Pisces Father Traits: Personality and Characteristics of Pisces Dad

Pisces As A Father Personality Traits

Pisces Father Personality Traits

Pisces Father Characteristics and Personality Traits

Pisces men are highly creative, fun, and passionate about everything that they do. They will put this passion and zest for life into their parenting style. The Pisces father will do everything that he can to show his children that he loves them with all of his heart. The Pisces dad might not always know how to be perfect, but he always tries his best.


Pisces men are incredibly responsible when it comes to being fathers. They will always be there to take care of their child in whatever way that they can. They will gladly change stinky diapers, start a carpool, and help their children with homework whenever they need to.

Pisces fathers usually don’t like to work unless they are doing something that they love, but they are willing to settle down and take up a less than satisfying job if it means that it will give him enough money to properly take care of his children and family.



Pisces men have an amazing sense of intuition. In a way, it is like it is their sixth sense. This sense can come in handy more than once when he is parenting. It is especially wonderful when his children are still babies.

The Pisces father can seem to sense when they need something. As he and his children get older, his intuition might not always be spot on, but he can be sure to count on it when it matters.

Pisces fathers have a knack for knowing if something is wrong with their child. He can be there to help before his child even says that something is wrong.


Pisces dads tend to be more emotional than some of the men from the other signs. This can be in part because Pisces is a water sign, and water signs are usually more in touch with their emotions than other signs are. Being emotional in itself may not seem like a great parenting trait, but it can be useful at times.

Children often get riled up over one thing or another and they sometimes seem to get upset for no reason. The Pisces man can get on his children’s level to talk to them about their problems because he can understand what they are feeling.

The Pisces father often gets upset over trivial matters, and so he knows how to calm down his child when this happens to them. This will be most helpful when their children are toddlers.


The Pisces father always seems to have something creative up his sleeve. He fancies himself an artist, musician, actor, or all three! This passion for making new things drives his life and helps him drive an imaginary sports car with his kids at times.

The Pisces dad loves playing with his children, as it helps him to use his imagination more often. He is fond of making up games to play with his kids or playing games that his children have made up. He is sure to encourage the imaginative and creative sides of his children as well.

Always Planning

The Pisces father does not have much time for the past, or for the present for that matter. He seems to always be looking towards the future when it comes to his family.

The Pisces man is the type of dad to start looking at good colleges for his child as soon as they start elementary school. He will constantly be studying the trends, trying to keep up to date on everything that is going on. The Pisces father always seems to be planning ahead, trying to make a better future for his child.

Pisces Father-Child (Son/Daughter) Compatibility:

Pisces dad Aries son/daughter

The Aries child is aggressive while the Pisces father is a flexible thinker hence their relationship is strained most of the time.

Pisces father Taurus son/daughter

The Pisces dad is ready to spend all his time mentoring the Taurus child.

Pisces father Gemini son/daughter

The Gemini child is energetic and vigorous which is a challenge to the Pisces dad who is calm.

Pisces dad Cancer son/daughter

The Pisces father pampers the Cancer child because he loves him or her very much.

Pisces father Leo son/daughter

The Leo child is hard to cope with since he or she takes everything to the extreme.

Pisces dad Virgo son/daughter

The Pisces father behaves like youth at times and this irritates the Virgo child who feels like his or her father ought to grow up.

Pisces father Libra son/daughter

The Pisces dad is kind and so he understands what it means to be a Libra child.

Pisces dad Scorpio son/daughter

There is a mutual understanding between the Pisces dad and the Scorpio child.

Pisces dad Sagittarius son/daughter

The Pisces father is loving and he likes spending time and having conversations with the little Sagittarius.

Pisces dad Capricorn son/daughter

The Capricorn child is creative and the Pisces father sacrifices a lot to help him or achieve his or her creative capabilities.

Pisces dad Aquarius son/daughter

The Aquarius child is wayward and so it is up to the Pisces father to mold her or him into a better person.

Pisces dad Pisces son/daughter

The Pisces dad forces not the Pisces child to do that which is not acceptable to him or her.

Pisces Father Traits: Conclusion

The Pisces father does everything that he can to make his child’s life wonderful. The Pisces man may not be perfect in every way, but he does have the potential to be a perfect father.

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