Dragon and Dragon Compatibility: Love, Relationship and Traits in Chinese Astrology

Are Dragon and Dragon compatible?

Dragon and Dragon Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Dragon and Dragon Chinese Compatibility: Years, Traits, Pros and Cons

Chinese traditions include many cultural aspects that are still used today. The Chinese zodiac refers to the 12-year cycle that gives people more insight into their personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics. When it is Chinese New Year, the people celebrate a different animal symbol representing the incoming year. Anyone born in that year shares the general characteristics of that animal. It may help understand why you react to conflict the way you do or why you prefer to enjoy quiet time at home instead of the spotlight among acquaintances.

For centuries, the Chinese zodiac has also been used to match two people based on love compatibility. Certain signs have a better chance of a successful long-term commitment if their signs are more compatible with love. This is true whether you have different signs or the same sign. For example, if you are born in the Year of the Dragon, you may wonder if Dragon and Dragon love compatibility would thrive.


Dragon and Dragon Compatibility: Birth Years

Chinese Zodiac Sign Zodiac Position Most Recent Years
Dragon 5th 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024..


Dragon Zodiac Compatibility Traits

It is very favorable for someone to be born in the Year of the Dragon. This is considered lucky in Chinese culture and a desirable year to bear children. Dragon has a strong intellect and high esteem. They often make great leaders with the idea of providing the best for others. With a high opinion of yourself, some people may see you more as arrogant or egotistical. Often once they get to know you, they will see your generous side. You are adventurous and have a little problem with taking risks. Hence, the high possibilities are that dragon and dragon love would work out fine.

However, you cannot jump into situations without assessing the pros and cons that may happen. Part of your success comes from calculating the risks and choosing the right ones to lead you to your goal. That same thought process takes you far when it comes to your sense of adventure. You have high energy and like to do such wild things from time to time. It doesn’t hurt to have encouragement from your friends or audience when you complete such feats.

While you are independent, you are looking for dragon and dragon love that is true and lasting. You are a perfectionist and have high standards for yourself and your future partner. Dragon wants to be on their best behavior, making them nervous about making mistakes with a partner. However, when you find someone you want to spend your time with, you are devoted to them. They will see your romantic and loving ways, something that is not revealed to the general public.

Dragon and Dragon Compatibility: Relationship

As a dragon-dragon couple, you make great friends. You can be intimate and love each other, but you will have a respectable dragon-dragon friendship more than anything. While there are plenty of interests and characteristics that you share, you still have challenges that can get in the way of your perfect relationship.

Dragon and Dragon Compatibility: Positive Traits


One thing about two Dragons dating is that you know what to expect when it comes to temperament, attitude, and personal goals. Dragon zodiac people are perfectionists, and both of you think highly of yourselves. You will find that it can be easy to encourage or motivate your partner because they appreciate it and pushes them to continue doing well. That kind of encouragement that you want for your life will also come back to you.

Good Work Ethic

Dragon horoscope signs have a strong work ethic and strive to succeed in whatever you do. The things you do in your work or play can often be accomplished when you feed off your partner’s energy. When you thought you have reached your career’s pinnacle or achieved the best in your hobby, your partner gives you the boost to accomplish more.


Both of you want to be in control. You will have your disagreements, but you won’t have blow-out arguments. In fact, you will find that you can’t hold a grudge against your partner for long. You are more likely to take on challenges together rather than against each other. Your encouragement is strongest when you are involved in your separate interests or positions.


Dating will be an adventure because you will want to do things that feed your need for daring thrills. Each date will not be dull or boring, but rather full of activity and fun. As lovers, you will reveal a passionate side that no one else gets to know about. Your intimacy will drive each other wild because you are attentive to your lover’s needs and wants. As long as you keep it fresh and exciting, you will be able to maintain this pace for a long time.

Dragon with Dragon Compatibility: Negative Traits

Quest for Control

Even though you can relate to each other better because you have the same personalities and interests, it can also cause you problems. Dragon Chinese zodiac sign wants to be the center of attention and have control. In some cases, you want to have the same thing, but only one of you can have it. You get very competitive if both of you are vying for the same position, whether in your social life, career, or the bedroom.


In dragon and dragon marriage, You will see yourselves more as competitors than lovers. You must work on a compromise to regain the friendship and the support. This way, you can focus on being a strong competitor that does not let love get in the way of success. Otherwise, you will continue to struggle for control and make it more difficult to compromise.

Stubborn & Independent

When your energy comes together, you may find that you take too many risks. While this may not be a bad thing for Dragons, it can be when you think more about impressing each other than calculating the risks. You may find that you take it too far out of love or lust. It may be difficult to change your mind once you have made it because dragon and dragon lovers are stubborn and independent.

You don’t want others to tell you what to do. They may find how quick your temper is when you feel that someone is trying to tie you down or tell you that you can’t do something. Dragon-Dragon dating has to find a way to communicate, and remember that you have your partner’s best interest in mind.

Summary: Dragon and Dragon Compatibility

You can either be the best of friends or the friendliest love match. You can challenge each other to be better than you anticipated or find someone who can motivate you to be the success you dream you can be. Dragon & Dragon soulmates give and take when it comes to love and encouragement. At the same time, you are both strong competitors and will not be the first to back down.

Compromise will make your dragon and dragon love compatibility relationship run smooth. Even if you don’t hold a grudge, it will help you tackle the conflicts that come your way rather than have you conflict more often with your Dragon partner. When you can figure this out, you are more than likely to have a high-energy, passionate relationship with someone who can bring out the best in you.

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