Dragon and Sheep Compatibility: Love, Relationship and Traits in Chinese Astrology

Are Dragon and Sheep compatible?

Dragon and Sheep Compatibility

Dragon and Sheep Chinese Compatibility: Years, Traits, Pros and Cons

The Chinese zodiac calendar is based on the moon and is a cycle of twelve years. For each year, there is an animal that represents it and the people who are born in that year. These people share general traits and behaviors of their symbol that reflect their temperament, judgment, and sometimes conduct. Both positive and negative traits are reflected.


It can help explain what makes people successful, motivated, or reserved. It can also further explain connections with other people. Zodiac signs can be compatible or incompatible, which can give insight about relationships in work and play. For the longest time, compatibility has been used to determined if a couple would make a strong love connection and a positive long-term relationship. It can be as simple as looking at the signs to see if a Dragon and Sheep love compatible.

Dragon and Sheep Compatibility: Birth Years

Chinese Zodiac Sign Zodiac Position Most Recent Years
Dragon 5th 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024..
Sheep 8th 1931, 1943, 1955, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027..

Dragon Zodiac Compatibility Traits

To be born in the Year of the Dragon is to be considered lucky and fortunate. The Dragon is China’s symbol of strength and leadership. Intelligence and wisdom are a few positive traits that a Dragon can be proud to have. Pride is something that is also true for a Dragon because you are very confident in your abilities. You are efficient and hard-working, plus you are not afraid to take chances on things that can bring you wealth and fortune.

It doesn’t hurt that you love to take on challenges that give you an opportunity to push yourself and your high energy level. You are also a social individual who is conscious of how other people see you. You expect perfection for yourself and you want that to also reflect on your choice for a partner in a long term relationship. Whoever meets your expectations may see that you worry about being good enough for them, but they will also be on the receiving end of your romantic gestures and gifts of love.

Sheep Zodiac Compatibility Traits

You might have heard of your birth year to be the Year of the Goat or Ram, but it is also referred to as the year of the Sheep. You are shy and come across as reserved, so you are not the first one to make a move in many situations.

When you make friends, they know you are genuine and always around to help them. It may be difficult for them to really get to know you because you don’t talk about your feelings very much even though you are very insightful and emotional at times. You are romantic and loving, but you may not always express those sentiments. Eventually you want to raise a family as it will bring you joy in your life, but your future partner will have to make the first move.

Dragon and Sheep Compatibility: Relationship

The two different personalities of Dragon and Sheep can either be a complementary advantage to both of you or opposing conflict that bring more frustration than romance. Communication and compromise may be the best way to deal with your dragon sheep differences in order to make it work.

Dragon with Sheep Compatibility: Positive Traits

With two vastly different personalities, there is little in common that you can share at first. However, you can have a complementary life together. For one thing, Dragon enjoys being social and in the spotlight. Not only are you outspoken, but you are also decisive. You can brainstorm a lot of ideas or make great plans for both of you and Sheep will be supportive on the back end.

Sheep will never aspire to compete against Dragon, but can be involved in their journey to reach their goals. As Sheep gets more comfortable talking with Dragon, you will find that you can express your opinions better and give your insight to advance both of your ideas and not just your partner’s.

Dragon may have an ego, but you are also a nurturing individual. You protect and take care of those who are closest to you. Sheep will appreciate that kind of love and security. In return, you will show your affection and take care of your partner at home. Since Dragon is not always interested in keeping up the house, Sheep will make sure that there is a warm and loving environment to call home. Even in the bedroom you will be able to connect on an emotional level. Your romance and trust will be something beautiful that you can create together.

Dragon and Sheep Compatibility: Negative Traits

In many cases, the relationship between Dragon and Sheep does not last long. For one thing, you may not find yourselves attracted to each other. There may be little for you to find in common. This lack of interest in such things can be problematic for the longevity of your love life. Another thing, you cannot seem to see beyond your shortcomings.

Dragon deals with anxiety issues with your high expectations and desire to be perfect in the eyes of your partner. Sheep has your own issues and often need reassurance when it comes to the love you share with your partner.

You also have a number of personality differences that make your relationship less compatible. Money is one problem. Even though Dragon can be considered frugal, Sheep is much more thrifty with your money. As much as you love romance, Sheep may not be as impressed with the romantic gifts you buy. Dragon is also more self-assured and outspoken than Sheep. Even if Dragon is being honest, you need to have a more tender approach to Sheep’s mood swings and sensitivity.

The biggest personality difference is in regards to social preferences. Dragon loves to spend time with friends compared to Sheep who loves to have more time alone at home. Dragon may accommodate to some nights at home, but it is natural for you to want to be active and involved with a variety of people. Sheep may resent being home alone more than spending it with your partner, which can build tension in the relationship.

The problem increases because Sheep will bottle it in and become depressed rather than communicate those concerns. The dragon may be able to include Sheep in small-group events, but that may not always make Sheep comfortable either.

Summary: Dragon and Sheep Compatibility

The kind of love that Dragon and Sheep have is compatible because it is complementary to your needs and wants. You take care of each other in your own special way and you love with romance and emotion. You may not start dating if you are not interested in each other.

However, if you ever find yourselves attracted to each other, you may find that your personalities are so different that it can actually keep you more apart than together. Communication is the most important component of this relationship, and perhaps the hardest for Sheep. Compromise is another component so that you can share your time and yourselves with your partner. When you are able to express your feelings and try to work through your differences, you will be able to find a complementary relationship that meets both of your needs.

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