Tiger Horoscope 2020 – Chinese New Year 2020 Predictions for Tiger

Tiger 2020 Chinese Horoscope – Get Your Astrological Predictions!

Tiger Horoscope 2020 Predictions

Tiger Horoscope 2020 – Love, Career, Finance and Monthly Horoscopes

Predictions of Tiger Zodiac Horoscope 2020 suggest that Tigers will have a highly rewarding and peaceful year 2020. You should face the year with composure and a stable mind to make it worthwhile in all respects. But do not make the mistake of looking back at 2019 and compare it with the beautiful time you had.

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Tigers are quite slow when they have to make the right choices in life. The Rat year moves at a breathtaking speed, and the Tigers will have a serious problem to cope with the swiftness. You have to pull yourself up and match the pace if you have to make use of the opportunities.


You have to make your presence felt in the community with enhanced social skills and intellect. Also, you have to be more forceful, curious, and dynamic to match the speed of Rat if you have to succeed in life. You have to set aside your comic nature and approach life in the year of Rat with all the seriousness. This will help you to face the challenges you come across successfully.

The star alignments will provide you with many opportunities to travel to accomplish new projects. You have to be diligent and prompt in taking decisions and actions if you have to get good returns. Your fighting nature and management skills will help you to achieve the desired goals.

Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2020 for Career

Forecast for Career of Tigers during the year 2020 predicts a highly gratifying period. You can expect promotions to senior positions with accompanying financial rewards. You can go up in your profession with the support of your fellow-workers and seniors. Travel on official duties will be productive, and the contacts you make will help you in your profession.

Lucky Months for Career: Months of March, June, September, and October.

Unlucky Months for Career: Months of February, April, July, August, and November.

2020 Tiger Predictions for Love

Astrological predictions for Tiger in matters of relationships suggest a lean period during the year 2020. Tigers in a relationship or already married may face serious challenges because of the constant travel during the year. All problems can be resolved by resorting to constant dialogue with their partners or spouses.

Single Tigers may not be lucky to get suitable partners this year, and this may make their life more peaceful. Possibilities of making new friendships are bright.

Lucky Months for Love: Months of June, September, and October.

Unlucky Months for Love: Months of January, February, and April.

Tiger Horoscope 2020 for Finance

Predictions for Finance for the Tiger individuals during the year 2020 are not very promising. Professionals will have to be satisfied with their present status. If you are an advisor or a service provider, you will have a better year. However, you can expect a better period in comparison to the year 2019.

Investments will give outstanding profits if done with the help of financial experts. A bit of serious research will also help. It will be wise to limit your expenses and invest the surplus money in savings.

Lucky Months for Finance: March, September, and October.

Unlucky Months for Finance: January, April, July, August, and November.

Year of the Rat 2020 Predictions for Health

Health Horoscope for Tigers in the year 2020 indicates a problematic period in matters of health. Though the problems will not be serious, you should be prepared to face minor ailments. Health can be improved with the right diet, good exercise, and sufficient relaxation.

The health of senior members in the family will cause some concern. Months of May and August will be crucial. Unlucky Months for Health: January, April, July, and December.

Tiger Feng Shui Yearly Predictions

Lucky Numbers: 3 and 6
Lucky Colors: Brown, Red, and Yellow.
Unlucky Colors: Blue and Grey
Lucky Directions: Southeast, Northwest, and East

Tiger Monthly 2020 Horoscopes

January 2020 requires more watchfulness as things will not happen to your liking always.

February 2020 will be problematic, be alert to face the challenges.

March 2020 will be profitable with the help of friends.

April 2020 is not promising for savings and investments.

May 2020 should be dedicated to the bliss in the family.

June 2020 is suitable for achievements through travel.

July 2020 should be set apart for maintaining the health of all family members.

August 2020 will see problems in love partnerships; better stick to them.

September 2020 will be full of openings to progress, make use of them.

October 2020 will be highly promising for success in all areas.

November 2020 will be a month of family intrigues; keep away from them.

December 2020 will be a better month, requires careful handling.

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