Peacock Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Symbolism and Dreams

What does a Peacock Symbolize?

Peacock Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Peacock Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

The peacock spirit animal is a powerful animal totem with many positive traits that we can use for guidance. Also, the peacock spirit guide gives us a chance to emulate the characteristics of the peacock to better ourselves in life. Therefore, one should be in sync with most, if not all, of the totemic symbols of the peacock to be able to attain the best results from their guidance. However, like most of the other totems, one can suffer serious aftermath effects if they ignore the messages meaning.

Description of the Peacock Spirit Animal

Furthermore, the peacock belongs to the family of birds. They are beautiful birds that live in most parts of the world. Also, they have bright feathers that are sure to capture one’s attention. They always perform a delicate dance while trying to show off to their mates.


They also belong to the pheasant family. Moreover, the males are called peacocks and the female’s peahens. However, both are known as pea-fowls. They have a strange calling system to other peacocks. The peacocks also can fly too and do with a grace that it represents.

Meaning of the Peacock Spirit Animal

The purpose of the peacock power animal bears irony to the beauty of the peacock itself. It serves to remind people that their most prized possession is not something that they should dwell on so much. If you avoid such unnecessary concentrations, one can manage to be stable and have an appreciation of what they have at the time. Therefore, the peacock bears the meaning of having an open mind when approaching an issue in life regardless of its negativity or positivity.

On the other hand, the peacock animal totem means that one should be able to accept their visions and goals within them. Therefore, the peacock people should consult with the peacock spirit animal to help them make meaning of their status and achievements.

Symbolic Significance of the Peacock Spirit Animal

The significance of the peacock spirit guide has the meaning of respect and honor. They also have the norm of speaking their minds and standing up for what they believe. Furthermore, they like lavish lifestyles and enjoy the pattern of being themselves. They do no fear their arrogance and will tell most people off.

Some believe the peacock people are dependable, sure, and like seeking the truth out of all situations. They practice what they preach and are ready to back it up. Plus, they enjoy the attention that comes from other people who are always in awe of their beauty. They also have excellent leadership qualities and still make good leaders too.

Symbolic Meaning of the Peacock Dream

Do you see a Peacock in your dreams?

Peacock’s dream means that one is about to experience new growth, love, longevity, spring, and birth. The sight of the peacock in one’s thoughts is a sense of good omen. It shows the possibility of one having future wealth and progress in their lives. This progress can be in one’s relationship or even a career or just a project that they have been working on, amongst other things.

However, the sight of the bird in one’s dreams also shows the possibility of vanity, pride, and confidence. Therefore, one should rectify the sense of arrogance that they usually depict in life. Also, the sight of the bird symbolizes the spirit of many people watching you. They are admiring your life and may want to be like you.

The peacock also has the white species that also tend to appear in the peacock people’s dream. This means that one is about to have a divine connection with the celestial world. Therefore, they should be attentive to the dreams meaning so that they can harness the full potential of the dream.

SUMMARY: Peacock Totem

The peacock spirit animal is one of the birds that belong to the pheasant family. They are such a magnificent bird to behold due to their beautiful feathers. The peacock resonates with positive energy to its spirit animal members, and they usually look boastful. Moreover, one should learn the symbols of the peacock and apply them correctly so that they can enjoy the full benefits of the peacock’s totemic wisdom.

However, to those members of the peacock spirit guide that don’t adhere to the rules of the peacock totem. They suffer a significant blow-back. But if they take time to learn the practice and teachings, they usually manifest the energy of the peacock power animal and do well in life.

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