Arabic Astrology – An Introduction to the Arabic Astrology 12 Zodiac Signs

Arabian Zodiac Signs

Arabic Astrology

An Introduction to the Arabic Astrology

The date of birth of individuals has got a significant influence on Arabic Astrology. Personality traits are defined by the time of the birth of people. Therefore, judging from the time one was born, the 12 zodiac signs present in the Arabic zodiac would signify a particular type of personality.

Names of 12 Zodiac Signs in the Arabic Astrology

  1. Hamal
  2. Sawar
  3. Jawza
  4. Saratan
  5. Asad
  6. Sunbula
  7. Maizan
  8. Aqrab
  9. Quos
  10. Jadee
  11. Dalwa
  12. Hood


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Learn 12 Houses in Astrology

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  2. Second House – The House of Possessions

  3. Third House – The House of Communication

  4. Fourth House – The House of Family and Home

  5. Fifth House – The House of Pleasure

  6. Sixth House – The House of Work and Health

  7. Seventh House – The House of Partnerships

  8. Eighth House – The House of Sex

  9. Ninth House – The House of Philosophy

  10. Tenth House – The House of Social Status

  11. Eleventh House – The House of Friendships

  12. Twelfth House – The House of Subconscious

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