Aquarius Woman: Personality Traits and Characteristics of Aquarius Lady

What is the personality of an Aquarius woman?

Aquarius Woman Characteristics

Aquarius Woman Personality Traits and Characteristics

Aquarius woman rules the eleventh sign of the zodiac world. She is a real symbol of humanity and independence. She is typically categorized in a simple, fair-minded, and active list. Aquarius woman hates to follow other people’s rules and ideas.

So, to be on the safe side, you better allow her to take a humanitarians role. I like the way she does care about other people’s needs and wants. Not to mention, she is more into different surrounding courses. Aquarius lady is mainly referred to us as a friend of dreams and hope during tough times.


Uranus fully governs Aquarius woman nature; she is associated with unique intelligence and strange kind of traits. Not to mention she comes with an out of world imagination that needs a recharge from time to time. Above all, Aquarius woman personality cherishes her freedom like a mother and child adoration. There is no hurry for her when it comes to relationship matters. First work on friendship than love.

Aquarius Woman: Understanding The Aquarius Woman

Aquarius’ eminent personalities show that she is a sign of intellectual freedom, vision-oriented being. This lady is the type of person who goes against time and the current situation. She is regularly after finding something new to do. She likes to stimulate her mind now and then. Regardless of what you think, she is always filled with contradictions.

Most time, she prefers to be alone; that’s why she is also called a social butterfly. Above all, she likes to experience both the negative and positive sides. This gives her a chance to come up with new suggestions, thanks to her active mind. Aquarius woman personality trait allows her to be free of her mindset. The good thing is that she will never come to judge your correct or past situation. Whether good or bad, you will be entitled to your outlook.

Aquarius Woman Personality Positive Traits

Positivity is what drives the Aquarius woman’s world. She will never stop to puzzle with brilliant ideas and burning intelligence. A good example of an Aquarius woman is Oprah Winfrey and Germaine Greer.


Regarding the Aquarius woman’s love, she likes to make new friends and share her secrets to prosperity. She doesn’t choose background or age, as far as you are open-minded, she is okay. She loves to visit new places as well as being attached to a traditional expedition. Even when she seems to have enough courage to move forward, she also needs a shoulder to cry on.


The word “Loyalty” comes with different meanings according to the defined situation. Aquarius woman knows how to act as an all-around woman of loyalty and truthfulness. Her versatile life revolves around being in an inspirational team, a particular brand, or even a musician. She tends to possess lots of interests and ideals.


She is an inspiring woman who tends to questions everything that comes her way. Better yet, her ideas bear fruitful imaginative lessons. As far she is avoiding to control other people, she will make an ideal leader. If not leading, she will work hard as an envied employee to attain the highest rank.

Full of Life

The Aquarius woman full of life definition is based on fashion. If you find her with hot pink hair and beautiful jewelry, she is the one. Next time you meet with her, she might probably have won a dark blue business suit with her natural hair. She can, at times, combine the rainbow colors and look like a violet and indigo definition. She is a vintage lover and not a boutique one.

Aquarius Woman Personality Negative Traits


Aquarius lady is a real air sign and very light-hearted. But you should grasp that she is a no gentle like trait. She also has her one tempest field to kick-off her anger and depressions. She comes with inner power and force that you won’t even want to set your eyes on her. You are suggested to hold on till she calms down and not you calm her down.


Facts about Aquarius woman show that if she gives her word, she will make sure that she has fulfilled it to the brim. She is emotionally and financially independent. But time will come when you try to pin her for specific situations. One thing; she hates to concentrate on something over and over. She is a freedom lover, so you better give her time or else forget that she exists.


She is an overall loyal woman and will make sure that she has attained her promise. But you should never compete with her. If she gives you a plan, be ready to implement it differently and not how she does. Even if she is a decent employee, you better respect her morals and virtues. You can just come and pass over her like a doormat. Don’t let her know that you are up to the challenge. Believe you me; she will drag you to the end of the world.


I can’t deny; she is an unpredictable kind. She hates repetitive patterns and monotonous life. Her action will depend on her current moods. Her theme in life is to live as it is and don’t change any situation. Aquarius woman compatibility facts reveal that she fears to lose her independence and if you don’t give, she will be stubborn to the core.

Aquarius Woman: Is The Aquarius Woman Faithful?

The above question seems to have two possible options. If she feels comfortable and secure with you, she acts as the most loyal and faithful partner on the planet earth. But if you try to threaten her loyalty, she might break-up and lie to you on daylight.

She will accept every responsibility and feel extremely jovial about it. This the beauty of being an Aquarius woman’s partner. She can also be unpredictable and unreliable at times. Therefore, if you are planning to invite her for a date, you better accept her to come in one hour. The endpoint here is for you to understand her from head to toe. The reason being it can be hard to understand her next reaction.

What You Didn’t Know About The Aquarius Woman

She represents a leading opposition, and it’s quite hard to settle her inherent conflict. For her, respect should be earned at all times. But she doesn’t want you to tell that it’s her right to attain the given adoration. Her daunting challenge comes when she finds it challenging to achieve her innate and emotional peace.

Concerning Aquarius woman in love, when in anger, she easily ignores and moves on as nothing happened. She will always believe in rationality. Besides, she loves to look presentable, and you will never come to compete with her moves. You know the beautiful figure-like legs, and her alluring eyes will catch your attention. Wherever she goes, she will always stand upon everyone.

Conclusion: Aquarius woman traits

The reality is that Aquarius woman is the ideal alien of the zodiac and very proud of it. She naps when everything has settled back to normal. Aquarius woman will never mind scratching her head thoroughly till she finds obstinate answers.

She is a sociable and friendly persona and doesn’t like to give large tasks. If it’s her round to go shopping, she doesn’t know how to bargain. She hates to write a shopping list. She will be happy to purchase something that attracts her eyes and heart.

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