King Dream Meaning: Dream Interpretation and Symbolism

What does it mean if you dream about the King?

King Dream Meaning

Dreams about the King: Meaning, Interpretation, and Symbolism

In a dream seeing a king can mean something to do with a person’s attitude, responsibility, or how the person feels about himself. It can also mean being careful and paying attention to detail. This is one interpretation of what is the king’s dream meaning. Other meanings can be: feeling over-protected, feeling like you are a prisoner, feeling in control or more powerful than usual, or having great wealth.

King dream meaning: Seeing I am a ruler in a dream

If you are a ruler, you can make the dream seem important and worthwhile. The symbol may be like you holding a lamp and the lamp holder is a very large person. The lamp will give off an enormous amount of light, but the person holding the lamp seems like they cannot see.


King dream meaning: Seeing a king in my dream

You can see a king in the dream if you are the kind of person who is over-protected. You may feel too over-protected to keep up with certain people in your life. Also, you should remember that the King can represent anything in your life that you are not good at.

You can see a king in the dream if you are the kind of person who is self-centered and has lots of money. If you have money, then you will probably be successful and keep getting opportunities to be successful. If you do not feel in control, then the dream can mean that you are unsuccessful in your life.

King dream meaning: Seeing a king as God

A King can also be referred to as God. You can see a king in the dream as God when you are doing things that are important to God. Sometimes, the vision of the king as God comes from looking at the temple of the King. You may see it as the King’s House.

King dream meaning: Kind as the creator of everything

There are many people who see a king in the dream as the creator of everything. They are proud to be a part of God’s creation. If you have a large group of people who are obsessed with work, then you can probably see a king in the dream as one of the people who creates the work for them. When they are with their family, they feel like they are a King and they know what it is like to be a King.

Sometimes the King of these visions seems like he does not like the people that he has created. He may think that they are trying to take the throne for themselves. Another common image is of the King going away. This king can represent fear of something big happening in your life.

Dream Interpretation of A King

The dream that represents a King can also mean that you are a ruler or a person with high authority and have a lot of power. You have a good relationship with your relatives and friends. You are always the center of attention.

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