Snake and Pig Compatibility: Love, Relationship and Traits in Chinese Astrology

Are Snake and Pig compatible?

Snake and Pig Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Snake and Pig Chinese Compatibility: Years, Traits, Pros and Cons

The Chinese zodiac is one of the ancient traditions that provides people with insight into themselves. This lunar calendar gives explanations about a person’s behaviors and personality according to the animal symbol that represents that lunar year. From the Rat to the Pig, each animal shares similar characteristics with the people that are born in their year. Every twelve years, the cycle starts over, and a new generation of that animal sign is born. While many of these characteristics are positive and strong, there are also characteristics that are more of a weakness. Below are details about Snake and Pig compatibility.

Some people can deal with these strengths and weaknesses on their own, but these characteristics can also play a role in their compatibility with other signs. Certain relationships can be strong or weak based on Chinese zodiac signs. Some people can be great friends, but not good spouses. Others can work well in all aspects of life based on their zodiac signs’ compatibility. If you were born in the Year of the Snake, you might wonder where someone born in the Year of the Pig ranks in Snake and Pig love compatibility.


Snake and Pig Compatibility: Birth Years

Chinese Zodiac Sign Zodiac Position Most Recent Years
Snake 6th 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025..
Pig 12th 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031..

Snake Zodiac Compatibility Traits

Snake is charming and quiet even in a Snake and Pig dating. You do well in social situations, but often you prefer the comfort of your own home. It is easy for you to adapt to new situations and solve problems. There is a sense of calm in what you do and how you make people feel. The advice you give is fair and wise, which is why people come to you for your wisdom or mediation. Although people have no problem opening up to you, you are protective of your secrets and feelings.

There are only a few people that you are comfortable with opening up to. Trust does not come easily even Snake-Pig trust. Therefore they have certainly earned your trust to know so much about you. Still, you have your insecurities about your friends and lovers. Love is important in your life where you want a home that is stable and secure and full of love. You want a stable relationship that will last years.

Pig Zodiac Compatibility Traits

The pig is a symbol of wealth and fortune. You have a love for spending money and sharing gifts with friends and loved ones, but you also work for that money as well. It’s not about speed when it comes to completing your projects, but the quality of the work that goes into it. You are organized and precise. Your intelligence gets you far in life. You also don’t let life worry you. There is a sense of calm that keeps you and those around you from getting stressed out when times get urgent. This is encouraging and helpful. You are a positive individual to everyone around you. You also give your trust to just about everyone because you see the good in everyone. There is very little that seems to bother you in a Snake and Pig relationship.

Snake and Pig Compatibility: Relationship

You may enjoy each other in a company from time to time. It does not always mean that you are going to be able to maintain that level of happiness in a Snake & Pig relationship. It will take a lot of compromise and understanding to make sure that you two can survive life together.

Snake with Pig Compatibility: Positive Traits

The two of you make a great Snake Pig friendship. You have a number of similar qualities, Both of you love some of the indulgent items in your life whether you wear it, drive it, or design your home with it. Since both of you work hard for your money, you want to be smart about spending it, too. You also have strong friendships and believe in family and secure and stable home. You are adaptable to different situations that keep you calm and collected in times of stress.

Sexual Compatibility

It is important for you to work hard for what you have, plus it keeps your mind sharp and stimulated. At the same time, you can be homebodies who want to relax and enjoy the quiet time together. In a sexual relationship, both of you know how to bring on the charm and seduction. You can be romantic and sexy to the pleasure of your partner in a Snake Pig sexual compatibility.

Communication Compatibility

Snake Pig in love appreciates honesty in a relationship, and that is important for keeping Snake and Pig communication open. Neither of you likes to argue. In fact, you are more likely to avoid an argument to keep the peace. Pig is one of those signs that doesn’t hold a grudge, especially when the disagreement is trivial. You also want to have your independence, so you have no problem spending time on your projects only to come back together and share your day. Since both of you are positive, you can encourage each other in the work that you are passionate about.

Snake and Pig Compatibility: Negative Traits

Despite your common interests in Snake-Pig compatibility, it may not be enough to connect well in a love relationship. You are more likely to get into disagreements that you can’t seem to get yourselves out of. As smart as the two of you are, you may not be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas well enough for the other one to understand where you are going with it. You may rather keep to yourself than try to figure the problem out together. Or, as you two are good at solving problems, you may try to do it your way and not come to an agreement which is right or wrong.

Trust Compatibility

Snake has your insecurities which may affect Snake Pig trust. If you see Pig naturally flirting with someone else or getting the attention from someone other than you, those insecurities can easily come over you. Jealousy does not help your relationship. Even possessive feelings are more likely to push away Pig rather than bring them closer to you.

Also, Pig is very trusting of others. You may feel that your partner is too naive when it comes to strangers. You don’t want them to take advantage of your partner, but Pig may not see it that way or care. On the other hand, Snake can be cunning and manipulative for your gain. If you know how to play an overly-trusting Pig, they may be none the wiser in the Snake Pig love compatibility. When they find out, that hurt will inevitably end a relationship faster.

Summary: Snake and Pig Compatibility

The kind of relationship that Snake Pig soulmates share may be great as friends, but not so much as lovers or spouses. Your similarities may be too close, or your differences may keep you too far apart. There are a few common goals that you want to achieve together as a couple. Your emotional connection may not be enough to go beyond a romance that is seductive and romantic.

Snake’s insecurities and Pig’s laid-back attitude may not be the best match for long-term happiness. Even though you both believe in trust in relationships, it may be harder to maintain over the years in your Snake with Pig compatibility. As a couple, it may be too complicated for you to work out a solution based on communication and understanding if neither of you wants that.

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