November 28 Zodiac (Sagittarius) Horoscope Birthday Personality and Lucky Things

November 28th Birthday Astrology

November 28 Zodiac Birthday Personality

November 28 Birthday Personality, Love, Compatibility, Health, and Career Horoscope

Understanding your horoscope predictions will give you a better knowledge of who you will most likely become in life. It is also the case that you will have a good knowledge of how to overcome the problems you are prone to. November 28, zodiac birthday horoscope shows that you are going to be an independent and imaginative fellow. Apart from this, you are going to be a dreamy fellow who has a lot of dreams that need to be fulfilled.

November 28th Zodiac Sign and Meaning

The personality that is known to you happens to be a native of Sagittarius as a result of your birthday. You will be one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, understanding, and proactive fellows. November 28 horoscope sign seems to be a very purposeful individual who aims very high as a result of your astrological symbol, the archer.

November 28 Birthday Personality Traits

You love aiming higher than your ability. You also need to embrace the success and goodwill of the people around you. Apart from this, you are an enduring and creative person who knows how to play his/her game well. November 28 birthday personality is always ready to finish up whatever you are asked to do at a speedy rate without any fear. Another thing that is discovered for you is that you dislike ordinary people who find it very difficult to embrace change and risk.


Your Strengths

You are most likely going to be better with your relationship with others and be a peaceful person. Solving problems and obstacles are other things you will most likely find very easily.

Birthday Numerology of 28th of November

Your numerology as an individual that is born on November 28th is 1. It is the case that you are highly idealistic and independent as a result of this. You are also a self-confident fellow who is generous and helpful. Moreover, you will be an achiever with an original approach to life.

Your Weaknesses

You need to learn not to disappoint people around you as they tend to paint yourself to them as being unreliable.

November 28th Personality Positive Traits

You are a very peaceful, caring, empathetic, and understanding individual. You will also be an intelligent and highly creative fellow capable of solving problems around you. You seem to be very eager and funny; you love making people around you happy.


You are also a competitive person who is very thoughtful and charismatic. You believe that honesty is the best policy. Thus, you try everything possible to make it reflect in your career.


You will be a very straightforward person who finds it difficult to hide words. November 28, man tends to be receptive and loyal to the people you relate to.


In addition to this, you are a very confident and optimistic fellow who is light-hearted and balanced with the decisions made. Moreover, you are going to be a mysterious fellow who loves setting his/her own standard for people to follow.

November 28th Personality Negative Traits

Try to caution yourself from exhibiting actions or acts that could make you lose a lot of benefits or friends. You are going to be a perplexed person who finds it very hard to make a choice in life. You will also be very restless and impulsive with how you relate to other people.


In addition, you often give contradictory opinions regarding issues in life. In fact, on November 28 woman needs to learn how to think before you makes a claim about a thing. Giving out opinions without giving such opinions a thought could make you look like an individual who rants or is oblivious to the right situation.


You tend to lose a lot of friends due to your erraticism and carefree attitude to things. As an individual born on this day, it is advisable for you to be mindful of your mistakes.

November 28 Zodiac: Love, Compatibility, Marriage, and Relationships

You are going to be a lover who is very intelligent and sensual. November 28, love life shows that you are likely going to be a very determined and passionate lover who is purposeful and romantic. You are very pretentious when it comes to love, as you know what you want in love.

As a Lover

Another thing is that you are a very innovative and committed lover who will find it easy to trust and support his/her lover unconditionally. However, for you to support or commit to her, s/he must have proven to you that s/he is interested in such a relationship. Moreover, on November 28th-born child will be extremely in love as you tend to forgo some of your dreams for the purpose of your lover.

Your Love Compatibility

Despite all this, you are prone to disappointment. You will fall in love with an individual that is born on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st day of a month. In addition to this, you will fall in love with a native of Aries or Gemini, while you will be the least love compatible with a native of Scorpio.

