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Taurus Child: Personality Traits and Characteristics

Taurus Child Personality, Traits and Characteristics

Taurus as a Child: Taurus Boy and Girl Characteristics

Taurus Child (April 20 – May 20) can be highly emotional, but also very loving. They take a little while to warm up to new things because they don’t like change. They can be emotionally sensitive at times, especially when they aren’t getting their way. These children can be stubborn, but that just makes them more determined to complete their goals. Caring for a Taurus child isn’t always an easy task, but it is always rewarding.

Interests and Hobbies

Taurus hobbies and interests: When a Taurus kid gets a new interest or hobby they will become entirely committed to it. This may seem a bit obsessive at times, but that doesn’t mean that it’s unhealthy. Taurus children are most drawn to games and activities that have rules to them.

Taurus Child Traits and Personality

Board and card games will be some of their favorite, but they may not like artistic pursuits that have no rules to them.

They like their hobbies to be organized. Of course, they also like having a hobby that challenges them a little bit. Logic puzzles can be fun even for young Taurus toddlers.

Making Friends

Taurus friendship compatibility: Making friends can be a complicated process for Taurus minors. On one hand, they crave attention and love from other people. However, they don’t always do things that make them particularly lovable. They like to play by the rules, literally.

Taurus children are not likely to get along with children who cheat in games or who like to play games that don’t have explicit rules to them. Sometimes the Taurus child’s temper will get out of hand, which can also make it harder for them to make friends. They will need to learn to relax and how to play well with others if they want to make friends.

At School

How Taurus child in school? Even from an early age, Taurus people are hard workers. Taurus kids usually do well in school because there are so many rules to follow. They feel comfortable knowing that there is something that they should be doing. They are determined to do their best, making it easy for them to pay attention during class and do their homework later.

Taurus babies can get stressed out at times because of how hard they work. Their grades are likely to be high, but they will need an adult to let them know it’s okay to relax every once in a while.


How independent a Taurus Child: Taurus minors go back and forth when it comes to being independent or not. When it comes to homework they like to work alone. These children are very good at playing alone when they need to entertain themselves, but they will love when a parent plays a board game with them.

The Taurus baby has many traits that make them seem independent, but at the end of the day, all they want is physical affection from their parents. Hugs make them feel good about themselves. They need these things to feel loved, just as Taurus adults do.

Taurus baby personality characteristics

Differences Between Taurus Girls and Boys

Both genders of Taurus children can be stubborn, but they take out this stubbornness in different ways. Girls tend to try to talk their way into getting what they want, while boys are more likely to yell when they are young.

Both genders will need hobbies to keep them busy. Taurus girls will be naturally attracted to sports but may need encouragement to do art, while Taurus boys work in the opposite ways. Both genders mature faster than other signs, leaving teens grounded and calm.

Compatibility between Taurus Child and 12 Zodiac Signs Parents

1. Taurus Child, Aries Parent

While the Taurus kid is relaxed and calm, the Aries parent is a high spirited being.

2. Taurus Child, Taurus Parent

Both the child and parent would have numerous activities to indulge in together including baking, visiting friends, swimming etc.

3. Taurus Child, Gemini Parent

The Taurus kid would definitely need a lot of time to relax but the Gemini parent would be out and about.

4. Taurus Child, Cancer Parent

The Cancer parent would be careful enough to offer the Taurus baby the comfort and security they strongly desire.

5. Taurus Child, Leo Parent

The loving and caring nature of the Leo parent would certainly meet the emotional demands of the Taurus baby.

6. Taurus Child, Virgo Parent

The Taurus child would be a good example to the Virgo parent thanks to their grounded nature.

7. Taurus Child, Libra Parent

Taurus kid and Libra parent bond together in the most admirable manner.

8. Taurus Child, Scorpio Parent

The Taurus parent would love the idea of watching their sweet nature kids grow to become independent beings.

9. Taurus Child, Sagittarius Parent

The Sagittarius parent would yearn to give the Taurus kid the freedom that they desire. Good news is that the Taurus child is quite independent.

10. Taurus Child, Capricorn Parent

Both the Taurus baby and Capricorn parent are down to earth.

11. Taurus Child, Aquarius Parent

The airy nature of the Aquarius parent would differ from the grounded nature of the Taurus kid.

12. Taurus Child, Pisces Parent

The Pisces parent would always thank their child for helping them find some ground to settle on.


It’s not always easy raising a stubborn Taurus baby, but the love that they give their parents makes it all worth it in the end. Their determination will lead them to do great things in their childhood and adult life. This calm and lovable child is sure to be the light of their parents’ lives.

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