Japanese Astrology

Japanese Astrology Chart - Astrology in Japan

An Introduction to the Japanese Astrology

The zodiac system of the Japanese Astrology is also centered on the Chinese Astrology zodiac signs system.  So the 12 different animal zodiac signs in this astrology uses to determine the personality and people’s destiny. By understanding the star sign that you were born under, so it is easy to know one’s likes and dislikes. Also the positive and negative traits of different people can gauge through the different astrology signs.

The 12 Japanese zodiac signs are as listed below:

  1. Rat (Nezumi)
  2. Ox (Ushi)
  3. Tiger (Tora)
  4. Rabbit (Usagi)
  5. Dragon (Tatsu)
  6. Snake (Hebi)
  7. Horse (Uma)
  8. Sheep (Hitsuji)
  9. Monkey (Saru)
  10. Rooster (Tori)
  11. Dog (Inu)
  12. Boar (Inoshishi)