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Who are Dragons most compatible with?

Dragon Compatibility - Chinese Zodiac

Dragon Love Compatibility with 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

Dragon compatibility, even when they are in love, are not exactly gentle. They are fierce. That is just their nature. They focus on their destinies, their desires, and their designs on shaping the world. If you wish to tag along with a Dragon soulmate, be assured, it will never be dull. You will experience his or her extreme highs and lows. Be prepared to massage the Dragon’s ego when things don’t entirely go as planned.

Dragon and Rat Zodiac Compatibility

Dragon and Rat zodiac are independent people. You are smart enough to make your own decisions wisely and don’t require the help of others. You also have the confidence to follow through on whatever your goal may be. If there is anything you want from your partner, it is the encouragement to move ahead. Read the full Chinese zodiac Dragon compatibility with Rat.

Dragon Zodiac and Ox Compatibility

Dragon and Ox soulmates believe in hard work to lead you to a successful life. You can accomplish many things because you understand the importance of what you do in your careers and you will be one of the first to encourage your partner in good times. Read the full love compatibility between Dragon and Ox.


Dragon and Tiger Compatibility

Dragon and Tiger soulmates are social creatures, so it is likely that you will meet on your own and catch the eye of the other. You naturally have a way to attract each other. Dragon zodiac is a seductive person who loves to stroke your ego. That kind of praise and encouragement is something that will keep them interested in you for a while. Read the full Chinese compatibility between Dragon and Tiger zodiac.

Dragon and Rabbit Zodiac Compatibility

Dragon loves it both ways, so you can try new things or find some relaxing time at home with your Rabbit partner. The Dragon and Rabbit soulmates are independent enough to do your own thing, but when you are love, you want to try things together as well. Read the full Chinese love compatibility between Dragon with Rabbit zodiac.

Dragon and Dragon Compatibility

Dragon and Dragon zodiac signs have a strong work ethic and strive to be a success in whatever you do. The things that you do in your work or play can often be accomplished when you feed off of the energy of your partner. Read the full love compatibility between Dragon and Dragon.

Dragon and Snake Compatibility

When Dragon and Snake zodiacs meet, you will see the attraction right from the start. The physical attraction is only the start as you try to keep the interest going. As you get to know each other, you will also find that you have a connection to the minds. Dragon-Snake couple is brilliant and can discuss and debate topics in detail. Read the complete Dragon compatibility with Snake zodiac.

Dragon and Horse Compatibility

Chinese zodiac Dragon and Horse dating are both active and full of energy. You are likely to make frequent trips on the weekend. They won’t be relaxing spa weekends, but more like whitewater rafting or rollerblading. Read the complete Chinese compatibility between Dragon and Horse.

Dragon and Sheep Compatibility

Dragon enjoys being social and in the spotlight. Not only are you outspoken, but you are also decisive. You can brainstorm a lot of ideas or make great plans for both of you and Sheep will be supportive on the back end. Read the complete Dragon compatibility with Sheep zodiac.

Dragon and Monkey Compatibility

When it comes to Dragon and Monkey zodiac signs, you have many similarities that make it possible to have a successful relationship. For starters, both of you have plenty of energy. There is a need for action which could take you on ski weekend getaways or a wild gathering of friends playing Laser Tag. You are both social and enjoy being the center of attention. Read the complete love compatibility between Dragon and Monkey.

Dragon and Rooster Compatibility

The Dragon and Rooster zodiac signs are both quite complimentary. A Dragon zodiac is very instinctive while Rooster bases a lot of what you do with tradition and details. Not only will you make everything as perfect as possible, but you also have the organization and interest to keep it as such.  Read the complete Dragon compatibility with Rooster zodiac.

Dragon and Dog Compatibility

Dragon and Dog in love are caring and encouraging to each other. Even though you may have different interests and paths, you want them to be successful and happy. Part of what makes your relationship special is that you want the best for your partner. Read the complete Chinese compatibility between Dragon and Dog zodiac.

Dragon and Pig Compatibility

People will love to see Dragon and Pig dating because you are a happy, romantic couple together. Even though you are very different, you complement each other. You are great friends as you encourage each other and enjoy each other whenever you are together. Read the complete Chinese love compatibility between Dragon and Pig.

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