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What Chinese zodiac signs are compatible with Ox Zodiac?

Ox Compatibility - Ox Love Compatibility

Ox Compatibility with 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

An animal like the Chinese zodiac Ox is known for its strength in working in the field. They are hard-working and determined to get their work done, but they are not easily moved if they don’t want to move. The same is true if you were born in the Year of the Ox. Regarding the love relationship, the question is how compatible is an Ox zodiac in Ox compatibility with 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Ox and Rat Zodiac Compatibility

There are some benefits for an Ox zodiac to have Ox compatibility with Rat. This is because of their similarities that make things more comfortable for them to connect. Some differences keep their life together more interesting. Read the full Chinese zodiac compatibility between Ox and Rat.

Ox Zodiac and Ox Compatibility

Both of you have a lot of respect for each other. You respect the same things you are proud of in yourself, such as intelligence and a straightforward attitude. Ox and Ox Compatibility have a strong work ethic. Read the full love compatibility between Ox with another Ox.

Ox and Tiger Compatibility

Ox and Tiger soulmates can learn a lot from each other, making you better than without each other in your lives. Tiger will appreciate Ox’s focus and ability to finish what they start the first time. Read the full Chinese compatibility between Ox and Tiger zodiac.

Ox and Rabbit Compatibility

Ox compatibility with Rabbit zodiac can easily have their start as friends. This is because Ox is known for its reliability and dependability, and Rabbit has a knack for getting along with just about anyone. Read the full Chinese love compatibility between Ox and Rabbit.


Ox and Dragon Compatibility

There are qualities about each of these Ox and Dragon zodiac signs that make it understandable why you are attracted to each other. You are similar in the fact that you are both hard-working and are driven to succeed. Read the full love compatibility between Ox and Dragon.

Ox and Snake Compatibility

Ox and Snake compatibility soulmates have personalities that may differ, but you share similar views and goals. You both want to be successful while maintaining a safe and secure environment for you. With your success comes financial security. Read the full love compatibility between Ox and Snake.

Ox and Horse Compatibility

One way that Ox compatibility with Horse zodiac can be compatible is to learn how to appreciate your differences. When people talk about opposites attracting, this would be a good example of where this can work. Read the full Chinese compatibility between Ox and Horse.

Ox and Sheep Compatibility

The Ox compatibility with Sheep can relate to is a high opinion. You both have something to say or feel strongly about something. You can also respect that in each other, primarily when it appeals to Ox’s logical side. So, you are both strong supporters of your friends and family. Read the full Chinese love compatibility between Ox and Sheep.

Ox and Monkey Compatibility

You will find that your personalities spark the traditional ways of the Ox and a stable yet stimulating companion for the Monkey zodiac. At the same time, you know how to be yourself and not expect your partner to be just like you. That kind of quality is something you both Ox and Monkey in love appreciate. Read the full love compatibility between Ox and Monkey.

Ox and Rooster Compatibility

There is so much that you have in common that makes you Ox compatible with the Rooster zodiac. You share similar attitudes and beliefs, which are traditional and logical. Also, you appreciate each other for your thoughtful decisions that are not impulsive. Read the full love compatibility between Ox and Rooster.

Ox and Dog Compatibility

The Ox and Dog soulmates have going for love compatibility because you both want a level of balance. If you are going to commit to someone, you want someone who is “all in one.” That kind of person is someone who wants to be with you for the rest of your life and has earned your trust. Read the full Chinese compatibility between Ox and Dog zodiac.

Ox and Pig Compatibility

You are compatible when it comes to your Ox compatibility with Pig zodiac. Not only do you enjoy spending time with each other, but you also take care of each other when you are in need. Ox does not often ask for help, but you know that Pig will be there for you even if you don’t ask. Read the full Chinese love compatibility between Ox and Pig.

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