising will not gain any new traits, but the stereotypical Leo traits that they already have will grow stronger. These people will be more creative, more sociable, and more intelligent than the average Leo person. They can make friends easily, advance in their goals quickly, and live a full and luxurious life.

6. Virgo (2 am-4 am)

Virgo people are quiet, reserved, and family-oriented. They seem nothing like Leos, but based on the Leo rising meaning they still pick up on some of their traits. These people will focus more on their goals, even if their goals are not for personal advancement. The added creativity and sociability of their personality will also help to get them further in life than they would likely get without it.

7. Libra (12 am- 2 am)

Libra people are the moderators of the zodiac. They try to act as fair as possible in their social life. When born under Leo rising, this sign will become more confident. Fairness will still be important, but so will be getting what they want. Their creativity, intelligence, and motivation levels will also get a boost.

8. Scorpio (10 pm-12 am)

Scorpio people are creative, passionate, and a bit mysterious. Born under Leo rising, they are likely to be more confident than the average Scorpio. Their creativity will be something worth bragging about, and their passions are likely to turn towards beautiful people. They are likely to have more realistic goals than the average Scorpio person as well.

9. Sagittarius (8 pm-10 pm)

Sagittarius people like to roam around, making new friends, and trying new things wherever they go. If a Sagittarius is lucky enough to be born under Leo rising, they will gain more direction in their goals than other Sagittarius people have. They will still be creative and sociable, but their intelligence will be sure to get a great boost!

10. Capricorn (6 pm-8 pm)

Capricorn people are practical, steady, and intelligent. As per the Leo rising predictions, the Leo rising helps to make them more creative and sociable than an average Capricorn person would ever be. Their goals are likely to be more impressive, especially once they accomplish them. A Capricorn born under Leo rising will be livelier than ever!

11. Aquarius (4 pm-6 pm)

Aquarius people are fun, social, and creative. When born under Leo ascendant, they keep all of these traits, but they become more intelligent and focused as well. These people will have concrete goals instead of being as aimless as the average Aquarius. They will still be just as much fun as they always were, though.

12. Pisces (2 pm-4 pm)

Pisces people are some of the most creative and romantic people out there. When born under Leo rising sign, this sign will likely think of new ways to produce beautiful works of art. They will have concrete goals, which will help them to become more successful than the average Pisces. Also, they won’t lose even a small amount of their romantic charm.

Summary: Rising Sign Leo

Leo helps the signs to become greater than they ever could have imagined, more creative than in their dreams, and more social than any parties out there. All in, a sign born under Leo rising is a pretty lucky sign.

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