Virgo Sexuality: All About Virgo Sex Drive and Sexual Compatibility

Who is Virgo sexually compatible with?

Virgo Sexuality and Sexual Compatibility

Virgo Sexual Compatibility: Sex with a Virgo Person

Based on the Virgo sexuality traits, Virgo people can be shy about talking about sex, even with their partners, so it can be difficult to know what they are looking for in a sexual partner. Virgo people also don’t want to waste their time shuffling through partners who aren’t going to be able to give them what they need, both romantically and sexually.

This article can help both Virgo people wanting to find out which zodiac signs will be the most sexually compatible for them, as well as for people who are in a relationship with Virgo people who want to understand them better. Everything in this article applies to all Virgo adults: both women and men, straight and gay, and in a steady relationship or not.

Virgo people are shy about sex, but this is most likely because they are shy about most of their personal lives. They don’t want to have sex with just anyone. They want to be able to trust their partner, and they will prefer it if they are in love with their partner as well. Sometimes Virgo people do have random hook-ups, but this is rare.

According to Virgo love compatibility, even when in love, a Virgo person is not likely to talk about their sexual desires. Some Virgo people find this kind of talk to be dirty and repulsive, while others may be too embarrassed or nervous to talk about what they really want.

If someone is lucky enough to earn a Virgo person’s love and trust, then there are a few things they should know about what a Virgo person wants in the bedroom.

Virgo Sex: Foreplay for Virgo During Sex

As per the Virgo sexuality predictions, it is hard to say whether or not Virgo people like foreplay because they are not usually the ones to initiate sex. Virgo people are more likely to “go with the flow” during sex than they are to do during any other part of their life.

The Virgo sun sign shows that these people are sure to enjoy foreplay, but this can only be assumed because most people, in general, enjoy foreplay. However, if a Virgo person’s partner skips foreplay, the Virgo person is not likely to complain about it, and if their partner has lengthy foreplay, they are not likely to praise them for it. To make a safe guess, a Virgo person’s partner will be best off doing some foreplay, but nothing crazy or wild is required to make a Virgo person happy.

Virgo Sex Life: Sex in General

When it comes to sex, these people prefer to be submissive to their partners most of the time. They are open to trying out many new things, even though they are not likely to come up with many creative ideas of their own.

The Virgo sexuality forecast reveals that Virgo people will do well with other signs who are creative and want to be with someone to try out new things with, and with people who aren’t fond of trying new things. In some ways, a Virgo person makes a great partner for any sign because they are willing to do almost whatever it takes to please their partners, even if it may be too degrading for other signs to do.

Based on the Virgo sexuality traits, Virgo people care much more about pleasing their partner than pleasing themselves. They give more than they take. They may not act crazy in bed, but they are passionate and giving enough to make up for this.

Virgo in Bed: Kinks

Out of the zodiac signs, Virgo is one of the least kinky. They are not likely to have their heads filled with dirty fantasies. Some Virgo people may watch porn or read erotica. Some may even want to do something like roleplay, but that is as far as they are likely to go with their own imagination.

Based on the Virgo sexuality traits, Virgo people’s kinkiness levels tend to depend more on who they are with than their own preferences. If a Virgo person is with someone who is into bondage, then they are likely to try it out.

The Virgo sexuality calendar shows that If they are with someone who thinks of a new fantasy once a week, then they are likely to play along. For this reason, it could be argued that Virgo people can both be the most and least kinky of the zodiac signs, depending on who they are with.

Virgo Sexuality: Virgo Sexual Compatibility with the 12 Zodiac Signs

Virgo people can match up well with most signs, but they will do better with some specific signs, even though they don’t do badly with any of the signs. The list below is for sexual compatibility (not romantic or friendly) only.

Virgo and Aries sexually compatible

The Virgo sexuality traits show that Aries people make an exciting match for a Virgo person. Aries people are creative, and they love to try new things. They love to be in charge during sex, too. Virgo people will have fun with fulfilling their fantasies together.

Virgo and Taurus sexually compatible

Taurus people are known for taking things slow, which a Virgo person will not mind. When these two finally get together to have sex, it is sure to be sensual and passionate as can be!

Virgo and Gemini sexually compatible

Gemini people love to try new things all of the time. They are passionate, but they can be hard to keep up with. A Virgo person could make this relationship work, but it would require compromise.

Virgo and Cancer sexually compatible

Cancer people are not usually creative or extremely energetic when it comes to sex. They would rather take it slow and be passionate. Based on the Virgo sexuality meaning, a Virgo person is sure to have a good match with a Cancer person.

Virgo and Leo sexually compatible

Leo people love to be dominant, which a Virgo person will like. However, they constantly want to try new things, which may annoy a Virgo person at times. This can work with compromise.

Virgo and Virgo sexually compatible

The Virgo sexuality compatibility portrays that two Virgo people make a good match, but they do not make a fascinating match. They are both submissive, which can complicate things at times. This can only work with compromise.

Virgo and Libra sexually compatible

Libra people like to take turns being dominant and submissive, which a Virgo person will like, but not love. Some Libra people can also be too creative for their taste.  The Virgo sexuality horoscope reveals that this can still work with compromises.

Virgo and Scorpio sexually compatible

Scorpio people are passionate and creative, but they aren’t so wild that it will scare a Virgo person away. Together, these two make highly sensual partners. This is a great match.

Virgo and Sagittarius sexually compatible

Sagittarius people like to live life on the wild side. They are sure to make a Virgo person’s night, but they may not stay around until the morning. This is an okay match, but compromises need to be made for this to work in a long-term relationship.

Virgo and Capricorn sexually compatible

Based on the Virgo sexuality characteristics, Capricorn people love to take things slow, and they aren’t likely to want to try new things often. Their easy-going attitude can make the Virgo person feel comfortable and loved. This is a great match.

Virgo and Aquarius sexually compatible

Aquarius people are creative and passionate, but maybe too much for the average Virgo person. This relationship can be fun for a while, but not forever. Compromise is needed here.

Virgo and Pisces sexually compatible

Pisces people prefer romance over sex, but when they do have sex, it is sure to be passionate, even though it will not be crazy. A Virgo person is sure to love this. This is a great match!

Summary: Virgo Sex

Based on the Virgo sexuality predictions, Virgo people may not always know what they want out of sex, but they are eager to give and receive whatever their partner has in mind. This sign makes a great partner for some lucky signs, and it still makes a good partner for the rest of the signs!

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