Ox and Rooster Love Compatibility, Relationship and Traits in Chinese Astrology

Are Ox and Rooster compatible?

Ox and Rooster Love Compatibility

Ox and Rooster Chinese Compatibility: Years, Traits, Pros, and Cons

The Chinese zodiac has been used for centuries to determine personality traits and compatibility based on birth year. Each year in a 12-year rotation has been assigned to an animal symbol Personality traits, and characteristics are what the person and the animal have in common. Even though everyone is not the same, they can identify with the traits represented in their birth year. Here, you shall have more information concerning Ox and Rooster compatibility.

Those traits are then compared to other zodiac signs to determine the Ox and Rooster love compatibility. Some people are more compatible than others because their personality traits are similar or complementary.

A lack of compatibility based on traits is due to too conflicting traits because of similarities or lack of tolerance for such a trait. Love compatibility can also be determined. For example, what does the Chinese zodiac say about an Ox and a Rooster’s love compatibility?


Ox and Rooster Compatibility: Birth Years

Chinese Zodiac Sign Zodiac Position Most Recent Years
Ox 2nd 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021..
Rooster 10th 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029..

Ox Zodiac Compatibility Traits

The ox in the field is all work and no fun. They do their job and are rewarded by their farmer when they accomplish a goal in the field. According to the Chinese zodiac, a Chinese Ox zodiac sign is a dynamic kind of person. If you were born in the Year of the Ox, you love your work because it satisfies your need to be productive and achieve a goal. Your strength is one of your many assets, as is your intelligence and determination.

Your values are more conservative, and you can be very stubborn when someone tries to change your mind or your plans. Still, you are a good friend and enjoy spending time with your family and close friends. These are the people you will do just about anything for. When looking for a life partner, you want to be with someone who shares your values and is not trying to change you. Such a partner can be in an Ox Rooster relationship.

Rooster Zodiac Compatibility Traits

Who is up first thing in the morning and unafraid to wake everyone with their confident crowing? The rooster zodiac sign, that’s who. Like the bird, those born in the Year of the Rooster have the same confidence that no one will deter. You wake up early and put a lot of energy into your work. You also focus on caring for your body so you are athletic and fit.

Your competitive nature follows you in your work and your free time. There is a willingness to try new things and take a risk. It is a part of learning, and you also catch on quickly. You cannot take on these risks impulsively, so you will weigh your options before diving in. People who know you know you are honest, honorable, and a good friend, but sometimes you become too proud and boastful. Your romantic side will show more when you enter an Ox with Rooster marriage.

Ox and Rooster Compatibility: Relationship

You have a great Ox-Rooster friendship, and Ox and Rooster are one of the best relationships for love compatibility. Both of you look at life rationally and with a logical point of view. You will find that you share many characteristics but must still nurture your relationship to keep it thriving.

Ox and Rooster Compatibility: Positive Traits

You have so much in common that makes you a compatible Ox & Rooster horoscope match. You share similar attitudes and beliefs, which are traditional and logical. Also, you appreciate each other for your thoughtful decisions that are not impulsive or too risky. You are intelligent and efficient, but you take pride in your work. In particular, Rooster is more of a perfectionist, and Ox will be happy with your attention to detail.

Intimacy Compatibility

When Ox Rooster’s soulmates are together, Rooster is more of the social personality of the group. However, they do not demand so much from Ox that it would make you feel uncomfortable or out of your element. For example, Ox will not be happy at one of the most significant parties of the New Year, but you may convince them to attend a holiday house party with some close friends.

Ox is likelier to open up and enjoy conversations related to Ox with Rooster’s intimate relationship than yelling at each other over loud music. The time you spend together satisfies Rooster’s need to interact with others and nudge Ox to make them more comfortable in social settings.

Commitment Compatibility

As a couple, your traditional values are part of why you believe in loyalty. When you are together, you are honest and committed to your partner. This is particularly important to Ox, who does not date much and focuses on finding a life partner. Also, you work well together and try to avoid confrontation rather than start an argument. Even your Ox & Rooster sex life is compatible. These things make life wonderful and comfortable for you as a pair.

Ox and Rooster Compatibility: Negative Traits

Both of you are strong and secure about yourselves, but at the same time, your attitudes can go over the top. Ox & Rooster zodiac signs firmly believe that honesty is the best policy. However, there are times when you are too honest with your partner. Too much honesty can come across as judgmental. Even though you can handle it, you have to find some positivity in your partners and not overburden them with negativity.

Social Compatibility

For an Ox Rooster social compatibility, Ox can still be shy and not want to get out as much as Rooster. Sometimes you have to pick your battles, but you need to be able to encourage them to try new things for the most part. Ox enjoys the predictable and stable, but you may be more convinced to try something extra with your partner with some rational thinking. The loud and proud chatter from Rooster may have attracted you to them in the first place.

Summary: Ox and Rooster Compatibility

You are so much alike that you can find a lot to be compatible with. You work well together in all types of situations. When you look at your life together, it is organized and neat, with attention to detail. It runs smoothly and efficiently. You are capable of handling many types of situations that may come your way. Also, Ox Rooster, in love, shares the love of beautiful things in your life, and your home will reflect that. You stimulate your intelligence as well as your sex drive.

Your common interests and traits will help you connect on many levels in an Ox & Rooster compatibility. But your differences can also be incorporated into your relationship to give it the right balance of fun, love, and happiness. The life areas that can deter some signs from a relationship with you (ego, stubbornness, boastfulness, etc.) do not bother your partner as much. You must nurture your relationship to remain honest about your feelings for each other. But remember not to be as focused on the negative and overly judgmental.

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