Pelican Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Symbolism and Messages

What does a Pelican Symbolize?

Pelican Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Pelican Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

Pelicans are land birds that live on the shore of the large water bodies. The primary food is sea creatures, especially fish. These birds are very strategically placed in their habitats, making them prone to plenty of food. They live in families and groups. If you choose pelicans as your spirit animal, it has so many symbolism. This article will be highlighting the meaning, symbolism, and appearances of the Pelican spirit animal or animal totem.

Meaning of Pelican Spirit Animal

Spiritually this bird has a lot to offer when selected as someone’s spirit guide. It has so many lessons that it comes with that can help better our day to day life. Pelicans are very focused and strategic birds. This animal teaches us not to have faith without action in life. It encourages us always to have faith and work towards our destiny. It’s also very friendly living in families and groups. It is a good indicator of a good relationship between us. Pelican embraces the fact that together we stand, divided we fall. When looking for food, Pelicans waits patiently and knows the right time to strike. They are good fisher birds. Pelicans encourage us to be focused and be keen on the right time. They also teach the virtue of patience, tolerance, and endurance in life.


The Symbolism of Pelican Spirit Animal

Pelican spirit animals symbolize:


It is a sign of generosity. Giving, minding, and helping those in need at all times. Although it also shows that you need to take care of yourself. It calls for a balance between helping others and caring for you. Pelican, as an animal totem, has an excellent life lesson.


Mother pelicans have unique characteristics in taking care of their young ones. They ensure that the young one grows in a peaceful and happy environment. They regurgitate food before giving to the young ones. Mother Pelican also feeds their young ones their blood as a sign of self-sacrifice. The Pelican mother symbolizes a good nurturing skill for our ladies and mothers. When it appears as a spirit guide to a lady, it reminds her of the importance of good mothering skills.


Pelican is a very responsible bird, always hunting in groups. Taking good care of the other group members and young ones. It’s a symbol of unity and being kind to others. Pelicans symbolize the importance of hardworking as a team player in a team. Working towards achieving a lot by adding up your efforts in that team. When it appears to an individual, it communicates a message of teamwork. It might be in your workplace or even your family. Pelican, as a powerful animal, wants you to be unity.

The Messages of Pelican Spirit Animal

Pelicans appear to individuals in dreams mostly. There are three messages from three different goals that Pelican’s totem conveys.

Pelican flying over your path

The pelican communicates a message of letting go of your past and bad habits. It is an encouragement for you to change your life for the good of yourself and others. Naturally, Pelicans are big birds with a pocket under their big beaks. This pocket is used to place food. When they want to fly, they make sure the pocket is empty for them to be light to operate. It is a good lesson that the flying pelican communicates. You should leave all the evil thoughts, negativity, and harmful behaviors for you to excel. It also indicates the importance of teamwork. Generosity is another virtue associated with this dream.

Pelican floating in the water

When a dream about a Pelican power animal floating in water comes to you, know that you need to have a life reflection and balance. The Pelican dream communicates a message of life balance. It reminds you that you need to reflect on your life and search for a balance. The balance will be the pillar of your success in life.

Pelican with a full beak

Pelican bird spirit animal with a full beak in a dream is a good sign. It shows that abundance and prosperity are coming your way. It is an encouragement to keep up the hard work. The goal encourages you to be part of a team that will help you achieve more in life. It teaches about the aspect of togetherness.

SUMMARY: Pelican Totem

Pelican spirit animal gives guidance to one’s character in life. It also has several life lessons associated with it. I now believe that if you have an encounter with the Pelican animal totem, you will be able to know its meaning and symbolism in your life.

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