Career Horoscope for November 28 Birthday

The career prospects you are known to as an individual born on this day are numerous. The case that you often ensure your ambition and enthusiasm to lead the way you do your jobs. You are someone who would rather go for unusual jobs that are paying and satisfactory. November 28 career horoscope predicts that you have this special thirst for challenging jobs; thus, you change your career frequently. In addition to this, you are good at managing a business, which makes you capable of becoming a manager at a business enterprise.

Health Horoscope for November 28 Born

Your birthday shows that you will have a lot of health issues due to your birthday, which falls during this period. It is advisable for you to try everything possible to make yourself healthy by eating the right food that would be okay for your health. You need to exercise yourself and increase the metabolism that you possess. Another thing that the November 28 health horoscope says about you is that you will most likely have a toothache and a headache. It is thus advisable for you to visit the dentist and doctor when you notice any problem with your health.

November 28 Zodiac: Astrology Element and Its Meaning

The element known to you as an individual born today, November 28th, is fire. It is the case that you have most of the characteristics of fire as a result of your birthday, which falls during the period of Sagittarius. You will be an intuitive and imaginative fellow who finds it easy to overcome problems and difficult issues.

Dreams & Goals

Another thing that sets you apart from other people is your strong passion, which is born as a result of your burning desire to make hays while the sun shines. In addition to this, the flame of your element will make you jump every hurdle on your way to success. This zodiac sign will be a little impulsive and impatient when you embrace the negativity of your element.

November 28th Birthday: All the Lucky Things in Your Life

November 28 Zodiac Birthstones, Lucky Numbers, Days, Colors

November 28 Zodiac Planetary Rulers

As a native of Sagittarius, you are ruled by Jupiter, which also doubles as the ruler of your decan, the first decan of the zodiac symbol. You are going to be a successful and highly influential person who is knowledgeable and adventurous. November 28 birthday means that you often go after what would make you successful in life by taking a lot of risks. In fact, you will be one of the most understanding and caring fellows who appreciates truth and believes in communicating your love with the person you love.

The sun happens to be the ruler of your numerology; thus, you are very individualistic in nature and always ready to embrace challenges. You will also be a bit of a philosophical adventurer who sees beyond the fun that she/he catches.

November 28 Lucky Metals

The personality attached to you has tin, which is the symbol of wisdom and intelligence as its symbolic metal. Thus, you are going to be very creative and highly intelligent as a result of this.

November 28 Birthstones

Moreover, your birthstone is Turquoise, and it is the reason for your communication and ability to relate well to others.

November 28 Lucky Numbers

Your lucky numbers are 5, 7, 10, 12, and 19.

November 28 Lucky Colors

You will be bold and royal as a result of your lucky color, purple.

November 28 Lucky Days

Thursday is a day you will likely succeed, for it is your lucky day.

November 28 Lucky Flowers

In addition to this, you will be a very reliable and intelligent fellow. Furthermore, you are entirely truthful and trustworthy due to your characteristic flower, Narcissus.

November 28 Lucky Plants

Dandelion is your lucky plant.

November 28 Lucky Animals

Hawk is your lucky animal.

November 28 Lucky Tarot Card

The Magician is your lucky tarot card.

November 28 Lucky Sabian Symbol

Your lucky Sabian symbol is “a game of cricket.”

November 28 Zodiac Ruling House

The ninth house is your ruling house.

November 28 Zodiac Birthday Facts

  • November 28th is the twenty-eighth day of the year’s eleventh month for the Gregorian Calendar Users.
  • It is the eighty-ninth day of Autumn.
  • The Navy Day in Iran

Famous People

Jon Stewart, William Blake, Ed Harris, and John Galliano were born on the 28th of November.

Final Thoughts

You will be a self-confident fellow who is profoundly mysterious and understanding. It is the case that you often give out ideas that are out of the world and highly realistic. In addition to this, the November 28 birthday personality will be a dynamic and enthusiastic fellow.

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